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Read About Desensitizers

Desensitizers are products that can be applied before sex to minimize sensations or inhibit discomfort. These items can be used to improve sexual stamina, prolong sexual activity, desensitize, relax, or numb the anus, vagina or throat for penetration or oral sex, and enhance sexual experiences and sexual satisfaction. Desensitizers can help you feel more confident and sure of your performance, alleviating anxiety and aiding in relaxation. These types of products do not require a prescription, and are convenient and easy to purchase over-the-counter.

Desensitizers should be used carefully, since they block the signals from nerve endings that may alert you to important things happening in your body. Pain is a message from your body to stop, and inhibiting your ability to recognize that can lead to unhealthy or treacherous outcomes. Always use desensitizing products with caution, communicate often with your partner during sexual activity, and make rolling consent part of your play. If you’re looking for a gentler form of desensitizer, consider an anal relaxant, which relaxes the muscles in a certain area but does not numb.

Both desensitizers and relaxants have minimal side effects when used cautiously and are condom compatible!

Types of Desensitizers and Relaxants

Anal Desensitizers: Anal desensitizers are specially formulated products designed to enhance comfort and pleasure during anal play. These products, also known as anal numbing creams or gels, work by temporarily numbing the anal area, making penetration more comfortable.

Anal Rexalants: Anal relaxants are creams or gels that relax the muscles around the anus, making it more receptive to penetration while keeping sensation intact. These products provide comfort and enjoyment during anal sex are considered safer than desensitizers.

Penis Desensitizers: Penis desensitizers are designed to help prolong sexual pleasure and prevent premature ejaculation by reducing sensitivity in the penis. These long-lasting products, also known as delay sprays, creams, or gels, are applied topically to the penis before sex. They work by temporarily numbing the nerve endings, allowing men to delay ejaculation, maintain control over their climax, and extend their sexual performance.

Oral & Throat Desensitizers: Throat desensitizers, also known as throat numbing sprays or gels, are designed to temporarily reduce sensitivity in the throat when performing oral sex. These quick-acting products are commonly used to alleviate throat pain or gagging in order to relax and enjoy performing oral sex.