Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

At Lovers, we believe that lingerie is for every body. We carry flattering and approachable bedroom apparel to celebrate self-expression and exploration, no matter where you are on your journey. Lingerie can help to improve confidence, add versatility to your wardrobe, and bring an exciting layer to your erotic experiences, which is why it makes an excellent gift as we head into the holiday season.
Why buy Lingerie?
There are many reasons why people choose to buy or wear lingerie. Wearing lingerie is one way that people can celebrate and show gratitude for their bodies, by taking time to honor and adorn it. Wearing lingerie can also be an expression of self-care and self-expression, said to improve confidence and enhance mood. 
How do I find what’s right for me?
There is no need to wear lingerie that makes you feel uncomfortable or exposed. Pick what makes you feel good
Below, you can find a straight-forward guide to each style of lingerie, and how its designed to highlight your body. With this guide in hand, you will be ready to explore the world of lingerie and make the choices that work best for your body and comfort level. 


Teddies are designed to cover you from bust to hips, often secured with a button or eyehook at the crotch. The built-in closure allows the wearer to remove the barrier of clothing in order to have sex or urinate, but can easily be pulled to the side to provide access. Teddies and bodysuits often help to shape and smooth. You can find teddies that include a wire under bust, if you are looking for additional support. This versatile style of lingerie is one of the most transitional undergarments available… style your bodysuit under a skirt or favorite pair of jeans for a look that transitions seamlessly from public to private.


Bodystockings are made from the same material as hosiery allowing it to stretch and conform to your body’s natural curves. Bodystockings smooth and shape the body to highlight your best features and come in a variety of cuts and colors. You will often see this style of lingerie at music festivals and outdoor events. The form fitting style of this undergarment is fantastic for layering under clothing. After the fun is done (or you begin to see wear), don’t hesitate to let your partner rip this garment straight off of your body! Bodystockings are available in one size and one size+ so finding the perfect fit is easier than ever.


A chemise is a short style of nightgown that clings or lays close to the skin. Think of it as the mini dress of lingerie. The cut of a chemise is intended to highlight the bust and hips, often accented with a body-conscious seam to accentuate the waist line. Due to the form fitting nature of this lingerie, chemises can double as a protective slip under certain styles of clothing.

Baby Dolls

A baby doll is a short style of nightgown with a looser fit. This style of lingerie often features an underwire or empire waist line to showcase the breasts, with a short hemline to highlight the legs. Baby dolls are an excellent choice for those looking for a softer, more feminine look. They are also favored by individuals who feel more confident with their waist covered.


Corsets are a traditional style of lingerie designed to manipulate and showcase the bodies natural curves. Corsets are lined with plastic or metal boning, which gives the undergarment a rigid feel and allows for body-shaping. Plastic boning is often found in what we refer to as a ‘comfort corset,’ which allows the corset to maintain its shape without sacrificing flexibility and range of motion. A waist cincher provides a similar look to a corset, while leaving the breasts exposed. Style your corset with a pair of panties and matching hosiery for a classic look, or try pairing it with jeans and a blazer to add an edge to your daytime wardrobe.
Bottom to Top: Lacing your corset from the bottom will push the bust upwards and create cleavage. Using the ribbon that laces your corset, work from the bottom to the top.

Top to Bottom: Lacing your corset from the top will allow for the base of the corset to expand, creating the illusion of broader hips. Using the ribbon that laces your corset, work from the top to the bottom.

In the Middle: To create an hour glass shape, cut the ribbon that laces your corset in two equal lengths. Starting at the center of your back, use one ribbon to lace upwards, and the other to lace downwards. As you tighten the strings, it will pull all your energy into the center of your body lending to that hourglass figure.


A romper is a style of lingerie that covers the body from shoulder to crotch. Rompers can be form fitting or loose, but often combine the look of a tap short with a camisole or top, connected at the waist line. Rompers are a cozy and fashionable style of loungewear, perfect for nightly wear. Style your romper with a pair of thigh high socks or pasties to add a sensual layer to your look.


Costumes are a style of lingerie inspired by occupations, personalities, and skill sets that we find arousing. Costumes are an excellent option for roleplay enthusiasts, as they contain all the accessories needed to complete your look. There is no need to hunt down the perfect prop, everything you need comes right in the box! Costumes are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some of our most popular costumes include students, nurses, and housemaids.

Club Wear

Club wear (or dance wear) is a colorful style of lingerie, designed to be easily removed from the body. This style of undergarment is typically made from a swimsuit style material, making them an excellent option for festivals and beach trips. Sex workers also favor this style of lingerie because it allows them to undress quickly and smoothly, without needing to worry about complicated buttons or hooks.

7 Ways to Accessorize Your Look:


Pasties are colorful, graphic stickers designed to cover the nipples and areola. Often worn during festivals, layered under bodystockings, or used in place of a bra- pasties have a variety of fun and handy uses. To get the most out of your pasties, gently peel them away from the nipple after use. Stick the two adhesive sides together so that they can be easily stored in a plastic sandwich bag or sleeve. When you are ready to reuse your pasties, apply four to eight drops of eyelash glue to the back of your pastie and hold in place on the nipple for thirty to sixty seconds.

Garter Belts

Garter belts or suspender belts are a classic style of lingerie designed to hold up a pair of stockings. Though the garter belts roots were functional at best, the undergarment was long associated with the act of getting undressed. Garter belts are now viewed as a way to accessorize and highlight the legs. Garter belts feature two to four ribbons that extend from beneath the belt. Each ribbon contains a hook that allows the belt to grip on to the top of the stocking. You can style your garter belt at your bellybutton or on your hips for a more contemporary look.

Lay It Out: Garter belts have a lot of different pieces and it can be difficult to process how everything works at first glance. Lay out your garter belt on a flat surface to get a better idea of how it will look on.

Start from the Back: I like to recommend that you start by hooking the back ribbons of your garter belt prior to putting on your stockings. Save yourself the trouble of twisting in place, trying to affix each hook. Secure your stockings in advance.

Layer Up: Garter belts are traditionally worn above the panties. Try sliding your panties over your garter belt so that when you undress you are left in nothing but stockings and ribbons! Garter belts are a great style of lingerie for those looking to perform an erotic strip tease.


A robe is a type of lingerie with an open front and a loose fit. Robes can be used to cover the body by wrapping the material around you and securing it with a ribbon or tie. Robes can be worn alone or over lingerie. Due to the nature of their design, you can use a robe to make an exciting reveal, excellent for strip teases.


Heels are a style of shoe that helps to elongate and showcase the legs. Heels come in a variety of heights, colors, and finishes. You can find dancer style heels at Lovers Stores which feature a large platform. These platforms may look intimidating but can help to provide extra support, reducing the arch of the foot. Match your heels to your lingerie or wear them solo to grab your partners attention.


A wig is a temporary hair piece that can be worn over your natural hair to change the dynamic of your look. Wigs offer a fun and simple solution to trying out a new hair color, adding details to a roleplay, or enhancing your natural style. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths, and can even be heat styled to your liking. Individuals with longer or thicker hair should invest in a wig cap, which can be worn beneath the wig to hold your natural hair in place. This reduces the chances of your natural hair intermixing with the fibers of the wig.


Hosiery and stockings are an excellent way of accessorizing any lingerie look. Stockings are available in several lengths, styles, and opacities, and are easy to mix-and-match with different styles of lingerie. In addition to enhancing the sensation of touch, hosiery can add texture and nuance to your look. Take a look at four styles of hosiery below to find a style that speaks to you!

Back Seam (Cuban Heel): This style of stocking is best identified by a line or seam that travels up the back of the leg. Popularized in the 1940’s and 50’s, the back-seam stocking offers a conservative look in the front and a party in back. Let your partners eyes travel up the seam of your stocking to reveal a peachy treat.

False Garter: This new style of stocking has revolutionized the use of the garter belt. These full coverage tights feature varying levels of opacity, to create the illusion of a suspender belt (minus the hassle!).

Thigh High: Thigh high stockings offer partial coverage of the leg and can be styled with a garter belt. Thigh highs are available in two styles- latex topped and unlined. Unlined stockings require a garter belt in order to stay in place. Latex topped stockings will stay up on their own, but are also compatible with suspender belts.

Fishnet: Fishnet stockings are a netted style of hosiery, that expose pockets of skin along the legs. Fishnets have a diamond-net pattern and are available in a variety of widths. Choosing fishnet stockings with a larger diamond will allow for more stretch and flexibility, able to fit a variety of body types. Use your fingernails to drag along the surface of the stockings to bring an auditory element to your experience.

Chest Harnesses & Collars

These fun and edgy accessories are sure to add some mystery to your look! Harnesses and collars are designed to be worn around the body or neck. Worn alone, they add dimension and texture to any look. When paired with a set of handcuffs or leash, they take on a much more practical purpose. Use the metal o-rings and d-rings on your favorite harness to affix your favorite sexcessories to. Once attached, your partner can guide you around the room, pamper you with attention, or tease you. Harnesses and collars can be found in the adventure section of Lovers Stores!

7 Styles of Panties to Try:

  • Hipster: A full coverage panty that covers the butt and hips.
  • Bikini: A medium coverage panty that covers the butt, but leaves the hips exposed.
  • Thong: A low coverage panty that converges in the center to rest between your butt cheeks. This style of underwear helps to prevent panty lines.
  • G-String: A style of thong that uses thin pieces of fabric to compose the waist line. This style of underwear leaves the hips and butt completely exposed.
  • Cheeky: A medium coverage panty with subtle dips in the back that gives the butt a rounder appearance.
  • Bloomer: A ruffle style panty with a cheeky fit- this style of underwear is great to pair with a short hemline, allowing the ruffles to peek out from underneath.
  • Crotchless: A open cut panty that leaves the genitals exposed for stimulation.

3 Styles of Bras to Try:

  • Bra: A style of undergarment design to support and lift the breasts. Traditional bras often include an underwire and may also incorporate padding.
  • Bralette: A fabric bra without wiring or padding.
  • Bustier: A half-cup bra, designed to cover the lower breast. This style of bra helps to create rounder, fuller breasts.

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