Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

If you’re here, cheers to you for taking the first step towards exploring your intimacy with sex toys! Truly, it all begins with curiosity: researching what’s out there and learning what you’re looking for within your own sex life. Pursuing deeper sexual pleasure not only feels amazing, but also has many health and psychological benefits. 

According to Good Housekeeping, “In a recent Harris Poll survey, 71% of women ages 18 to 34 agreed that using sex toys added intimacy in the bedroom.” 

That’s a statistic we can stand behind. Testing sex toys yourself and learning how they operate and work is a great way to get in tune with yourself- plus, if you eventually bring a partner into the mix, you know exactly what works for you. So whether you’re looking for new sensations or simply a fun alternative, below are gentle ways to introduce some wonderful new sensations into your life:

Choose a Good Vibe 

With so many options, it may be overwhelming to know where you should even begin! We’ll give you a head start on your research: vibrators are always a great starting point! Here are seven types of vibes to get you stimulated:


Vibrating vs Non Vibrating
Evolved Quilted Love Vibrator ($69) Fun Factory Limba Flex ($69)
This vibrator may look basic at first glance, but it has the power, quality, and flexibility of a high end vibrator. A slim but malleable shaft features light texture, with an easy-to-operate single button interface. The Limba Flex has a slim shaft wrapped in seamless, body-safe silicone. But wait! The Limba also contains a moldable wire core that can be bent into a variety of shapes- perfect for trying out different sensations without breaking the bank.


Dual Action
Lady Bi ($159) & Miss Bi ($149)
So you are a first time toy buyer... you want something safe, good quality, that doesn't leave any room for mistakes. You want it to be great on the first try- why wouldn't you? Introducing the Lady Bi and Miss Bi by Fun Factory.
With over 45 possible combinations of vibration, you will never get bored of this toy! The FlexiFun Silicone bends and flexes so that you can find your perfect fit. Finally, a toy that hits your G-Spot and your clitoris every time! Toggle the toy closer to your hot spots using the ergonomic handle. Available in small and large sizes for your preference!


 Cock Rings
Vibrating vs Non Vibrating
We-Vibe Pivot ($109) TitanMen Cock Ring ($10.50)
You can't steer wrong with this luxury couples cock ring. This ring is built to last with a seam that wraps around the entire ring to improve strength and reduce snapping. The super soft and flat band offers of the most comfortable fit with a deep and rumbly vibration built to satisfy two. The TitanMen Cock Ring is the perfect starter cock ring. The stretchy nitrile material conforms to a variety of different girths, but what we really love is the ultra-flat band that reduces chances of tearing or snagging on hair like its rounder counterparts.

Vibrating vs Non Vibrating
Thump & Grind Stroker ($99) Zolo DP Stroker ($69)
The Bump & Grind features an open channel that allows you to customize the intensity of your grip, while accomidating a variety of different girths. This non-phallic stroker is has a simple button navigation, body-safe material, and waterproof design. The Zolo DP Stroker has two, tantalizing entries to choose from. The best first time toys offer multiple features or functions so that you there are plenty opportunities to find what works for you. Enjoy the sanitary grip cup that keeps this stroker clean and in your control.


    Something else to keep in mind: when you’re not using a sex toy, think about what you really enjoy; is it external or internal stimulation, or both? This will help you narrow down your search and focus on what will make your unique self feel amazing. 

    Stylized Sensations

    Not all sex toys require buttons and batteries to turn you on! Stimulating different areas and senses can be a great first step to getting off. Nipple clamps are a great hands-free way to play with pleasure in one of your most sensitive erogenous zones, while allowing you to focus on others zones simultaneously. Using a blindfold on yourself can help enhance your other senses. Dildos and anal plugs can also provide some more direct pleasure (without you having to worry if they’re charged or not!). There is no greater tragedy than a sex toy dying on you mid-session. 

    Explore your limits

    When exploring your limits and kinks, it’s always great to try things on your own. Discovering different techniques and tracing the sex toy over your body, allows yourself to feel it out and see what you’re comfortable with. 


    We’d be remiss to talk about sex toys without mentioning lube. When paired with sex toys, personal lubricant enhances sensation and can make the experience that more pleasurable! Read more about which lube might be right about you here.

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