If you’ve ever been in the middle of a conversation about sex, pleasure, relationships, or sexual health with friends or a lover and someone mentioned a term you’d never heard of, the Lovers Glossary is for you! 


  1. Basic Anatomy
  2. Gender Identity, Expression, & Orientation
  3. Sex Toys
  4. Kink & BDSM
  5. Pegging

Basic Anatomy

The anus is the opening of the rectum where waste exits the body.

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Body Autonomy
An individual’s right to make decisions about their body without outside influence or control.

Body Diversity
The range of possible ways to have a body, inclusive of size and ability.

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The reproductive function of breasts is to provide milk for babies, but they can also be integral to sexual pleasure. They consist of fat, ligaments, mammary glands, and milk ducts internally and the nipple and areola externally. Nipples, the protruding tissue on the breasts found in the center of the areola, have a high concentration of nerve endings and can produce pleasurable sensations if stimulated for folks across the gender spectrum. Stimulating the breasts can produce a lot of pleasure, and lead to the production of oxytocin, the hormone associated with feelings of love and attachment.

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The clitoris is a sex organ whose only known purpose is sexual pleasure. The clitoris swells with blood during sexual excitement. The outer part of the clitoris is located at the top/front of the vulva, right next to urethra (hole you pee out of). The inner part of the clitoris, which is much larger, includes a shaft and two crura (roots or legs) of tissue that extend up to five inches into the body on both sides of the vagina to attach to the pubic bone.

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Erogenous Zone
Any area of the body that has a heightened sensitivity to physical touch, and particularly those that arouse a sexual response. Genitals, nipples, and the neck are common erogenous zones, but any part of the body can be an erogenous zone depending on an individual’s preferences or social context.

The tube of skin that covers and protects the glans (head) of the penis, and rolls back when the penis becomes erect. A circumcised penis has had the foreskin removed.

On the vulva, the frenulum is the highly sensitive tissue where the inner labia join below the glans of the clitoris. On the penis, it’s the highly sensitive, triangular piece of skin just below the glans (head).

An area a few inches inside the vagina that can be highly sensitive to touch when you’re aroused. The G-spot is along the front wall of the vagina. Touching the G-spot can lead to sexual pleasure and orgasm for some people. Also called "anterior sponge" and “urethral sponge".

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The soft, highly sensitive tip of the clitoris or penis. Also called the head of the penis.

The dark tissue in the center of the areola of each breast in someone of any gender. Nipples can stand erect when stimulated by touch or cold. The nipples can also release milk in people who are breastfeeding.

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Pelvic Floor Muscles (PC Muscles)
The muscles around and near your genitals. Pelvic floor muscles can support your bladder, uterus (womb), or bowels. They help you control your poop and pee, and can also help people with vaginas have more pleasure during sex.

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Attached to the perineum, the penis is the reproductive organ through which semen and urine flow. The body of the penis, also known as the shaft, hangs free when in an unaroused state. It consists of erectile tissue and, when aroused, becomes erect. At the end of the shaft is the head of the penis (glans) and at its tip, the urethral opening. Both the head of the penis and the frenulum, a triangular area of sensitive skin on the underside, are particularly important in sexual arousal and pleasure. Folks across the gender spectrum have penises.

The area of skin between the anus and the vulva or scrotum.

A muscular gland that wraps around the urethra just below the bladder of folks who have penises. It produces about a third of the seminal fluid that houses and transports sperm. Because of its proximity to the rectum, anal stimulation of the prostate can be very pleasing for some, but not necessarily all.

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Pubic Hair
Hair that grows around the sex organs. 

The sound made when air is released from the vagina. Air is often pushed into the vagina during vaginal sex or penetration with tampons, fingers, or sex toys.

The lowest end of the intestine before the anus.

Related Terms: Anus

The sac of skin that holds and protects the testicles (balls). The scrotum is located behind and underneath the penis.

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The fluid containing sperm that’s ejaculated from the penis during orgasm. Semen is composed of fluid from the seminal vesicles, fluid from the prostate, and sperm from the testes. Also called cum.

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A reproductive cell that combines with an egg to cause a pregnancy. Made in the testes.

Two ball-like glands inside the scrotum that produce hormones, including testosterone. Each testicle also encloses several hundred small lobes, which contain the tiny, threadlike seminiferous tubules that produce sperm. Also called "testes."

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A tube that empties the bladder and carries urine to the urethral opening (the hole you pee out of). The urethra also carries ejaculate and pre-ejaculate in people with penises.

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The pear-shaped, reproductive organ from which people menstruate and where a pregnancy develops.

The vagina is a flexible, muscular structure that extends 3 to 5 inches internally from the vaginal opening (located near the center of the vulva). It is the passageway for menstrual flow to pass from the uterus during a menstrual cycle and the birth canal for a human infant. It can be self-lubricating and encompasses the penis and/or other objects during sexual activity.

An area of human external genitalia consisting of the mons pubis, the clitoris, the labia majora, and the labia minora. This area of genitalia is often colloquially referred to as the vagina, but the vagina is technically internal whereas the vulva is the more general external genital region. Folks across the gender spectrum have vulvas.

Gender Identity, Gender Expression, & Sexual Orientation 

This stands for “assigned female/male at birth”, to describe how a person was categorized by medical professionals, as a baby. Phrases like “born a boy/girl” are inaccurate and transphobic; AFAB/AMAB is more accurate and should be used instead. SAAB stands for sex assigned at birth and is a non-gendered term. 

Having both female and male characteristics. This term is used most often when describing a person’s style of dress or gender expression, but can also refer to a person’s gender identity.

Asexual individuals experience little to no sexual attraction t​​o any group of people. 

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These individuals are attracted to people who identify as a gender different than their own gender identity AND their same gender. (Not to be confused with pansexual.)​ 

A person who is cisgender has a gender identity, expression, and assigned sex all align. (Ex. A person who was assigned male at birth, has male genitals and identifies as male.

Coming Out
The process people who are LGBTQIA+ go through as they come to understand and accept their sexual and/or gender identities and share them publicly.

Cross Dressing
Wearing clothing that conflicts with the traditional gender expression of an individual's sex and gender identity (e.g., a man wearing a dress.) People cross dress for many reasons, including relaxation, fun, and sexual gratification. A person who is a cross dresser may not wish to permanently change their sex or live full-time lives as another gender. 

Demisexual individuals only feel sexual attraction to other people who they have formed a close, emotional bond with.

Drag Queen/King
A person who presents an exaggerated form of feminine/masculine expression, usually in a show or theatrical setting and for entertainment purposes, but also can be a form of self-expression or celebration of LGBTQIA+ pride.

Qualities, characteristics, or ways of appearing that are culturally associated with being a girl or woman. Femininity  can be and is demonstrated by all genders to varying degrees.

Related Term: Masculine

These individuals are attracted to people who identify as their same gender. This term is more often used to refer to gay men, but queer people of all genders use this term. Synonym for homosexual.

Related Term: Homosexual

Greysexual individuals rarely experience any kind of sexual attraction. On the Asexual spectrum.

Gender Affirmation
Some people who are transgender or gender nonbinary may seek gender affirming interventions, including hormone therapy, surgery, facial hair removal, interventions for the modification of speech, and physical adaptations such as genital tucking or packing, or chest binding. Not every Transgender or gender nonbinary person chooses medical intervention as part of their gender affirmation. This is a very personal decision that is different for everyone. 

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Gender Binary
Binary refers is the idea that there are only two genders - male and female.​ This is basically the opposite of the concept of a gender spectrum and isn’t a supportive concept for inclusivity. It also discounts hundreds of non-western cultures who have non-binary identities that have been recognized for thousands of years. Such as the Native American Two Spirit identities, South Asian Hijra identities, Hawaiian Mahu, to name just a small few. 

Gender Dysphoria
An extreme discomfort or distress caused by a discrepancy between a person’s sex assigned at birth and their gender identity. Some, but not all, people who are trans and non-binary experience this.

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Gender Expression
Gender expression refers to how an individual expresses identity, typically through their appearance, dress, and behavior. Clothing and behavior can be ways that individuals choose to express their gender but should not be relied on as indicators of how a person identifies.

Gender Identity
Gender identity refers to how an individual perceives themselves. Gender identity does not necessarily have anything to do with a person’s genitals or the sex they were assigned at birth. While a medical professional attending a birth assigns sex by looking at an infant’s genitals, gender identity is something each person comes to understand about themselves. It’s important to remember that gender identity is about identity, and sexual orientation is about attraction.

Gender Fluid (Gender Non-Conforming/Gender Queer)
These are terms that individuals might use when they do not identify or express their gender identity as male/female/transgender, but rather somewhere along the gender spectrum.​ Not all gender non-conforming people identify as transgender; nor are all transgender people gender non-conforming. Many people have gender expressions that are not entirely conventional – that fact alone does not make them transgender. 

Related Terms: Non-Binary

Gender Spectrum
Seeing gender as a spectrum, and not just binary male/female, recognizes a wide​ range of gender expression and human potential. Think about it – it is rare to find an individual who exhibits ONLY masculine or feminine characteristics and behaviors. As our culture changes so do gender roles, norms, and the expectation that people should look or behave a certain way. As we make room for gender as a spectrum of self-realization, we can free ourselves and each other from roles that restrict and cause harm; and as we recognize sex as a spectrum, we are better able to celebrate the fullness of variation that naturally exists among human beings.

These individuals were born with biological characteristics or with genitals that don’t fit the typical definitions of female or male. Do not use the term "Hermaphrodite" an outdated, inaccurate, and offensive term that has been used in the past for people who are Intersex. Remember that there are more intersex people than you would otherwise be aware of. You may not feel like you have met an individual with intersex biological characteristics, but that is because we do not, as a rule, know the genital and genetic structure of the people we casually meet. 

A woman who is romantically and/or physically attracted to other women. Both trans and cis women can be lesbians.

Acronym of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and the Plus to acknowledge that there are many more identities that are in the Community without adding extra letters. This acronym is currently the most commonly used and accepted in the community.

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Qualities, characteristics, or ways of appearing that are culturally associated with being a boy or man. Masculinity can be and is demonstrated by all genders to varying degrees.

Related Term: Feminine 

Used by some people who experience their gender identity and/or gender expression as falling outside the categories of man and woman. They may define their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, or they may define it as wholly different from these terms. The term is not a synonym for transgender, but does fall under the transgender umbrella, and should only be used if someone self-identifies as non-binary.  There are many identities under the non-binary umbrella, including Cultural Identities unique to different worldwide People. 

  • Agender
    A person who does not identify with any gender, or intentionally does not follow expectations of gender.
  • Pangender
    A person who identifies as both Male and Female, and every other gender on the spectrum simultaneously.
  • Bigender/Trigender
    A person who identifies as two or three genders, either simultaneously, or switching between genders and presentations. 
  • Pansexual
    These individuals are attracted to members of all gender identities/expressions. 

Pronouns are linguistic tools that we use to refer to people. We believe that it is important to give people the opportunity to state the pronoun that is correct to use when referring to them. A gender neutral or gender inclusive pronoun is a pronoun which does not associate a gender with the individual who is being discussed. People of all gender presentations may use they/them/theirs. A feminine presenting person can use they/them/theirs. A masculine presenting person can use she/her/hers. If you are unsure of how to refer to someone, it is always better to ask than to assume.


  • Neo-Pronouns
    People may also choose to be referred to by neo-pronouns, a word created to serve as a pronoun without expressing gender. These can include "noun-self" pronouns, in which a pre-existing word is drafted into use as a pronoun. Noun-self pronouns are lesser known but operate in the same way as other pronouns.


Queer can be a label claimed by a person who is attracted to men, women, genderqueer people, and/or other gender nonconforming people.

At birth, infants are assigned a sex, based on the appearance of their external anatomy, hormones, and chromosomes. This process can be problematic for people born with sex characteristics that do not seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male and is only based on a medical professional’s determination.

Related Terms: Intersex

Sexual Anatomy
When we talk about sexual anatomy, we are talking about the physical structure of an individual's sex organs. 

Sexual Orientation
Sexual orientation describes a person's physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to another person or group of people. Sexual orientation does not tell us anything about the types of sex someone prefers or what body parts someone has. It simply gives us an idea of the range of people someone is attracted to. Sexual Orientation does not necessarily follow from gender identity. Knowing a person’s gender identity does not tell us their sexual orientation. 

Straight (Heterosexual)
These individuals are attracted to people of a gender different than their own. 

Transgender (Trans)
A person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with the sex they were assigned at birth. Not all people identify with their Transgender history. Some people who were assigned a sex at birth different than their current gender don’t identify as Trans. Not all people are open about their Transgender history. Sharing personal information about a Trans person’s history without their permission is a major violation of trust and safety. 
Trans Women are Women and Trans Men are Men unless they self-identify otherwise. 

A term used to describe the process of aligning characteristics of one’s gender identity, sometimes this involves hormone therapy or surgery. Not all transgender people wish to transition with hormone therapy or surgery. Transgender identity is not defined by physical appearance or medical procedures. 

Sex Toys

Anal Beads
A series of graduated spheres that can be inserted into the anus and gently pulled out to stimulate the pleasure receptive nerve endings in the anus.

Anal Douche
A device used to spray water into the anus as a means of cleansing before sexual activity.

Anal Plug
A cone or teardrop-shaped toy with a flared base that can be inserted into the anus to create a feeling of fullness or prepare for additional penetration. Also called “butt plugs.”

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Used to apply pressure to or expose the nipples and genitals. Some clamps are equipped with chains that can be tugged on to add stimulation. Clamps come in a variety of styles; tweezer style clamps, bull nose clamps (alligator clamps), and string clamps are all wonderful styles for beginners. Magnetic clamps and clover clamps offer a more intense grip, and are recommended for more experienced users.

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Cock Ring
A ring-shaped toy (usually made of a stretchy material) that fits around the penis and testicles to restrict blood flow, increasing the size and firmness of an erection.

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A topical gel, spray, or cream containing a mild anesthetic that numbs the nerve endings in the areas of the body the gel is applied to, making the area less sensitive to touch and delaying the effects of orgasm.

Instrument used to gently stretch the vagina or anus with the intention of making penetration more comfortable and pleasurable.

A sex toy that can be inserted into the vaginal or anal canal to stimulate nerve endings.

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Drip Candle
Candles designed specifically to be used on the body during wax play. Usually made of materials that melt at a lower temperature than regular candles in order to avoid burning the skin. Drip candles allow for wax play during sex while also protecting against serious burns.

An injection of fluid into the lower bowel by way of the rectum in order to clear out fecal remnants. Recommended before anal penetration and play.

Related Terms: Anal Douche

A set of straps and fittings worn for bondage, control, or aesthetics. Harnesses are made to be worn on various areas of the body such as chest and neck or pelvis.

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Kegel Balls (Ben Wa Ball/Yoni Egg)
Kegel massagers are an exercise device used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel massagers feature one to two weighted balls, often encased in a silicone sheath for easy removal. Kegel balls sometimes contain a smaller ball inside the external weight. When the ball makes contact with edges of the weight, it stimulates the vaginal canal causing the PC muscles to retract and tighten.

Related Terms: Pelvic Floor Muscles (PC Muscles)
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Lubricant (Lube)
A liquid or gel used to minimize friction and enhance sensation between body parts or body parts and sex toys. The most common formulas are water-based and silicone.

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Products usually made of soft silicone or other materials that look and feel like a penis, used to create a “bulge” in underwear or clothes. Most commonly used for gender affirmation.

Related Terms: Gender Affirmation
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Prostate Massager
A sex toy meant for insertion and intended for stimulation of the prostate gland through vibration. Prostate massagers can look similar to butt plugs or abstract dildo shapes.

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A pulsator uses air pressure to stimulate the erogenous zones. This trendy and innovative technology can provide contact-free stimulation with 360 degrees of coverage for deep and penetrating orgasms.

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Restraint System
Restraint systems use a combination of cuffs and tethers in order to restrain or spread your partner. Our most popular restraint systems include our door jams, under the bed restraints, and spreader bars- each designed to open up the entry points on the body and reduce movement.

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A topical gel containing ingredients that encourage blood flow to the areas of the body they’ve been applied to, making the area more sensitive and more readily responsive to further stimulation.

Related Terms: Stimulant

Sensation Wheel
A handheld stainless steel wheel with evenly spaced sharp pins, meant to be rolled across the skin during BDSM or sensation play.

Sex Swing
A device that elevates one or more partners during sex, opening up access to new positions, unique sensations, and extra support without requiring a huge amount of strength. Sex swings can hang from the ceiling, attach to the door, or be totally freestanding. It can be used during penetration, oral sex, or simply to show off one’s body to a partner.

Sex Toy
An object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure.

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Sex Toy Cleaner
Disinfectant solution designed specifically for use on sex toys to ensure that bacteria and germs are eliminated while maintaining the integrity of the material of the toy.

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Sex Wedge
A triangular-shaped pillow meant to elevate the hips and pelvis during sex.

Related Terms: Positioning Furniture

Spreader Bar
A restraint system used during bondage play that consists of a wooden or metal bar with attachment points for cuffs at each end. The cuffs can be fastened to wrists, ankles or knees to hold them apart.

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Strap On
A strap on is the intentional combination of a pelvic harness and a dildo, designed to be worn during sexual activity to stimulate a partner with.

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Stroker (Masturbation Sleeve)
A stroker is a style of sex toy made to stimulate the penis. They are designed to be moved up and down the shaft to activate the nerve endings in the frenulum. There are many styles of strokers, each made to fit over or around the shaft of the penis.

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Ticklers are a style of sensation tool used for, you guessed it: tickling. These feathery devices can be grazed across the surface of the skin to produce a light and titillating sensation.

A sex toy designed to mimic the strokes of a penis or dildo through an accordion or set of powerful magnets to create momentum. This momentum is released, allowing the thruster to return to its resting state, which helps to create the gentle pulsing effect of a partner moving in and out of the body. Thrusters can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation for life-like, hands free stimulation.

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A vibrator is a style of sex toy that is equipped with one or more motors. These motors use vibration of varying frequencies, patterns, and intensities to stimulate the genitals. Vibrators come in a variety of shapes and styles, designed to stimulate specific zones of the body.

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A powerful external massager, with a distinctive microphone-shaped silhouette. 

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Kink & BDSM

An acronym for bondage, dominance/disciple, sadism/submission, masochism.

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A piece of cloth tied around the head to cover a person’s eyes. Used in sensory play.

Related Terms: Sensory Deprivation

The act of tying up or restraining/being tied up or restrained by a partner for the purpose of arousal or sexual practice.

Related Terms: Restraints
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Chastity Belt
A style of cage worn around the pelvis that prevents intercourse or masturbation.

Related Terms: Edging
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A crop is a thin and narrow whip, usually rigid in nature. These devices, originally used for riding horses, provide a sharp and stinging sensation that is focused in a small area.

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Acrylic or metal plates that flatten the testicles between them.

Cuffs are used to limit the mobility of the wearer. They come in a variety of styles but are most recognizable when used on the wrists and ankles.

Related Terms: Bondage
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Dom (Dominant)
The person in a consensual BDSM scenario that derives pleasure and/or sexual gratification from exerting control or initiating action.

Related Terms: Dominatrix
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Electrostimulator (E-Stim)
A device designed to apply electrical stimulation to the genitals or other erogenous zones for sexual pleasure. E-stims are somewhat controversial, as they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Other terms include erotic electrostimulator or e-stim.

A multi-tasseled whip that allows impact to be spread in a variety of directions.

Related Terms: Whip

A device that restricts the wearers ability to speak, also used in breath play.

Related Terms: Breath Play

Penis Cage
A style of cage worn around the penis which causes the wearer to experience mild pain when becoming erect, forcing a return to a flaccid state.

Related Terms: Chasity Device

An apparatus designed to draw blood flow to a desired region. Vaginal pumps, penis pumps, breast pumps, and nipple pumps are used both in and out of the BDSM community. Penis pumps, which also aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are the most commonly known style.

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Sadism (Sadist)
The tendency to derive pleasure, specifically sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering or humiliation on another.

Related Terms: Masochism

Sub (Submissive)
The person in a consensual BDSM scenario who derives pleasure or sexual gratification from activities such as being disciplined, punished, or otherwise dominated by their partner.

Related Terms: Dom
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Masochism (Masochist) 
When a person enjoys or derives sexual gratification from activities or experiences that would otherwise be considered painful, humiliating, or tiresome for them.

Related Terms: Sadism

Sensation Play
An erotic experience using physical sensations to arouse and derive sexual gratification. Sensations are usually pleasing and light, rather than intense or painful.

Sounding Rod
Silicone or metal sticks that can be inserted into the urethra for the purpose of stimulating nerve endings in multiple regions at the same time.

Impact Play
An erotic experience using harsh, intense, or sudden sensations like spanking, flogging, or caning to arouse and derive sexual gratification.

Related Terms: Spanking
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Paddles provide broad and dull sensations when they make contact with the skin. The broader the paddle, the more spread out the sensation will be, making them an excellent option for people exploring impact play. Some paddles will feature rivets, studs, or cut outs that create intricate patterns along the skin. The style of paddles can be more painful, and should be considered for advanced impact play.

A narrow strip of material that produces a focused, prickly sensation when it makes contact with the skin.

Related Terms: Flogger

A narrow strip of wood or metal used to create a focused, prickly sensation when it makes contact with the skin.

Related Terms: Impact Play

Thumper (Shadow Paddle)
A paddle or flogger that is embedded with hard, dense balls- typically made from rubber, wood, or metal. Thumpers are particularly aggressive and create large, circular bruise patterns.


Harness Compatible Dildo
A harness compatible dildo refers to a dildo that can be worn inside a pelvic harness. Many dildos are harness compatible. Look for a flared base as a starting point to assess compatibility.

Related Terms: Strap On
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When someone wears a strap-on to penetrate the anus of another person.

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Strap On Harness
Harnesses can be made out of a variety of materials and are the mechanisms that the dildo fits into. There are two main types: the O-ring and the Vac-U-Lock system. O-ring harnesses are the most popular and versatile because they are compatible with a larger variety of sizes and types of dildos

Related Terms: Strap On
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Strapless Strap On (Wearable Dildo)
These types of dildos can be 'worn' with or without a harness depending on if the wearer wants to experience penetration while stimulating their partner. Also sometimes referred to as “a wearable dildo.

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