In recent years, anal play and sex has been increasing in popularity - rising among most demographics. Yet, despite this, the stigma and misconceptions appear to remain. Below, we break down the top five myths around anal sex - plus, some evidence for why it can be really enjoyable!

Myth #1 : Anal Is Not Enjoyable For Women

The truth: Anal is for everyone! Many women can enjoy getting down from behind. If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, you might be familiar with the iconic “up the butt” scene; four women, taking a taxi ride and thinking out loud: who even does anal, and is it too taboo? That was in the 90s. Well, around 40% of the current population would be dubbed the “up-the-butt-girl.”  In fact, “94 percent of women who received anal sex in their last encounter said they reached orgasm — a higher rate of orgasm than was reported by women who had vaginal intercourse or received oral sex,” according to Slate. Like any sexual experience, safety, comfort, and communication can make booty play a pleasurable experience- and there’s zero shame in it!


At least one in three straight women in the U.S. has tried it at some point in her life, although only about 13 percent had tried it in the last year. -Bustle

Myth #2: Anal Is Painful 

The truth: With any kind of penetration, communication and pace is key. Plus, with the right lube and muscle relaxation, anal can be extremely enjoyable. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t have natural lubricant, so lube is definitely an essential addition. Water-based lubes are safe for condoms and toys (bonus!) and are slick enough to make things move smoothly. Lightweight silicone lubricants are safe to use with condoms and leave less of a mess, but are not suitable for silicone toys. Check out our Lube Guide for more information!

If you’re interested in exploring lubes specifically formulated for anal, we recommend Pjur Analyse Me Anal Glide - the natural jojoba moisturizes and smooths the skin, which allows the anal muscle to relax. The anus is a muscle that needs relaxing to allow comfortable penetration, no matter what it’s receiving. It’s okay to feel nervous! Be patient, do it at your own comfortable pace, and ease into it.

Myth #3: Anal will affect how you go to the bathroom

The truth: If you’re taking the time for foreplay, using lube, and staying hydrated, you should have no issues with your digestive system. Plus, eating a healthy amount of fiber allows for systems to run smoothly! So, make sure to drink your water and eat your greens if you’re thinking about making anal a regular activity. (It’s also just healthy for you!) If you're really concerned about poop, try a douche beforehand.


Myth #4: You Don’t Need To Use A Condom

The truth: Yes, you absolutely do. Despite there being a nearly zero chance in getting pregnant from anal, it does carry some other risks. The UK's National Health Service website states that "anal sex has a higher risk of spreading STIs than many other types of sexual activity". This is because the lining of the anus is thin and can easily be damaged, which makes it more vulnerable to infection." A wide array of condoms can be found on our website - besides the safety, another benefit is they allow  for a smoother entrance into the anus!


Myth #5: It’s Only For ‘Male-To-Male’ Intercourse

The truth: all humans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, can enjoy anal. No matter how you identify, the physiological potential to orgasm is immense! 
  • While some women can orgasm from anal sex alone, others require clitoral stimulation.
  • Some men can also orgasm from receiving anal penetration.
  • Some women can also orgasm while using a strap-on to anally penetrate their partner.

Remember: anal doesn’t have to just be anal - giving, receiving, pegging, rimming, fingers, and toys are all welcome additions to the experience. Part of the fun is the discovery, isn't it? Think of this as your own sexual world to create and feel pleasure together.


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