Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

Sex Tech (sex toy technology) has made many cameos throughout history. Some of the most notable trends include the Magic Wand (formally the Hitachi) and the Rabbit Vibrator, who made its American debut in the boundary pushing television series, Sex in the City. We find ourselves once more at a nexus of sex toy trends, in a post-pandemic era that urges a socially conscious, sex positive, and ethical approach to shopping. Like any growing industry, the consumer demand for higher quality, body-safe sex toys has created competition between brands, leading to patented technology that is unique to each vendor.

Which of these innovative sex toys is worth trying? We’ve selected four sex toy trends that we believe will be sticking around indefinitely. Ranked for their originality, safety, and most importantly, their ability to produce mind blowing orgasms, these four sex toy trends are definitely worth trying.

Pulsators / Suction Toys

A pulsator uses air to stimulate the nerve endings in the clitoris, allowing for contact-free stimulation. Pulsators come in three styles, each offering a slightly different sensation. Pleasure Air Technology, patented by the Womanizer and We-Vibe brands, uses a burst of air that blows directly on the clitoris. Pressure from the airwaves contained in each burst of air penetrates the tissues of the clitoris allowing for deeper stimulation of the clitoral legs. This technology was used in the first pulsator (The Womanizer) available to the market, with an average climax time of thirty seconds to five minutes. When it comes to air technology, Womanizer’s design provides the most organic and natural climax.

Another type of air technology is Sonic Air Technology, patented by the LELO brand. You can find Sonic technology in their award-winning Sona, Sila, and Enigma toys, which combines vibration and air pressure in a single device. Each sonic vibrator contains a sonic disc. As the disc expands, a pocket of air is released. As the disc recedes, air is pulled in, creating a light sucking sensation.

Alternative to Womanizer and LELOs air pressure technologies, we have Air Suction toys. Air suction toys pull air inwards, drawing blood flow into the clitoris, allowing for increased sensation and stronger orgasms. Keep in mind that suction vibrators can cause some tenderness when used over long periods of time as they stretch and widen the blood capillaries. Suction toys provide less build-up than Pleasure Air and Sonic Air toys, but they are more widely available to the public, used by a variety of different brands.

We-Vibe Melt ($159)

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 360 Degree Stimulation
  • 30 Second – 5 Minute Average Use Time
  • Recreates the Micro Contractions Your
    Body Associates with Orgasm
  • Range of Intensities from Gentle to Intense
  • App Enabled for Long Distance Play
  • Use Hands Free

ArcWave Ion ($199)


  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • CleanTech Silicone
  • Charging Base Doubles as a Quick Dry Rack
  • Stimulates the Frenulum
  • Extends the Build-Up of Orgasm to Mirror
    Clitoral Climaxes
  • Range of Intensities from Gentle to Intense

LELO Enigma ($189)
  • Sense Sonic Air Technology
  • 360 Degree Stimulation
  • Flexible Contoured Shaft
  • Dual Action, for Blended Orgasms
  • Very Intense
  • Use Hands Free


A thruster recreates the motion and rhythm of penis penetrating a partner (a mechanism that the sex toy industry has been working on for decades). It is easier than ever to find a thruster that appeals to you, with two styles of thruster to choose from. The first thrusters were found on luxurious sex machines, that only the affluent in our industry might have enjoyed. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that the German sex toy company, Fun Factory released their patented magnetic thrusters. Fun Factory thrusters’ massage into the G-spot or prostate muscles using a set of industrial magnets. Magnetic reluctance (or magnetic resistance) is a ratio of magnetomotive force to magnetic flux, which allows the magnets to resist one another- creating a pulsing motion. This style of thruster is well liked because of its subtle and full-bodied thrusts. Like a penis, this style of thruster maintains its shape and density during use.

The modern thruster uses an accordion to propel the sex toy forward in a stroking fashion. Early adaptations of this were unsuccessful, because without a way for air to escape the accordions would warp and loose their shape over time. Modern accordion thrusters contain ventilation holes to prevent damage to the accordion over time, or will use a combination of accordions and magnets to create a hybrid style of thruster. Sex toy companies have been able to perfect and adapt the thruster to offer a variety of thrusting speeds, sizes, and forms of stimulation. You can now find mountable thrusters, anal thrusters, expanding thrusters, thrusting strokers, and more. Considering the amount of time it took to develop this technology, thrusters will only improve over time.

Shameless Seducer ($249)

  • Hybrid Thruster
  • 850 Thrusts per Minute
  • Robust, Half Inch Strokes
  • 4 Distinctive Thrusting Patterns
  • 7 Unique Settings of Vibration
  • 28 Possible Combinations of Play
  • Double Your Pleasure with Dual Stimulation
  • The Power of a Sex Machine in the Palm
    of Your Hand

Thrust and Go Travel Vibrator ($139)

  • Accordion Thruster
  • 5 Inches of Thrust Length
  • Suction Cup Base, with Mount Included
  • Portable & Travel Friendly
  • 2x Styles of Attachment, for a Variety of Sensations
  • 7 Thrusting Patterns
  • 7 Vibration Settings
  • 98 Possible Combinations of Play

Lovers Joy Stick Thruster ($99)

  • Magnetic Thruster
  • Multi-Functional Shape, for Vaginal or
    Rectal Stimulation
  • Vibrating Stimulation Pad
  • Wireless Remote Control, for Partnered Play
  • 10 Thrusting Patterns
  • 10 Vibration Settings
  • 100 Possible Combinations of Play (Wow!)

App Enabled

App Enabled Sex Toys have always been popular, but when a global pandemic hit their celebrity status doubled. App enabled sex toys allow for partners to interact from anywhere in the world. In an era of social distancing, app enabled toys offer us safety, security, and connection without sacrificing pleasure. End-to-end encryption allows users to interact without fear of prying eyes, with contemporary applications that allow you to connect to online platforms and sex workers. When picking out an app-based sex toy, shape and design are equally important to app functionality. The We-Connect App for example, allow video, audio, and text communications, with exciting in-app features such as custom vibrations and beat mode that allows vibration to sync to music. SVAKOM’s FeelConnect App does not offer as much customization, but does allow you to link your toy to websites like PornHub and MyFreeCams. Depending on the experience you're looking for, one brand may appeal to you more than the other. Take a look at three of our favorite app-based toys below to familiarize yourself with each brand.

We-Vibe Chorus ($199)

  • WeConnect App
  • Beat Mode
  • Rapid Touch Mode
  • Custom Vibration Mode
  • Touch Sensitive Wireless Remote (for Local Control)
    Intensifies as you Squeeze
  • Hands Free Stimulation
  • Adjustable Fit
  • 10 Settings & Intensities
  • Travel Lock Equipped

SVAKOM Alex Neo ($159)

  • FeelConnect3 App
  • Touch Mode
  • Beat Mode
  • Sound Activated Vibrations
  • Sync to Pornhub and MyFreeCams
  • 5 Audible Experiences in 3 Languages
  • 7 Thrusting Patterns

We-Vibe Wand ($179)

  • WeConnect App
  • Beat Mode
  • Rapid Touch Mode
  • Custom Vibration Mode
  • Touch Sensitive Vibrations
  • Smart Silent Mode
  • 2x Universal Stimulation Sleeves Included
  • Dimmer Switch Control
  • 10 Settings & Intensities
  • Travel Lock Equipped


Wrapping up our list of sex toy trends is glass sex toys. Glass sex toys are frequently overlooked because of their rigid texture, but they can offer more versatility than your standard vibrator. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass containing boron trioxide. This ingredient helps to prevent thermal expansion, meaning that the glass will not shatter when exposed to extreme temperature changes. This durable, non-porous material is a popular choice for sex toys, because it is affordable, body-safe, and shatterproof. In addition to looking like a piece of high-end art, glass is the perfect material for transferring vibration and temperature. We recommend soaking your glass sex toy in a bowl of warm water, or popping it into the vegetable crisper for a cooling sensation. Feeling adventurous? Touch any vibrator to the surface of the glass to add instant vibration. Glass sex toys are a great choice for prostate and G-Spot stimulation, thanks to their firm texture. Glass is also recommended for anal play, as it is impervious to residue or scent.

Find Glass Sex Toys at Lovers Stores, and check back in June for a brand-new assortment of glass products!

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