Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

Lovers Stores is committed to being at the forefront of social change by creating an environment for you to explore your sexuality with confidence and ease. For those of us that are living in shared spaces, feeling confident and comfortable in your sexuality can feel next to impossible. Studies have shown that adult American’s are opting for shared living spaces at a higher rate than ever before. In 2017, nearly 32% of the American adult population lived in a shared household, a 29% spike from 1995 census data.

Delayed marriages, a global pandemic, and a rise in student debt are just a few factors contributing to the increase of shared living spaces. Cohabitating can mean adapting how we express ourselves sexually, but there are still plenty of ways to experience pleasure with discretion. It is my privilege to introduce you to the most discreet sex toys and BDSM gear in our inventory. In this guide we’ll be discussing the best sex toys for shared spaces!


  1. What Is A Discreet Sex Toy?
  2. What Is A Non-Representational Sex Toy?
  3. What Are The Quietest Sex Toys?
  4. The Best Discreet Mini Vibes
  5. The Best Discreet Strokers
  6. The Best Discreet Kink Products
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What is a Discreet Sex Toy?

A discreet sex toy is one that hides in plain sight. They are quiet when in use and non-representational in design. Smaller sex toys like bullets, palm vibrators, and finger vibrators are compact and storable, adding to their stealth.
You might also consider sex toys with a submersible shell, allowing it to be used under water. The shower and bath are one of the few household spaces that allows for privacy, making it a practical feature for individuals with shared spaces.

What is a Non-Representational Sex Toy?
A representational sex toy is modeled after human body parts, whereas non-representational sex toys adopt ambiguous shapes and curvatures. You can find a number of non-representational dildos and vibrators at Lovers StoresShop Non-Representational Sex Toys Here.

What Are the Quietest Sex Toys?

Alerting the household of your impending orgasm? It’s not considered to be very kosher. If volume is a concern, you’ll want to look to sex toys with a deep and rumbly frequency. Rumbling vibrations tend to produce less sound than their buzzy counterparts, and actually penetrate the nerves deeper, for longer, fuller orgasms. Softer materials like silicone can also help to dull the sound of vibration, though there are exceptions to this rule. Our quietest sex toy brands include LELO and We-Vibe, whose signature rumbly vibrations provide whisper quiet stimulation without sacrificing strength! Avoid air pulsators and wand massagers, known for their powerful, nevertheless audible motors.

The Evolved Pen Pal is a super slim bullet made from stainless steel. This ultra compact sex toy is less then 5 inches in length making it easy to stow inside a purse or nightside. Fashioned after the stylus pens used for touch screen computers, the Pen Pal is as unassuming in your home or office as it is in your bedroom. Feeling adventurous? String a chain through the Pen Pals looped handle and watch it transform into a stylish lariat necklace.
Iroha Temari Hana Egg ($129 - ONLINE ONLY)
The Iroha Temari Egg is an elegant, Japanese bullet made from soft, body safe silicone. Temari's thick plastic case is designed to reduce the transmission of vibration to your hands during use, which also helps to diminish sound. Indistinguishable from other household bobbles, the Temari Egg is even more ambiguous when used with its dust cover which sits snuggly over the top of your vibrator.
Available in two colorways, the Hidden Pleasure Bullet is a slim vibrator, styled after a high-end vape pen. This sex toy won't raise any eyebrows when it is stored with your favorite smoking accessories. Use this cannabis-inspired sex toy with one of our top selling CBD lubricants to tap into your pleasure. You can find a full range of CBD pleasure products in any of our 42 retail locations.

Seeking a more traditional stroking experience? The Zero Tolerance Thrusting Stroker combines the best of both worlds: a realistic vagina stroker that thrusts on command, hidden inside a sleek and modern storage case that is designed to improve grip and glide! The only time you'll need to remove the internal components is to clean them. For a worry-free experience, clean your stroker during your morning showers so you're ready to play for the rest of the day.
Your pleasure is our secret with the Manta's whisper quiet motor and unconventional shape. Superior quality silicone reduces the need for complicated and messy restoration powders with an open ended channel designed to accommodate any girth. Check all the boxes with Manta's ultra quiet, submersible, and ambiguous design.
The Arcwave Ion is a cutting edge stroker, designed to mimic the build up and intensity of a clitoral orgasm. The sleek and compact stroker comes with its very own charging dock that doubles as a drying station. Sleek chrome details blend in seamlessly with other household appliances, so that no one is the wiser.
Keep in mind that the Arcwave Ion uses air pulsation technology, which has a very noticeable sound. Using the Arcwave during a shower is one way to dull the sound of the motor.

The Liberator Flip Ramp is a sex positioning pillow made to accommodate a number of erotic positions. When laid out, the Flip Ramp can elevate the hips for oral and doggie sex. Folded up, the Flip Ramp adds power and dimension to every thrust. In this shape, the Liberator Flip Ramp can be easily stored away, or left out in the open as a functional, moisture wicking ottoman.
Bed restraints are a fun and discreet restraint system crafted to fit your home mattress. The ultra adjustable straps can fit beds as small as a twin and as large as a queen, allowing for four-point restriction of the ankles and wrists. Easy to place and remove, Under the Bed Restraints are the perfect accessory to bring on your next romantic getaway.
Master Series Magnetic Clamps are the perfect tool for stimulating the nipples and labia. Two, powerful magnets provide a pinching sensation to your bodies favorite erogenous zones, ideal for foreplay and blended orgasms. After you're done playing, affix these clamps to your refrigerator door to double their function.