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Read About Masturbators

Masturbators are used by people with penises for masturbation, to enhance oral sex and hand jobs, and to improve stamina. What do the words “pussy pocket” bring to mind? These old school products have come a long way! Whether you are interested in purchasing a masturbator for solo play or looking to try something new with a partner, masturbation is a direct path to relieving sexual tension and experiencing pleasure. Exploring our own bodies allows us to discover what turns us on and what feels pleasurable. Masturbation has a number of benefits, so it’s time to choose your perfect toy today. Many people with penises have been masturbating the same way since puberty. We encourage you to try adding something new to your solo session. Our masturbating toys come in many different sizes, materials, and features to help you narrow your search. Lovers is here to offer you a variety of strokers, vibrators, and pumps to find the right fit and feel that works for you.

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