Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

Welcome, honorable judges, students, and practitioners of good sex! Today we recognize the names and contributions of the lubricants that have made our sexual experiences the most fluid. The Best of Lube Awards acknowledges the work that these lubricants do to keep our genitals feeling slick, sensitive, and free from pain. Continue reading to find the lubricant that best satisfies your needs!


  1. How to Pick a Lubricant
  2. The Best of Lubes by Functionality
  3. The Best of Lubes by Activity
  4. The Best of Lubes by Formula

How to Pick a Lubricant: A Guide to Different Lubes

A few things to consider before using this guide...

  1. Silicone lubricant is NOT compatible with silicone sex toys
  2. Silicone lubricant is shower friendly, water-based lubricant is NOT
  3. Water-Based lubricant is safe to ingest, silicone lubricant is NOT
  4. Water-Based lubricant absorbs into the skin, silicone lubricant does NOT
  5. ALL CBD lubricants are hemp-based and non-psychoactive
  6. Got allergies? Burning? Avoid Glycerin-based lubricants and opt for products that are vegan, organic, or stevia-based
  7. Using lube doesn't mean you're broken or that you aren't turned on.
    *None of the products sold at Lovers contain spermicide

Water-Based Lubricants
Water-based lubricants have a thin and realistic texture, designed to absorb into the skin during use. Safe to ingest, safe to use with sex toys, and safe to pair with condoms, water-based lubricants are the best option for universal styles of play.

Silicone Lubricants
Silicone lubricants have a thick and pillowy texture, designed to sit on top of the skin. These cushiony and dense liquids are the perfect way to compliment  activities like anal sex, shower sex, and massage, because they don't absorb as quickly into the skin. Silicone lubricants are oil-based, which means that they are not compatible with jelly, rubber, TPE, TPR, or silicone sex toys.

Hybrid Lubricants
A hybrid lubricant is designed to offer qualities of both a water-based and a oil-based lubricant. Hybrid lubricants may combine elements of silicone and water-based lubes, water-based and olive oil extracts, or water-based and coconut oil extracts. While most hybrid lubes can not be used in conjunction with sex toys or condoms, there are some formulas that are safe to pair with these materials.

Flavored Lubricants
Flavored lubricants are a style of water-based lube, that are infused with a scent or a flavor to make it more appetizing. While these lubricants are a popular choice for oral sex, they can also be used for penetrative sex, sex toys, and condoms.

Sensitizing Lubricants
Sensitizing lubricants refer to a lubricant that triggers a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a mucosae membrane. Sensitizing lubricants will typically have a cooling, warming, or buzzing sensation, and are available in both water-based and oil-based formulas. Want to learn more? Read our blog about sexual stimulants!

CBD Lubricants (*Only Available in Lovers Retail Locations)
CBD Lubricants refer to a style of lube that has been infused with hemp-derived CBD. These lubricants are used to improve physical comfort, reduce stress, and encourage blood flow during sex. CBD lubricants are available in both water-based and oil-based formulas.

*A Note on Coconut Oil
While coconut oil can make a wonderful lubricant for blow jobs and hand jobs, we do not recommend using coconut oil with sex toys or condoms. Coconut oil, like other oil-based products, will break down materials include silicone, jelly, rubber, latex, and TPR.

If you're still uncertain about what style of lubricant to get, take a look at our Lube Guide. The Lovers Lube Guide is the perfect tool for locating the right lubricant for your sex toy.

The Best Lubes by Functionality

The Best Lube for Sensitive Tissues
Coconu Oil-Based Lube ($26.00, 3oz)

Coconu is a USDA-certified organic lube made from coconut oil! This natural, Vegan, and cruelty-free formula is designed to reduce friction, nourish the genital tissues, and stimulate natural lube production during use. Enjoy Coconu's 100% edible glide, created without any genetically modified organisms. This long-lasting lubricant feels amazing on the skin without irritating or inflaming it.

The Best Lube for Combating Dryness

Experience the frictionless glide of a silicone lubricant with the same thin and natural density of a water-based lube. System of JO’s Extra Silky Thin Silicone Lubricant is designed to mirror your natural secretions while moisturizing and softening the skin. The vitamin E infused formula offers slickness that never fades, allowing for high velocity strokes without pinching or tearing.

The Best Lube for Chronic UTIs

Do you struggle with chronic UTI’s and yeast infections? There’s a lube for that! Intimate Earth’s Organic Protection Glide can be applied to the body to relieve and treat vaginal discomfort. This nutrient rich lubricant uses the antimicrobial properties of carrageenan and organic tea tree oil to fight off harmful bacteria. Guava bark adds an additional protective layer, helping to treat and heal uncomfortable tears and microdermabrasion’s. Use the Intimate Earth Defense Glide for daily relief or to enhance sensation during penetrative sex. This gentle, water-based lubricant is perfect for individuals with sensitive tissues and a history of chronic bacterial infections.

The Best Lube for Saving the Planet

Earthly Body is a family-owned business that sells 100% organic, vegan sensual care products. Their Water Slide lubricant is one of the most affordable formulas sold at Lovers, and only contains three, botanical ingredients! Earthly Body’s gentle and moisturizing lubricant is loved by many. Know that your support makes a difference- a percentage of every Earthly Body purchase is reallocated to the Get Together Foundation, a non-profit started by Earthly Body to provide immediate aid to California’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Best Lube for Realistic Moisture


The hunt for a thin and natural feeling lubricant ends here. Pjur Women Nude Water-Based lubricant is a soft and weightless personal moisturizer for penetrative sex and body massage. The glycerin and paraben-free formula is ideal for anyone who enjoys the sensation of life-like lubrication. Safe for all bodies, individuals with sensitive tissues will love Nude’s flavorless and odor-free profile. Looking for something similar but with a little extra glide? Try Pjur Women Nude Silicone.

The Best Lube for Heating Things Up

Melt is a water-based lubricant designed to add warmth to every stroke. Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark generates instant heat - perfect for solo masturbation, oral sex, and temperature play! Simply apply the lubricant to the membrane of your choice to feel the temperature rise. Melt is 100% vegan and edible. You’ll love the familiar Fireball-inspired flavor of this product, crafted for superior oral sex.

The Best Lube for Menopause

When your body is going through changes it can be difficult to find a lubricant that brings relief. Intimate Earth’s Hydra lubricant is a plant-based, water glide that is free of glycerin and parabens. Natural aloe cellulose adds density and weight to this lubricant, creating a soft and pillowy barrier between the skin. Scent-free, flavorless, gentle, and chemical-free, the Intimate Earth Hydra Glide is the ideal moisturizer for sensitive and aging tissues.

The Best Lube for Making Babies

Making a baby is no easy feat, but System of JO’s Actively Trying Lubricant is here to make starting a family a little easier. JO’s Actively Trying Lubricant creates the optimal environment for conception, designed to combat vaginal dryness and augment pH levels to accommodate the movements of semen. JO’s natural, water-based formula prevents interface from outside elements, allowing you to stay focused and in the moment. It is the only lubricant (at Lovers) crafted for reproductive health!

The Best Lube for Adding Sensation

Did you feel that? Sensuva’s ON lubricant is a thin, water-based lubricant that has been blended with Sensuva’s revolutionary female arousal oil. Make every touch electric with Sensuva’s ultra-stimulating, cooling lube. Sensuva ON Insane Ice Water-Based Lubricant activates with motion. Safe for both internal and external use, this lubricant will add a powerful, cooling sensation to your intimate experiences.

The Best Lube for Stroking


CAUTION: Slippery When Wet!
Gun Oil is a premium silicone lubricant designed to add power to every stroke. Gun Oil’s vitamin E infused formula is the perfect consistency for polishing, buffing, and rubbing. Optimize your playtime with Gun Oil’s plant-based glide, formulated with aloe to create a thick and padded layer of moisture between the skin. The 100% silicone lubricant is great for showers, anal, and extended solo play.

The Best Lubes by Activity

The Best Lube for Shower Sex

Pjur’s Original Silicone Glide is perhaps the most iconic product in their assortment. With over 25 years of experience in premium lubricant manufacturing, Pjur lubricants offer some of the highest quality ingredients on the market. Pjur’s Original Silicone Glide boasts one of the longest lasting formulas, perfect for shower sex and body massage. With only a few drops, Pjur Original can provide a slick and long-lasting glide. Slip and slide across your partners body with Pjur Original for a ‘lighter than air’ sensation.

The Best Lube for Oral Sex

Intimate Earth’s oral glide collection is the perfect way to elevate oral sex. Forget the bitter, processed formulas of other flavored lubricant brands. Intimate Earth Flavored Lubricants are made with all-natural stevia, for a realistic taste that is never tacky or sticky. This 100% vegan formula uses organic ingredients to enhance your partners flavor without masking it. Unlike other oral glides, Intimate Earth’s formula highlights the taste of natural body fluids- they never cover them up! Choose from a delicious assortment of flavors, or mix and match to create your own erotic blends.

The Best Lube for Anal Sex

Intimate Earth Ease is an oil-based lubricant infused with a relaxer. This soft and pillowy formula is an excellent choice for penetrative anal sex because it can help to relax the muscles of the receiver without numbing them. It’s thick and padded texture provide comfort and cushion, for a smooth and seamless glide. The Ease lubricant is made with silicone, which means you only need to apply it once. Silicone will sit on the surface of the skin until it is washed off, making it the ideal formulation for long lasting anal sex.

The Best Lube for Anal Toys

Intimate Earth Bliss is a water-based anal glide designed to heal tears and microdermabrasion’s. Guava Bark Extract, which has been used for countless years in the Amazon to treat wounds, is infused into this lubricant to reduce scarring and promote healing. Though guava bark has a distinct, glue-like scent, it has been proven to be an effective way to treat pain. This lubricant is sex toy and condom compatible. Use it to reduce tearing, increase glide, and treat uncomfortable fissures in the skin.

The Best Lube for Getting Lit

Heighten every touch with Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil (formally sold as ‘Foria Intimacy Lubricant’). Intimacy Sex Oil uses Organic MCT coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD to enhance sensation, increase arousal, and soothe body aches and pains. Experience purity and potency with over 400mg of CBD per container. You can find this vegan and pH balanced lubricant at any Lovers retail location. Find a local Lovers store now!

The Best Lube for Full Body Massage

Intimate Earth’s Elite Lubricant is a luxury silicone glide instilled with shitake mushroom extract and vitamin E oil. It’s ultra-nourishing formula is perfect for transitioning from body massage to penetrative sex. Unlike oil-based massage oils, the Elite lubricant is safe for internal use. It’s slick and velvety texture glides effortlessly over your skin, never absorbing or drying.

The Best Lube for Traveling

Headed on an adventure? System JO’s Natural Love Lubricant adds eroticism to any encounter! This lubricant has a thin and natural consistency that is gentle on sensitive skin. Built-in carrageen provides antimicrobial properties that are resistant to bacteria, for safe shared experiences on your travels. The Natural Love lubricant uses chamomile and agave to enhance its color and flavor. An amber hue and honey essence awakens the senses, perfect for oral sex and body painting. Available in 2oz and 4oz bottles, for traveling convenience.

The Best Lubes by Formula

The Best Water-Based Lube

Lover's Water-Based Lube is the best product for supplementing your body's natural lubrication. Lovers Lube contains only six ingredients for a natural, non-sticky glide. Apply a desired amount of lubricant to yourself, a partner, or a favorite sex toy to enhance sensation, reduce friction, and prevent microtears. There is no need to play guessing games with Lovers Lube; this product is compatible with silicone, rubber, latex, and polyisoprene materials for a worry-free application. Banish tacky, chemically lubricants in favor of Lovers clean and non-sticky formula- perfect for solo or partnered adventures.

The Best Silicone Lube
UberLube ($34.50, 3.4oz)

UberLube is a luxury, German brand with an award-winning silicone formula. Their products are designed to add sensation and reduce friction during sexual activity. In motion, UberLube provides long-lasting, frictionless glide. Left unattended, UberLube can be used to soften and moisturize the skin. This motion-activated lubricant is the perfect supplement to shower sex, anal sex, and body massage. Add moisture and energy to every stroke with UberLube’s silky silicone lubricant.

The Best Hybrid Lube

Experience the best of both worlds with Wicked’s Simply Hybrid Lubricant. The Simply Hybrid Lube combines silicone and water to provide a smooth and consistent glide. Olive oil extract provides moisturizing and biostatic properties that allow this lubricant to keep its texture and consistency… even in the shower!

The Best CBD Lube (The Best Lube for Pain Relief)

If you’re looking for added sensation, pain relief, and long-lasting glide, you’ll love Foria's CBD Infused Lubricant. Foria's award-winning collection outranks competitors with one of the highest concentrations of CBD per container. Their formula provides noticeable pain relief, with over 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD per ounce. Foria's CBD Infused Lubricants are designed to last longer than traditional water-based lubes. Experience the slickness of a silicone glide, with Foria's all-natural lubricant. You can find this non-psychoactive lubricant at any Lovers retail location. Find a local Lovers store now!

The Best Jelly Lube

Wicked Aqua Anal Jelle ($16.50, 4oz)

One way to prevent water-based lubricants from absorbing into the skin is to purchase water-based jellies. Water-based jellies have density and texture that allows them to stay in place for longer periods of time. We love Wicked Sensual Care’s Aqua Anal Jelle because of its non-sticky, pH balanced formula. Perfect for anal sex, shower sex, and extra-large penetrative sex toys, Wicked Aqua Anal Jelle adds comfort and cushion to any sexual experience.

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