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Read About Restraints

Restraints, cuffs, and handcuffs are used during sexual activities and BDSM play to restrain a partner. Restraints are often used in bondage or BDSM because being restrained can bring pleasure to both partners involved.

Types of Restraints

There are so many types of restraints you can use during sex including:

Handcuffs Handcuffs are often used in bondage play or BDSM, as bondage restraints bring pleasure during foreplay and sex. Handcuffs are often made of metal, and cuffs and other restraints are usually leather, but other materials in this category are also common.

Bondage tape Bondage tape is electrostatic and only sticks to itself. You can make a large number of restraints (hand cuffs, mouth gags, blindfolds, etc.) and it is reusable!

Rope Rope play is a popular form of erotic play. But what’s especially great about it is that it doesn’t have to be erotic or sexual at all. People practice rope play for a variety of reasons: for sexual gratification, for the power-exchange, because the repetition is calming, to build intimacy, and more. 

Bed restraint systems Bondage restraints known as bed restraint systems—also called under mattress restraints—are made for sexual roleplay and bed bondage, in which one partner assumes the role of the dominant and ties their submit to the bed.

It is always important to be attentive and mindful when playing with restraints. Whether you're used to restraints or just dipping your toes into kink and BDSM, we have everything you and your partner will need to indulge in bondage. Shop our exclusive BDSM sex restraints category to find the perfect gift for you and your partner.

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