“There’s an app for that.” Cliche perhaps, but even the sex toy industry can now say it too. This growing trend in sex tech offers all of us living in the heart of the technological age the chance to have “phone sex” in a whole new way. While not all sex toys are app-enabled, the category is growing and there’s a healthy selection of sex toys from vibrators to cock rings that are exactly that and perfect for long-distance intimacy or just a chance to change up your bedroom routine.

We-Vibe Chorus Hands Free Vibrator ($199)

What Are App-Enabled Sex Toys?

App-enabled sex toys have the ability to sync with your chosen device (phone, Ipad, etc.) by using Bluetooth or a wifi connection alongside a downloadable app. Apps are specific to the company that produces the sex toy you’re playing with, so there unfortunately isn’t one universal app for all app-compatible toys. However, once you’ve synced your chosen sex toy to it’s particular app, you and a partner can get freaky from different rooms, across the country or across the world from each other (as long as you both have wifi)! Your partner can download the app and sync to your specific sex toy, which then gives them control over what your toy does next. Oh the anticipation! 

Some apps, like SVAKOM's FeelConnect3, even give you the opportunity to connect online with sex workers and online platforms like PornHub and MyFreeCams. No need to feel exposed when taking your desires digital, end-to-end encryption means your information and activities remain secure and private.

SVAKOM Alex Neo Thrusting Stroker ($159)

App-enabled toys were originally popularized by the well-loved brand We-Vibe, and marketed primarily to couples. They offered sex toys that could be worn and operated easily during penetrative sex. Now, these evolutionary delights span the spectrum of sex toys... wands, anal plugs, and kegel balls, making the idea of controlling the toy without pressing tiny buttons near your genitals ideal for everyone. App-enabled toys often come with a remote as well, so they are just as easy to use on your own. They are also a great choice for anyone with a disability that hinders their dexterity, eliminating the need to press those tiny buttons I mentioned.

Ready to experience the excitement, anticipation, and connection that app-enabled sex toys create? Lovers carries a variety of great choices from two brands at the top of the list for creating great syncable sex toys and easy-to-navigate apps to go with them.

The Best App-Enabled Sex Toy Brands

We-Vibe Rave Contoured Vibrator ($119)

We-Vibe: One of the first to utilize apps for sex toys, We-Vibe’s We-Connect app lets you see a variety of settings you or your partner can change and explore. A few of our favorites include the We-Vibe Wand, the Ditto vibrating plug, and the Chorus.

SVAKOM: You can find exciting new adaptations of your favorite sex toys thanks to this relatively new brand. Connect to the Svakom FeelConnect3 app and enjoy creative and sexy experiences with best-selling sex toys like the Alex Neo Masturbator, Phoenix Neo Bullet Vibrator, or the Vick Neo Prostate Massager.

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