Interested in learning more about the pleasures of anal sex? We were, too. Continue reading for a some of the best ways to produce an anal orgasm.


  1. What is an Anal Orgasm?
  2. How Do You Have an Anal Orgasm?
  3. 4 Ways to Stimulate the Anus
  4. 4 Tips for the Receiver
  5. 4 Tips for the Giver
  6. Does Anal Sex Hurt?

What is an Anal Orgasm?

Nope, an anal orgasm isn’t a prostate orgasm or an G-spot orgasm. It’s a completely different kind of orgasm that anyone with a booty can have. Anal orgasms are really straightforward, they are what they say they are - delightful climaxes reached by stimulating the nerves in and around the anus. 

How Do You Have an Anal Orgasm?

This is one type of pleasure you’ll want to do a little preparing for to be sure you’re maximizing your comfort and avoiding STI’s. You’ll want to stock up on condoms and a thicker, water-based style of lubricant like Wicked Anal Jelle or Intimate Earth Hydra before you get down to business. 

Remember: The anus does not self-lubricate. As the old proverb goes - Be generous with both anal lube and consent. (That’s not an old saying, I just made it up. But it should be.)

4 Ways to Stimulate the Anus:

You can also stimulate other erogenous areas at the same time which could lead to a blended orgasm or even multiple orgasms! Bullet vibrators like the We-Vibe Tango X are great for this!

4 Tips for the Receiver:

The key here is to be aroused and relaxed. 

  • If you’re new to anal play, consider using a kit like the Lovers Anal Training Plug Set which includes 3 plugs that go up gradually in size and help you get used to the stretch and feeling of fullness.
  • Take a pre-sexy time shower or bath to unwind and clean up at the same time. We love the Ultimate Cleaning System to help with those, ahem, hard to reach places. A clean butthole is a sexy butthole. 
  • Listen to some erotic audio, read an erotic novel or watch a little porn to get your mind in the mood.
  • Don’t forget the foreplay! Solo or partnered, give yourself a chance to become fully aroused before moving to the main event. 

4 Tips for the Giver:

  • Be sure to trim and file your fingernails and wash your hands well beforehand.
  • Always wear a condom to keep both you and your partner safe.
  • Don’t forget the foreplay! Prep your partner with touching, kissing and/or sucking on their delightful, clean, and shiny butthole.
  • Always get consent and continue to check in with your partner on how things are going and feeling throughout the experience.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

Mild discomfort when first experiencing anal penetration is normal, but stop if you feel anything more than that. It is meant to be enjoyable, but can require some getting used to. You can use a product like Intimate Earth Daring Anal Relaxer to help open up the sphincter and become more receptive to penetration.

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