Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

This last year has shown us that everyone deserves some extra love. In a time where pleasure is in such short supply, Lovers is proud to offer our shoppers the ultimate gift: the gift of orgasm. Whether you are shopping for your boo, your bestie, or yourself- Lovers has everything you need to make this holiday season the most memorable one yet.

Today, we're sharing a few tips on how you can locate the perfect gift for your loved ones, and preview some of the hottest holiday sex toys of 2022.


  1. Is a Sex Toy a Good Gift?
  2. How Much Should I Spend on a Sex Toy?
  3. What Type of Sex Toy Should I Buy?
  4. Double Duty Sex Toys: The Gift That Keeps Giving
  5. Make It Personal: Hand-Selected Sex Toys
  6. Sex Toy Essentials for the Perfect Gift Bundle
  7. The Best Sex Toys for Holiday

Is a Sex Toy a Good Gift?

Buying sex toys is a delicate art. It can be helpful to determine if the recipient of your gift is open to receiving a sex toy before investing in a new pleasure product. An investigative conversation can help to determine what sort of products they are interested in and what concerns they may have. My friends, family, and partners know that the sex toy industry is my passion, so it never comes as a surprise when I am gifting a pleasure object. Reference the check list below to determine if a sex toy is a viable gifting option for your loved ones. If you are still on the fence, don’t hesitate to communicate to your friend/lover/sibling/parent that you are interested in gifting them something of the adult variety.

  • They expressed interest in using a vibrator
  • They have shared a sexual concern with you, seeking feedback or suggestions
  • They openly discuss their sexual experiences with you
  • They have purchased a sex toy for you or with you

How Much Should I Spend on a Sex Toy?

You’ve decided to buy a sex toy! Vibrators, lubricants, and restraints can make incredibly fun gifts for both the giver and the receiver. Disposable products or products made from less durable materials are great for individuals that are looking to dip their toes into a new shape or style of toy, but when I am gifting a sex toy I’m looking for products that will last long term. I want to pick out products that will allow my loved ones to explore new sensations without having to worry about an expiration date. Exploring your sexuality should be on your own timeline, be it five days or five months after receiving or purchasing a sex toy. By buying body-safe gifts, I am communicating to my loved ones that I want them to find pleasure in the safest and easiest way possible. We recommend materials like glass, steel, and silicone for long-term and body-safe use. You can find body-safe sex toys at a variety of different price points ranging from $20.00-$300.00.

What Type of Sex Toy Should I Buy?

Sex toys come in many different shapes and textures. When it comes to picking out a sex toy, consider how the design of the product might impact the user’s experience. As a seasoned sex toy buyer, I understand that it can be difficult (AKA: FRUSTRATING) to flip through a 30-page product manual. Using a sex toy does not need to be complicated. If you are purchasing a toy for a first-time user, look to simple and intuitive button interfaces. It is common to see around three buttons on your vibrator. These buttons allow you to increase power, decrease power, or engage a pattern mode. Some toys are equipped with anywhere from 4-7 buttons. My advice -  save these for experienced toy users.

I also like to look at the texture and size of the toy. If you are able, hold the product in your hands. Is the product soft? Is it textured? How does it feel in your hand? Toys that sit in your palm or act as an extension of your fingertips can be more approachable for less experienced individuals. Finally, take a look at the ambiguity of the toy. Most people will find it alarming to receive a realistic looking sex toy. Unless this is something you’ve discussed with them, opt for toys that could pass for a facial massager, art object, or household device.

Double Duty Sex Toys: The Gift That Keeps Giving

The next thing we will want to consider are the features and functions of your vibrator. I like to purchase water-proof products with a wide range of settings. This ensures that no matter what type of stimulation my loved one likes; they will be able to access it. A toy with an unusual shape should never be overlooked, as these products can translate to more versatile use. Perhaps you want to purchase them a dual action vibrator that could moonlight as an anal toy. A clitoral toy may double as a body massager. Keep your options open so that your loved one can get creative. This also creates an opportunity to hone in on any special features you might want to include. For example, I love to purchase app-enabled sex toys for my friends in long distance relationships. What features could your special someone benefit from?

Make It Personal: Hand-Selected Sex Toys

I’m a huge fan of bundling gifts. I love to watch my friends and lovers discover their sexuality with confidence and enthusiasm, so I try to include any products that could help take their experience to the next level. The Intimate Earth Intense Clitoral Stimulant is my ride-or-die product. I make sure that I always include a bottle of this with any gift I purchase because it was so life changing for me. If you have a product that changed your perspective on sex toys, this is the time to include it! Gifts are a great way to share your favorite products with a loved one. Adding in a few small items can create a storyline for the receiver that makes your gift even more special.

Sex Toy Essentials for the Perfect Gift Bundle

Don’t forget these essentials when purchasing a sex toy as a gift! Lubricant and toy cleaner can help to ensure better sexual experiences and improve the longevity of your sex toy. Set your friends and lovers up for success and get them the proper tools to service their toys. This will safeguard your loved ones from bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the toy, or any tearing that could occur.

We hope this guide gave you a little more confidence when it comes to gifting a sex toy. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding the perfect holiday gift, then head to one of our 39 U.S. locations. Our store associates love to empower others with the gift of pleasure! Stop by today to speak with an in-store expert or visit our online store to shop solo.

The Best Sex Toys for Holiday 2022

We've all heard the nightmare: a viral holiday gift that goes inexplicably out of stock right as you add it to your cart. This year, we're predicting that these holiday gifts will be flying off the shelves. Don't want to miss a beat? Sign up for a free Lovers Afterglow rewards account to get updates on our newest arrivals and holiday sales!


Fun Factory has paired up their most iconic products, just in time for the holiday season! The Oh Yeah, Right There Kit contains their award-winning Manta stroker and Volta external vibrator, in a luxurious shade of black silicone. Perfect for heightening the sensations of oral sex and mutual masturbation, the Oh Yeah, Right There Kit offers a savings of $70, compared to buying each product individually!

The color of your aura is kinky. Elevate your BDSM collection with the Cosmo 6-piece holographic bondage kit. Rose gold hardware provides a universal fit and blends seamlessly with the swirling colors of each piece. See rainbow colors flash before your eyes whether you're giving the flogging or the one wearing the collar. If the blindfold is fitted comfortably over your eyes, know that no matter what happens, you're gear is 100% on trend.

Love Me Gentle Kit
, $39.00

Whether you like it rough or desire it tender, this kit is perfect.The Love Me Gentle Bondage Kit makes it easy explore BDSM. Take this gorgeous deep pink, 3-piece kit with you anywhere for sexy, BDSM fun anywhere. Get in touch with all of your senses when you play with the silky blindfold, sash restraints, and acrylic heart-shaped paddle.

Oh Nut
, $72.00

If penetration is uncomfortable and too deep, try Ohnut Penetration Buffer Rings. Made of smooth, stretchy, body-safe silicone, the interlocking rings allow you to customize the fit. Wear 1 ring, or 2, 3, or 4 rings all at once. The wearer feels a snug, satisfying fit and their partner can enjoy all the pleasure they provide, pain and discomfort free! Use more or less rings to make individual positions more pleasurable. 


The flexible material is gentle on your skin and fits all shapes and sizes - offering satisfying restriction so you last longer and feel stronger. Draw out the pleasure anywhere since Benedict is completely waterproof. Enjoy amazing solo sessions and powerful partner play as you explore the 5 vibration modes and intensity levels take you from subtle, gentle bursts to back arching climax.

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