They say the clitoral orgasm is one of the most intense ways to climax. With this reputation, it can be an intimidating area of the body to navigate. Lovers Stores is here to help. Continue reading to learn how you can have a clitoral orgasm, and the best products for the job.


  1. What is the Clitoris and Where is it Located?
  2. What Does a Clitoral Orgasm Feel Like?
  3. How Do I Have a Clitoral Orgasm?
  4. 3 Sex Toys for Clitoral Orgasms

What is the Clitoris and Where is it Located?

Here’s some trivia: for vulva-havers, which part of the body exists solely for pleasure? The clitoris! With 8,000 nerve endings, it was anatomically designed for feeling good. This small organ peeks out from the top of the vulva, often covered by a hood, and extends down the inside of the labia. 

The clitoris is a lot like an iceberg; it seems small from the surface, but it actually is quite extensive and deeper than it appears. Although you can’t see it, the clitoris is actually shaped similarly to a wishbone. The visible part is only a tiny fraction of its entire structure. “The organ has "legs," that look sort of like a wishbone, that travel along the pelvic bone and are anywhere from 2.25 to 2.5 inches long,” sexuality educator Jane Fleishman, has explained.

By engaging both the visible and invisible parts, it can make for more arousal and deeper pleasure. Similar to a penis, the clitoris will swell and become more sensitive when you are aroused. 

What Does a Clitoral Orgasm Feel Like?

Some liken the clitoral orgasm to a localized, tingly feeling, often felt on the surface of the body. They can range from small spasms to full-on body euphoria.  

How Do I Have a Clitoral Orgasm?

For many, a clitoral orgasm is the easiest way to experience orgasm. In fact, studies show that 36% of vulva-havers require clitoral stimulation to get off. Whether you have one or not, it can be confusing as to how or where to hit that spot and enjoy the pleasure that it has to offer. The reality is that it’s truly not as complicated as it seems, and when embraced it can make for some powerful peaks. So let’s debunk this mystery and learn a bit about the clitoris and how to have a clitoral orgasm.

So how do we work with something that we can’t really see? The good news is that like most sexual activities, touch and sensation can help guide you. It takes some time for your clitoris to get aroused and may be too sensitive to be touched directly. Take this time to stroke around the clitoris and labia.

To find your own or your partners’ clitoris, start at the lips, aka the labia. Follow them up until you reach the top of the vulva and once you see the small hood/flap, you’ve found the tip of the clitoris! Explore gently pressing the hood of the clit or rolling the hood back and forth with increasing pressure as arousal builds. As stimulation intensifies, more direct stimulation of the glans can be applied. A good way to stimulate the clitoris is by gently rubbing with fingers, a palm, or tongue in a circular or back and forth motion. It can also be stimulated internally by massaging the labia in a clockwise motion. 

3 Sex Toys for Clitoral Orgasms:

Everyone is different with the type of pressure and stimulation they enjoy - if you’re looking for a rumbly or vibrating sensation, below are some of our favorite sex toys and lube options for clitoral stimulation.

Womanizer Premium ($209.00) + Intense Clitoral Stimulant ($24.50)
Stimulate all 8,000 nerve endings with the Womanizer Premium. The Womanizer uses pressure air technology to provide 360 degree stimulation to the clitoris without direct contact. Waves of air pressure penetrate deep down the clitoral legs for an incredibly intense climax. Pair the Womanizer with the Intense Clitoral Stimulant- this organic, vegan, and paraben free stimulant opens up the blood capillaries to let blood flow more freely. These products are great for beginners or novices. With 12 settings of power, you can customize your experience to any level of sensitivity.

LELO Sona 2 ($99.00) + 2oz Agape Cooling Lube ($16.50)
The LELO Sona 2 is a sonic pulsator designed to stimulate 75% of the clitoral nerve endings. The award-winning sex toy provides a powerful, back arching orgasms- best for users who require a little extra stimulation (when we say power, we mean it). Pair this toy with the Agape Cooling Lubricant by System JO. The combination of sonic vibration and chilling lube will send you over the edge.
Dame Eva II ($135.00) + Vixen Supplement ($16.50)
The Eva II comes from the brand Dame- a women owned sex toy company that designs toys specifically for vulvas. Their world renowned Eva vibrator sits snuggly between the labia for hands free stimulation. Great for solo play, couples, or harness sex, the Eva II is ready to satisfy your every need. Pair this sex toy with the Vixen Performance Enhancing Supplement- a pill that can be taken 30 minutes in advance of play to help generate more lubrication, stamina, and blood flow. 

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