• Find your pleasure paradise with the We-Vibe Chorus. This sensual dual vibrator that hugs your body while responding to your body's needs without pressing a button! Chorus can be customized to fit your unique body so you can feel the vibrations right where you want them. The shape is easy to adjust, then stays in position once you’ve found the perfect fit.

    Chorus’ Squeeze Remote was designed with the most natural human response in mind. The tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets — and vice versa. When you want a little bit more (or less) stimulation, it’s right there.

    The We-Connect app lets you play together, even when you’re apart. Download the free We-Connect app to unlock Chorus’s touch-responsive vibrations, long-distance connectivity and more.


    What customers say about Chorus: 

    “Chorus did exactly what was intended — made sex fun, made me feel even more connected to my partner and provided amazing orgasms!”

    “Chorus is the best toy we’ve used to both experience pleasure simultaneously.”

    “With all the ways to use Chorus, I feel like we will never be bored of it.”

    “Using Chorus has been the best part of quarantine!!!”


    Great couples toy
    Dual stimulation
      - Clitoris
      - G-spot
    Remote control included
    Squeeze remote to increase vibrations
    We-Connect App compatible
      -Play with your partner from anywhere!
    USB Rechargeable
    Water-based lubricant safe


    Please Note: We-Vibe products are not eligible for any dollar or percentage off discounts.