Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_), a marketing and e-commerce coordinator for Lovers. Rain is a retired sex worker, pleasure advocate, and sexual wellness expert. Rain has worked in the adult entertainment industry for eight years and in the adult retail industry for four years.

Thinking about buying your first sex toySex toys are an incredible way to enhance partnered experiences and identify the sensations that most arouse you! This guide will help you to build confidence in your purchases by explaining the different styles of vibrators available to you. 


  1. Bullet Vibrators
  2. Rabbit Vibrators
  3. Wand Vibrators
  4. G-Spot Vibrators
  5. Thruster Vibrators
  6. Air Pulsator Vibrators

Vibrators 101

A vibrator is a motorized sex toy that oscillates between different frequencies to create motion. The frequency of your vibrator can range from high-pitched and buzzy, to rumbly and penetrating, depending on the motor and material of your toy. Let’s begin by identifying some of the categories that vibrators fall into:

What Is a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators are a popular choice for beginners because they are small, portable, and un-intimidating. In the past, bullet vibrators were sold to provide external stimulation to the clitoris. Now, bullet vibrators are sold in a variety of different lengths and shapes for exploring your body internally or externally. These oblong-shaped sex toys are an excellent staple for anyone’s collection, perfect for holding between bodies or accessing hard-to-reach erogenous zones. Sometimes referred to as a lipstick vibrator or mini vibe, these vibrators are a great choice for foreplay, traveling, and enhancing oral sex. Some of our favorites include the We-Vibe Tango X, the Pen Pal, the Dame Kip, and the Lovers Ruby.

PRO TIP: Bullets can also be circular! A pebble shaped bullet is a popular starting point for beginners because it can sit against your palm, acting as a natural extension of your hand. We recommend the We-Vibe Wish and Dame Pom!

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?


Rabbit vibrator” is a term used to describe a dual-motored sex toy, that simultaneously stimulates the internal and external parts of the vulva or anus. Thanks to modern innovation, you can find rabbit vibrators of different textures, densities, and strengths. One thing that can influence your experience with a rabbit sex toy is the length and flexibility of its internal components. First time buyers know that every body is shaped differently- because of this, it can be challenging to find a rabbit vibrator that aligns with all your favorite ‘spots.’ When looking for a first-time rabbit, look for something with a soft and flexible internal arm that will allow you to bend the vibrators external pieces closer or further away from your body. An ultra-flexible rabbit ensures that every piece of your toy matches up with your body. We think the Fun Factory Lady Bi and the Satisfyer Magic Bunny are great examples of this, and recommend them to beginners because of their ability to customize vibration in each arm.
As you begin to learn more about how you like to be touched internally (and externally) you can refine your rabbit purchases to target specific regions of the body like the G-spot or the prostate. Some of our favorites include the Lovers Juicy G, the We-Vibe Nova 2, and the Extreme Rumble Rabbit.

PRO TIP: Harder materials are able to hold and transfer more vibration. That’s why glass and steel sex toys are so popular! Use this knowledge to help you find the sex toy that is right for you.

What is a Wand Vibrator?

A wand vibrator is a sex toy used to massage and stimulate the outside of your body. These powerful and rumbly sex toys are considered to be an icon of the sexual wellness industry, thanks to its many notable supporters. The Magic Wand has inspired countless interpretations- some hand held, some thrusting, some small enough to insert- but all with one commonality: the ability to produce mind-blowing orgasms. Though some people would argue that a wand is too powerful for beginners, I’d like to make a counter argument: one of the most overwhelming things about a wand is how stimulating it is. From a functionality perspective, these sex toys can be easier to operate and control then other styles of toys. Wands generally have fewer buttons, they’re ambiguously shaped, and they are large enough to grip without triggering hand cramps or discomfort. With so many people giving their endorsements for wands, I think it’s safe to say that the only risk of using a wand vibrator is having bigger and louder orgasms. Some of our favorites include the Le Wand Pearl, the We-Vibe Couples Wand, and the Magic Wand Rechargeable.

PRO TIP: A wands size can be indicative of its strength. Larger sized wands will typically house larger and more powerful motors.

What is a G-Spot Vibrator?

G-spot vibrator is a style of sex toy designed to stimulate the erogenous muscles inside the vagina or rectum. With a G-Spot vibrator, you can locate and apply stimulation to these muscles that would otherwise be difficult to reach. For people with vulvas, we call this area the Gräfenberg spot, an innervated muscle that lives along the anterior vaginal wall, approximately 2-3 inches inside the vagina. For people with penises, we call this area the prostate, a gland located approximately four inches inside the rectum that helps to propel semen and ejaculate. You can find products that were designed specifically for exploring your G-spot & prostate by looking for sex toys that have a noticeable curve to them. These arch’s and curves can be rocked into your erogenous zones to provide consistent motion and pressure. Some of our favorites include the Dame Arch, the LELO Mona Wave, and the LELO Gigi 2.

PRO TIP: If you plan to use a rabbit sex toy for prostate stimulation, make sure that your rabbit has a clearly defined flare or base. At Lovers, you can view a rabbit vibrators features to see if it is safe for anal play.

What is a Thruster Vibrator?

Thrusters are a sex toy that is designed to mimic the motion and speed of a penis penetrating an orifice. These fun, mechanized sex toys will add a layer of realism to your experience, perfect for hands free stimulation or exhibitionist play. Beginners might enjoy using a thruster because thrusters can operate independently from their user. With this style of sex toy, you’ll never have to worry about exerting yourself over complicated button-mashing combos. A thruster empowers you to focus on the sensations you’re experiencing, rather than the device itself. As a result, thrusters have become increasingly popular. You can now find thrusting wand vibrators, thrusting rabbits, and thrusting anal plugs that utilize this technology to stimulate different areas of the body. Some of our favorites include the Fun Factory Sundaze, the Shameless Slim Playa, and the Thrust and Go.

PRO TIP: Looking for a realistic experience? Magnetic thrusters will provide a nice, full-bodied thrusts, while accordion thrusters offer greater range of motion.

What is an Air Pulsator Vibrator?

Pulsators are the newest innovation in sex toy technology. This style of toy uses small bursts of air to stimulate different areas of the body, like the clitoris, nipples, or frenulum. Gentle waves of air pressure surround the erogenous zones to provide touchless stimulation- perfect for individuals that are sensitive to direct contact. To use a pulsator, simply position the sex toy over your clitoris, nipples, or frenulum. With a pulsator sex toy, pleasure is just one click away- power on your sex toy and allow the air to push and pull against your body. Some of our favorites include the Womanizer Premium, the We-Vibe Melt, the VEDO Suki, and the Inya Rose.

PRO TIP: Lift the hood of the clitoris before placing your pulsator against it. Create a seal so that the lip of your pulsator makes 360 degrees of contact.

With these great insights, we hope that you'll feel more confident with finding the perfect sex toy for your goals, budget, and lifestyle! Looking for more 101 content? You can find our favorite 101-Guidebooks in our blog, A Modern Sex Education.

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