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Sigmund Freud’s theory of the vaginal orgasm has long been debunked, but the mystery of the G-Spot (Gräfenberg-Spot) continues to fascinate us. And why wouldn’t it? The blended orgasm (an orgasm that occurs with stimulation to multiple hot zones) is said to be one of the most intense! In this blog we will be discussing some of the techniques and products that can help you to unravel the mystery of the G-Spot.

1) Where Is the G-Spot
2) 6 Facts About Squirting
3) 6 Ways to Touch the G-Spot
4) 4 G-Spot Sex Toys


The G-Spot is located approximately 2-3 inches inside the vaginal opening. It sits on the roof of the vaginal canal and has a slightly spongy consistency. At its resting state, the G-Spot can be difficult to find (0.29-0.33 inches). When fully engorged, the G-Spot can grow to the size of a walnut and can be identified by its notably textured ridges. This zone of the body is best stimulated through repetitive pressure and motion.


  • Only individuals with vulvas are capable of squirting.
  • The substance we call “squirt” is a mixture of urine and milky-white fluid produced inside the Skene’s Gland.
    It is perfectly natural for these substances to mix because they both exit the urethra.
  • Squirting is often portrayed as a dramatic and explosive orgasm.
    In reality, squirting does not always coincide with orgasm.
  • Some individuals can squirt at a great distance while others report that the fluid will gush or pour out of the urethra.
  • Squirting typically occurs when the G-Spot is stimulated, but can also occur from external stimulation. Some studies suggest that the G-Spot is actually connected to the Clitoral network, which may provide an alternative route to Squirting.
  • Squirting is best accomplished when incorporating foreplay.


  • Come Hither: Lying on your back, insert two fingers (or a partner’s fingers) inside the vaginal opening with the pads of your fingers facing up. Place the fingers two to three inches inside the vagina looking for a subtle, grainy textured muscle. Stroke against this muscle using a ‘come hither’ motion that gradually builds in pressure.

  • Mic Tap: With the pads of your fingers facing upward, gently and steadily tap against the G-Spot. This rhythmic drumming against the G-Spot can be done slowly or quickly, based off the preference of the individual.

  • Orbiting: With the pads of your fingers facing upwards, move the tips of your fingers against the G-Spot in a rolling, circular motion. This method provides consistent pressure to the G-Spot that ebbs and flows in intensity as you encircle the muscle.

  • Seesaw: With a partner or sex toy inside you, move into the cowgirl position. Lean as far backwards as you can comfortably sit, using your hands to support your weight. Gently rock your hips forward and back, so that the sex toy or partner is pressed against the roof of the vaginal canal, providing a deep G-Spot massage.

  • Backdoor Entry: On your hands and knees, have a partner slip their fingers into the vaginal opening as if they are lifting you from behind. Allow the fingers to hook gently into the G-Spot, bringing your fingers closer to your palm in a gentle stroking motion.

  • Cradle: On your hands and knees, have a partner enter you from behind. Before they begin moving, allow yourself to sit up on your knees, pushing the sex toy or partner deeper against the roof of your vaginal canal. Your partner can then massage the G-Spot with deeper, upward momentum.


Discover G-Spot Serum

The Discover G-Spot Serum contains a blend of organic Japanese peppermint oil and L-Arginine amino acids that works to increase the size and sensitivity of the G-Spot muscle. This product can make it easier to locate and stimulate the G-Spot, and begins taking effect 60-seconds after application.


Nova 2.0
The Nova 2.0 was designed to give you a dual stimulation while keeping contact with your favorite hot zones. The built-in wire core allows you to bend the internal arm to hook into your G-spot perfectly, without compromising stimulation to the clitoris. It's approachable design and flexible shape are built to match any anatomy, while a squishy layer of silicone that absorbs your deepest thrusts.

Come With Me, ($119.00)

Heighten your pleasure with the Come With Me Dual Motor G-Spot Vibrator featuring a curved shaft that says come hither to your G-Spot. Made with creamy body-safe silicone, this unique vibes give you a mind-blowing, full-body journey. Get sensory overload choosing from 3 wagging motions as the head nods back and forth against your most sensitive spots, coupled with 10 powerful vibration speeds to push you over the edge. Plus, it's submersible for water play.

Playboy Pleasure Spot On

Discover untouched pleasures with Spot On. Made of velvet-smooth silicone, this G-Spot Vibrator features a thin, poseable shaft that bends to fit your body and desires and is ideal for those with mobility issues. The textured, girthy head massages your G-Spot with 3 speeds and 4 rhythmic patterns to enhance your experience.

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