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  1. What are Erotic Stimulants?
  2. How Do Sexual Stimulants Work?
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Stimulants

What is a Sexual Stimulant?

A sexual stimulant is a product designed to generate a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with, or is absorbed into a membrane. Sexual stimulants can trigger a variety of unique sensations depending on how they are introduced to your body. People use sexual stimulants in an effort to intensify or dull physical sensations, increase endurance, enhance comfort, and extend the length of their sexual encounters.

Stimulants are a great way to build confidence in the bedroom and overcome sexual obstacles, but they are also incredible stand-alone products, making every sexual encounter more explosive then the last.

Doesn’t every experience deserve a five-star rating?

How Do Sexual Stimulants Work?

Sexual stimulants are an affordable and easy way for people to control aspects of their physical and mental performance in bed. Erotic stimulants are absorbed into the body through systemic or topical devices, that accelerate the rate of neural synapses in the brain.

Topical stimulants are generally used to address physical ailments, because they can be applied directly to the area of concern. Systemic stimulants, like edibles and inhalants, are better suited for addressing psychological barriers to pleasure, such as stress or lack of focus, because we don’t have topical access to our brains. You can’t rub something on the brain, so a systemic approach is the easiest way to penetrate this region of the body.

Stimulants come in many disguises that ultimately determine how the product is transmitted. Take a look at some of the most common ways that stimulants are packaged to produce the most noticeable results.  

A suppository is a gel capsule that is inserted into the rectum or vaginal canal to allow it to absorb into the body quickly and in a localized area. Suppositories are stored in the refrigerator to help them to maintain their shape and density during insertion.

To use a suppository, lay on your back and insert it into your rectum or vaginal canal, getting as close to the cervix as possible. Remain in this position for ten to twenty minutes to allow the oil to disperse and prevent leakage. Depending on the style of suppository you use, you may apply this product anywhere from two days to thirty minutes in advance of sex.

Ingestible Pills
When people talk about sexual stimulants, they are often referring to performance enhancement pills. Performance enhancement pills have a long history in the sexual wellness industry, propelled into the spotlight back in 1998 when Pfizer first unveiled its anti-impotency drug, Viagra. A real-life limitless pill for the penis? Could it be? The pills you find at sex shops don’t contain the active ingredient, Sildenafil, found in Viagra, but they do produce a similar range of effects.

Performance enhancement pills contain high concentrations of herbal supplements designed to flood the system and produce long lasting results. Each pill contains its own unique blend of ingredients. Your weight, height, and metabolism can all effect how this blend is experienced, which is why people may choose to try several different brands of pills until they identify one that provides the most desirable effects.


Are Pills Safe?

Many of the ingredients found inside these super-pills have been used for centuries to address common medical concerns. Herbal medicine is viewed as relatively safe because it derives from a natural source- but it can produce a range of negative effects such as headaches and mild rashes. If you have a known food allergy or a heart condition, we suggest consulting with a physician before purchase.

Pills that are advertised to men will generally feature herbs that are designed to improve blood circulation, increase endurance, and decrease recovery time. Pills that are advertised to women will generally feature herbs that are designed to improve circulation, increase endurance, and increase lubrication. You can take any pill, regardless of your gender, within the instructed time window to experiment with different effects. We recommend consuming at least 16 ounces of water with each pill to prevent headaches and dehydration.

Topical Oils & Serums
A serum is a light weight and fast absorbing product designed to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to the skin. Serum’s have a watery, gel-like texture, that offers a stark contrast to the slick, and greasy consistency of oil-based stimulants. You can mix oils and serums together, or use them independently to control your desired effects.

Both serums and oils are incredibly potent because they are made up of smaller molecules, meaning that very little product is required to be effective. Start by applying a pea-size drop of serum, or a single drop of oil to the genitals, and allow sixty seconds for the product to absorb.

Topical Gels & Balms
Gels and balms are a thick, relatively solid substance that permeates on the surface of the skin. As the product sits, it slowly absorbs, extending its release time. Balm and gel are a popular medium for warming and cooling agents, making it ideal for stroking products and oral balms.

Creams & Lotions
Creams and lotions are thick, buttery substances with rich, emollient properties. You can distinguish a lotion from a cream because of its light-weight, water-based texture. A cream is oil-based, making it the optimal carrier for stimulating ingredients like benzocaine or lidocaine.

Salts & Soaks
Bath salts and soaks are a popular way to soothe mental and physical fatigue, commonly infused with essential oils, pheromones, and other minerals meant to promote relaxation and arousal. Bath soaks use an Epsom Salt base, perfect for relieving pain and reducing swelling. When exposed to water, Epsom Salts will dissolve into magnesium and sulfate, which scientist theorize can treat a range of physical ailments including headaches, arthritis, stress, dry skin, and stiff joints.

Sprays & Mists
Aerosol is a popular method of administering stimulants to the body. This technology allows for precise amounts of product to be delivered to a localized area, without the risk of spills, leaks, or airborne bacteria. People use sprays & mists because they are portable and easy to apply, but because aerosol is filtered through a fine nozzle, it is only suitable for water-based, alcohol-based, or light weight stimulants.

Lubes & Glides
A lube, glide, or personal moisturizer is a liquid or gel designed to reduce friction and enhance pleasure during sex. Lubricants can dramatically magnify the sensation of touch but do not typically have the same cooling and warming properties that oil-based stimulants and serums do. Some lubricants include stimulating ingredients like menthol, peppermint oil, cinamomum zeylanicum bark, and methylparaben that can give off a warming or cooling sensation, or you can layer your favorite stimulates under a lubricant to create your own unique blends.

Aphrodisiac Foods
An aphrodisiac refers to a food or substance that when consumed, generates sexual arousal and desire, improves sexual performance, and enhances sensation. Do aphrodisiacs really work? Scientists have failed to reach a consensus on this topic, but there are many foods that are notoriously purported to inspire feelings of lust. Some of our favorites include chocolate, oysters, figs, strawberries, and chili peppers.

Libido Creams
A libido cream is a product that is designed to enhance sexual desire and arousal, typically through the transdermal delivery of testosterone and estrogen. Unlike other stimulants, libido creams are intended to be used over a long period of time, and do not offer instantaneous results.

The Ultimate Guide to Erotic Stimulants

Vaginal, G-Spot, & Clitoral Stimulants
Product Family: Vaginal Tighteners, G-Spot Sensitizers, Clitoral Sensitizers

The Best Vaginal Tightener
Intimate Earth Embrace Serum, $24.50

Most tightening products are formulated with an ingredient called “alum” that is used to dehydrate the genital tissues to create the sensation of tightness. Alum is the active ingredient used in pickling, meant to give foods their crunch and firmness- a far cry from the wet, inviting, crevice that we know and love.

Intimate Earth’s Embrace Serum is formulated with natural capsicum, designed to trigger temporary tissue contraction in a safe and natural way. Embrace can be applied to the penis or vulva to enhance sensations of tightness, perfect for hand jobs and penetrative sex.

The Best G-Spot Sensitizer
Intimate Earth Discover Serum, $26.50

The G-Spot is a muscle located two to three inches inside the vaginal canal that, when engorged, becomes highly sensitive to the touch. Intimate Earth’s Discover Serum contains a special blend of Japanese Peppermint Oil and L-Arginine that is designed to increase the size and sensitivity of the G-Spot, making it easier to locate and stimulate. Apply a pea size amount of this product to the G-Spot and allow sixty seconds for the product to absorb.

The Best Clitoral Sensitizer
Intimate Earth Intense Serum, $24.50

People have been trying to perfect the clitoral stimulant for decades- but no brand has come as close as Intimate Earth’s Intense. This all-natural, Vegan stimulant is made with high concentration Japanese Peppermint Oil, designed to add sensation to any experience. Intimate Earth’s Intense Stimulant has a warming and cooling effect that throbs and ungulates like a heartbeat. Apply a small amount to the clitoris, the vagina, the labia, or the head of the penis, and allow sixty seconds for the product to absorb.

Penis & Prostate Stimulants
Product Family: Penis Sensitizer, Penis Desensitizer, Prostate Sensitizer

The Best Penis Sensitizer
Max Men Extra Strength Pleasure Gel, $19.99

Max Men Pleasure Gel is a fast-acting stimulant, enhanced with mint and ginseng. Perfect for stroking or penetrative play, this extra strength pleasure gel is designed to bring a mixture of warming and cooling sensations to every embrace.

The Best Penis Desensitizer
Jo Prolonger Maximum Strength Spray, $22.50

Looks like we’re going into overtime! System of JO’s Maximum Strength Prolonger is a desensitizing spray crafted with Benzocaine, to encourage longer lasting sexual encounters. JO’s Prolonger Spray contains one of the highest concentrations of anesthetic for maximum numbing effect.

Backdoor Stimulants
Product Family: Anal Sensitizer, Anal Desensitizer, Anal Relaxer

The Best Anal Sensitizer
Tush Tease Anal Stimulant, $19.50

Tush Tease is a fragrance-free anal stimulant used for external anal play. Apply a small amount of Tush Tease to the exterior of the anus to heighten sensitivity to touch. Tush Tease adds a warming and tingling sensation to every anal experience, enhancing the thrill of your backdoor experiences!

The Best Anal Relaxer
Intimate Earth Daring Gel, $26.50

Unlike other anal gels and serums, Intimate Earth’s Daring does not contain any anesthetic ingredients. Daring Anal Relaxer uses Clove extract to naturally dilate the sphincter muscles, leading to more comfortable anal penetration. Anal relaxers are a great alternative to anal desensitizers because they allow you feel if any damage is occurring to the anal canal during penetration. Apply Intimate Earth’s Daring Relaxer to the inside and outside of the anus approximately fifteen minutes before play.

Oral & Throat Stimulants
Product Family: Lip Sensitizer, Throat Desensitizer, Oral Sex Sprays, Oral Sex Mints

The Best Throat Desensitizer
Lic-O-Licious Oral Desensitizing Cream, $7.99

While spray desensitizers are a popular and effective method of numbing the throat, they can disperse unevenly, leaving areas of the body exposed. Lic-O-Licious Oral Desensitizing Cream is a sweet, flavored gel that can provide full surface coverage to the throat. Simply apply the gel to your partners penis before play to allow for 360-degree coverage. Lic-O-Licious Cream comes in four delightful flavors, and will not transfer numbing effects to the penis.

The Best Oral Sex Spray
Slow Sex Mouthwatering Spray, $18.50

Indulge in the ultimate oral sex experience with Slow Sex Mouthwatering Spray. This sleek and portable throat spray uses malic acid to improve natural saliva production for an ultra-lubricated oral sex experience. Apply three pumps of this citrus flavored spray to your tongue to activate this product. Add additional sprays to heighten your experience and enhance your partners natural flavors.

The Best Oral Sex Mints
Swipe Remedy Oral Sex Mints, $9.50

Swipe Remedy is a sugar-free, Vegan mint, with a gentle cooling effect. Create exciting temperature and flavor contrasts with these sex toy and condom-compatible mints. Love the effects of Swipe Remedy? These mints work great on other erogenous zones, as well! We love using Swipe Remedy to provide oral stimulation to the penis, nipples, and anus.

Nipple Stimulants
Product Family: Nipple Sensitizer

The Best Nipple Sensitizer
Slow Sex Nipple Play Gel, $18.00

Take your foreplay to the next level with Slow Sex Nipple Play. This cooling, tingling, and kissable gel is sold in a metallic roll-on applicator designed to glaze over your favorite pleasure zones. Formulated with Frescolat®, a patented molecule that interacts with your body’s mucosae membranes, Slow Sex Nipple Play Gel is the perfect product for exploring your partner’s body.

Kiss this gel to transfer the cooling sensation to unexpected regions or glide it over your pulse points for a mid-day pick-me-up. Slow Sex Nipple Play is coconut scented and menthol flavored. Store your applicator in your vegetable crisper to allow the packaging to chill for an ultra-cooling effect.

Stamina Enhancements
Product Family: Stamina Pill, Liquid Shots, Herbal Blends

The Best Performance Pill for Penises
Bengal 15K, $16.50

The Bengal Pill is Lovers Exclusive Performance Supplement, formulated for more intense and satisfying erections. Experience heightened sensation, improved confidence, and increased energy with The Bengals powerful and quick-acting formula. For best results, take this product 30-45 minutes before activity, allowing for 72 hours between each use.

The Best Performance Pill for Vulvas
Juicy AF, $16.50

Customers can't get enough of Juicy AF, the pleasure enhancing product for people with vulvas. Heighten sensation, reduce friction, and extend your pleasure with this fast-absorbing pill. The Juicy AF is designed to promote exciting and memorable sexual encounters, perfect for adventurous people with vulvas. For best results, take this product 30-45 minutes before intercourse, allowing for 72 hours between each use.

Aphrodisiacs & Pheromones
Product Family: Aphrodisiac Foods, Pheromone Oils

The Best Aphrodisiac
One Makes You Happy Bundle
, $31.50

One gives you a boost in energy, two gets you in the mood, and three ignites the senses! Lover’s best-selling aphrodisiac chocolates feature a unique blend of herbs meant to inspire arousal. Indulge in three of our most popular gourmet chocolate flavors with the "1 Makes You Happy Kit" available exclusively on This kit includes our top-rated Sea Salted Caramel, Birthday Sex, and Banana Bliss flavors.

The Best Pheromone
Pure Instinct Oil, $18.50

This unisex pheromone oil smells different depending on your body chemistry! Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil is formulated to enhance pheromone production and magnifiers to highlight your natural scent. Studies indicate that humans use olfactory communication (scent) to produce and observe certain pheromones, playing an important role in the way that we mate and express desire. Apply a small amount of oil to each pulse point, and reapply as you see fit.

CBD-Infused Stimulants
Product Family: CBD Edibles, CBD Topicals, CBD Soaks

Available Only in Select Retail Stores

More and more people have begun to incorporate CBD into their sexual routines. CBD has a long range of benefits: it can eliminate harmful bacteria, promote relaxation, heighten sensitivity, and reduce pain. Lovers carries CBD brands such as Foria, KushQueen, and CBD Daily that offer people the chance to find systemic and topical remedies to a variety of sexual barriers.

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