Don’t sleep on the thrusting vibrator. In fact, you should probably bring this sex toy to bed WITH you. By combining stimulating sensations and motions, thrusting vibrators offer a different take on traditional sex toys and can help take your pleasure to the next level. Plus, they offer hands-free penetration: with or without a partner. 

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What is a Thrusting Vibrator?

A thrusting vibrator is a type of vibrator that doesn’t just vibrate, it actually moves. According to our resident sex educator, Marla Renee Stewart,  “a thruster is a penetrative toy that uses a motor to move in and out.” The Rabbit style is perhaps one of the most well known of the varieties (thanks, Sex and The City). The top of the device’s shaft has an automated thrusting function that allows it to multi-stimulate through vibrations and a unique pumping motion. These motions create the effect of a partner’s penis or strap-on during penetrative sex! 

If you’re a vulva-haver, a rabbit style thrusting vibrator targets not only your clitoris, but also simultaneously thrusts inside of you, potentially hitting your G-Spot. This creates one of our favorite combinations: the blended orgasm

How Do You Use a Thrusting Vibrator? 

One of our favorite things about thrusters is the accessibility of it. Simply turn it on, position it accordingly (either vaginally, anally, or other), and enjoy. The thruster does all the work. If you are unable to use your hands as freely or easily during solo play, this is a great option for you! Plus, you’re able to switch up the vibrator easily because the majority of thrusters give the user the ability to separately adjust vibration and thrusting functions.

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