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Butt Plugs

Read About Butt Plugs

Whether you're new or experienced to anal play, you can never go wrong with adding a classic anal plug to your sex toy collection. Anal plugs are the universal toy that can be used by anyone with an anus, regardless of genitalia, gender, or sexual orientation. Have you ever had an anal orgasm? The nerves inside your anus are what make butt stimulation feel so amazing. Made of creamy silicone, stainless steel, and glass, these feel-good materials make the feeling irresistible when in the bedroom. Shop our top anal plugs and explore the ultimate body equalizer in the bedroom! 

Looking for more ways to play?

Try out anal beads. Unlike butt plugs that are designed to "go in and stay in", anal beads are made to move bead by bead in and out of the anal canal.

Our assortment of prostate massagers are great for both pleasure and prostate health. Regular prostate massage with a sex toy can help the prostate empty seminal fluids and may help with urine flow and reduce inflammation.  

If you want to experiment with taking in larger-size toys, more fingers, or a penis we highly recommend anal training kits to make sure your booty is ready for the ride. 

No matter how you play it's crucial that you use lubricant, and a lot of it. The butt does not self-lubricate so apply generously, and often for a safe and comfortable experience.