An orgasm refers to a peak in sexual excitement that is coupled with a physiological response in the body. So fantastic is this sensation, that we find ourselves seeking it out, studying it, and developing products specifically engineered to trigger it. With decades worth of research (and hands on experience) we've discovered how to have more powerful, longer lasting, controlled orgasms. At Lovers Stores, we want to empower others to prioritize their pleasure by giving them the tools to reach their Big O. To get you started on this journey, we've rounded up every article we've written about orgasms. Use this guide to help inspire you, inform you, and challenge the conditions of your pleasure.

Orgasms: What is an orgasm, anyway? Is there any benefit to orgasms? Why do we orgasm in our sleep? Continue reading to find out what we know about orgasms, how they work, and where they come from.

Orgasm Techniques: 
Left to our own devices, we've found ways to enhance, elongate, and blend our orgasms. So how do you have a blended orgasm? How do you have multiple orgasms? How can you have longer orgasms? Find the answers to all these questions and more in the blogs below.

Clitoral Orgasms: Where is the clitoris? How do I touch the clitoris? The clitoris is one of the most commonly misunderstood parts of the female anatomy. The illusive and mysterious clitoris has one purpose: to provide pleasure- and we're here to help you get some. Continue reading to find out how to have a clitoral orgasm.

Penis Orgasms: How do you give the perfect blowjob? What are the best hand job techniques? With so many ways to stimulate the penis, it's no wonder that we are fascinated with this style of orgasm. Continue reading for the best ways to stimulate the penis.

G-Spot & Prostate Orgasms: Where is the G-Spot and Prostate? More importantly- how do you stimulate the G-Spot and Prostate? If your interested in learning how to squirt, having mind blowing internal orgasms, or are simply looking to explore a new sensation, then the blogs below are for you. Continue reading for the best products and techniques for stimulating the G-Spot and Prostate.

Anal Orgasms: How do you have anal sex? Is anal sex painful? Is anal sex messy? You might be concerned that anal sex is dirty or uncomfortable but the rectum is packed with a dense network of pleasurable nerve endings. Find the best tips and techniques for how to have painless anal sex below.

Pegging Orgasms: What is pegging, how do I peg my partner, and is pegging painful? These are questions we hear all the time at Lovers Stores. Continue reading for a guide on how to peg your partner and the best products for pegging.

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