Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

Fisting might seem like an ambitious activity, but with the right partner and plenty of lube it can be a source of great pleasure. In this blog we will be discussing some of the techniques, risks, and incentives of fisting.


1) What is Fisting
2) Why Would You Fist
3) Ingredients for Perfect Fist Play
4) Fisting Techniques
5) Risks of Improper Fist-Play

What is Fisting? Fisting, handballing, or fist-fucking is the act of inserting a hand into the rectum or vaginal canal. The fingers can be curled into the shape of a fist, providing additional sensation from the ridges of the knuckles. The fingers can also be pinched together to maintain an oblong shape- a method that is best for fisting novices. Fisting can be accomplished solo but has been popularized in partnered play due to the intimate nature of the activity.

Why Would You Fist? The anal sphincter is dense with nerve endings that help our bodies, and this innervated region can also be the source of pleasure, which is why many individuals enjoy anal sex. Both the vaginal canal and the rectum are narrow channels that can be stimulated through pressure and dilation. By inserting larger objects into the vagina or rectum, you are able to better stimulate the G-spot and P-spot. Individuals who enjoy the sensation of fullness or larger penetrative objects may find that they enjoy handballing.

Ingredients for Perfect Fist-Play

  • Lubrication: Lubrication is an essential ingredient to any successful fisting experience. Add plenty of lubricant to the hand and orifice of your choice to enhance pleasure, increase comfort, and reduce tearing. It’s important to note that the anus is not a self-lubricating orifice. If you plan to fist anally, apply a liberal amount of lubrication to avoid fissures and prolapses.
  • Nitrile Gloves: Many individuals opt for nitrile gloves when fisting. Nitrile gloves are particularly popular for anal fisting because they can prevent bacteria from accumulating under the nails.
  • Foreplay: The body can become more receptive to fisting by starting with two or three fingers. Add additional fingers as your partner becomes more aroused, or consider purchasing a set of dilators to allow your body to become more accustomed to larger size penetrative objects.

    Fisting Techniques

    The Silent Duck: The “silent duck” is a technique used in fisting that allows the body to better accommodate the size and shape of a hand. Pinch all five fingers together in the shape of a duck bill. With a well-lubricated hand, slowly insert the tip of your fingers into your preferred orifice. Once your palm is fully submerged you can ball your hand into the shape of a fist or remain in the silent duck position.

    Punching: Punching is a more aggressive form of fisting that involves entering a partner with your hand clenched into a fist. This method is best reserved for experienced handballers. Beginners to fisting should always start with the “silent duck” method.

    Twister: Once inserted, rotate your wrist in either direction to create a swirling sensation. Some individuals enjoy the dilation of the anal or vaginal canal more than they enjoy the feeling of motion. Explore what feels best to you and your partner or start with the Twister method before working up to long strokes.

    Rest Stop: Two hands are better than one! Stimulate your favorite erogenous zones with your dominant hand. Let your non-dominate hand rest, adding additional pressure to the vaginal canal or rectum. Consider stimulating nerve-sensitive regions like the clitoris, penis, or nipples with your dominant hand.

    Full Stroke: Just as the name implies, the full stoke is about providing a classic thrusting motion. Move your hand in and out of the rectum or vaginal canal to stimulate the entire channel.

    The Risks of Fisting Improperly

    While there are few risks to vaginal fisting, improper anal fisting can lead to anal fissures, fistulas, or prolapsing. This can be avoided by using an ample amount of lubricant. Keep an eye out for any spotting after vaginal fisting, as this can indicate micro-tears in the vaginal canal. Word for the wise: take it slow and listen to your body! 

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