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Remote Vibrators

Read About Remote Vibrators

A remote control vibrator is an exciting method to press your buttons, perfect for fun couples or anybody who wants to stay in control. This wireless remote control sex toy provides you with anal or clitoral stimulation. Allow the adult toys to speak for themselves. Browse all of our remote control vibrators below, which come in a variety of designs to accommodate all types of sexual explorers.

We're not talking about the device that switches on and off your television; we're talking about remote controlled devices designed only to turn you on and provide you with a satisfying climax. Remote vibrator can be fun and exciting, whether you're seeking to pleasure yourself or pass the control over to your spouse for some enjoyable playing in public or private. Simply hand the control to your partner and watch what happens! Alternatively, keep the hands-free vibrator to yourself – we'll keep your private sexual enjoyment a secret. 

Lover’s also has app controlled vibrators, which are sex toys that are controlled by a phone app and are great for long distance relationships.