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So you’re curious about anal play? Welcome! As you might imagine, the anus has a high concentration of nerve endings which can create a lot of pleasure- yes, whether or not you have a prostate! But, just like any physical activity, it’s a good idea to stretch beforehand.


  1. What is Anal Training?
  2. Why is Anal Training Important?
  3. How to Anal Train: A Step-by-Step Beginners Guide
  4. Anal Training Kits for Every Experience Level

What Is Anal Training?

When exploring any new areas during sex, everything could be considered a “safe zone” as long as there is mutual consent and proper precautions taken. For exploring anal specifically, starting small and slow is crucial. According to Je Joue, "Anal training is the process of exploring and strengthening the backdoor by inserting progressively larger objects into the rectum."

"Anal training involves getting accustomed to the feelings of fullness and movement that come along with anal sex." - Je Joue

There’s no specific timeline for how much or how long you’ll need to prepare yourself, but as long as you listen to your body and its sensations, you’ll find your own rhythm. Some questions to consider while starting may include:

  • Do I want to focus on sex toys?
  • Am I comfortable engaging with a partner(s) while starting? 

The Importance of Anal Training:

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self lubricating; due to its thinner tissue and higher sensitivity, the anus is actually quite delicate. We highly recommend using protection and a generous amount of lube to help prevent tears and STIs from occurring. Something to note: anal penetration gets easier because you develop better control, not because you’ve got a stretched anus. Practicing safe sex not only helps your health, but also increases pleasure. We strongly encourage you to avoid numbing creams and agents when engaging in butt play because it inhibits your natural response to pain and can lead to injury. Like with anything, listen and trust your body, while enjoying your own limits. Relaxing physically and mentally while exploring allows you to more holistically enjoy the pleasure. 

How To Start Anal Training:

  1. Start with a breathing exercise. Getting into a more mindful space helps put you into a more present, relaxed moment. Without the mental chatter or stress, your body and mind will be in a better state to increase pleasure and help you enjoy yourself, which is ultimately the entire goal. Plus, as you relax, your anus relaxes. 
  2. Grab a bottle of lube. For anal specifically, finding one with a gel-like consistency helps create a better barrier against friction that can potentially make things uncomfortable. Silicone lube lasts longer, but water-based lube is more compatible with the materials used in sex toys. Users choice! Make sure to apply plenty to the inner and outer area, as well as onto any sex toys or parts you choose to use during penetration. 
  3. Breathe and Relax. When you’re using muscles you’re not used to using, you’ll have to do things you aren’t used to doing. That starts with simply getting your anus accustomed to receiving penetration. This can be done with or without sex toys. Starting with something as small as a clean finger or beginner sex toy can help introduce your body to the new sensation. Relax your muscles and continue with this until the feeling becomes more familiar. By relaxing, it makes it easier to engage in this motion.
  4. Level Up. Once you’re comfortable with this, you may be ready to grab some bigger sex toys and explore! 

Anal Training Kits for Every Experience Level

Here are some different styles of Anal Training products you can find at Lovers Stores. These kits can make anal sex more enjoyable and can be used for a variety of different experience levels:

Shop All Anal Training Kits

Playboy Pleasure Tail Trainer,
The Playboy Pleasure Tail Trainer allows you to safely and comfortably explore anal stimulation and reduce discomfort with every use. This attractive 3-piece kit allows you to gradually increase the size of the probe as your body becomes accustomed to the sensation. Each probe increases in length and girth and has a flexible, flanged base for secure placement and simple removal. All 3 probes are designed for maximum comfort, mobility and ease of use.

Lovers Anal Plug Training Set ($39)
Discover the delicious sensation of anal play with this three-piece training kit that offers gradual size increases so you can take your time discovering this special kind of satisfaction! Creamy smooth silicone reduces friction and glides easily with lubricant, while the slight flexibility in the handle moves with your body so you can focus solely on pleasure! Never worry about safety with the flared base. Before playtime begins,
apply a lubricant for easy and comfortable insertion. Clean up easily with a toy cleaner and hot water after each use. When engaging in anal play, it is important to relax before inserting a plug. If you experience extreme discomfort or pain, stop and consult a physician.

Boneyard Bangers Anal Training Kit
Boneyard Bangers Anal Training Kit ($79)
This anal training kit is made from a pliable jelly material, with a deep blue hue. Each plug is equipped with a suction cup base that works great on smooth, flat surfaces, or inside a harness. Explore at your own pace with three, graduating sizes to choose from! Remember that this product is made from jelly, which makes it susceptible to a wide variety of scents and bacteria. If you notice the color, smell, or texture alter between uses, dispose of the butt plug and invest in a fresh set.
3PC Pink Gemstone Anal Plug Set
Pink Gemstone Anal Plug Set ($52)
For the backdoor enthusiast in training, you will need a steel or Glass Anal Training Set. This anal training set is ideal for beginners and allows you to size up gradually. The tapered end helps with easy, gradual insertion, and the flared base keeps the butt plug safely in place, no matter how rowdy your rendezvous gets. As you become more comfortable with the sensation, graduate up to the medium and large sizes. Whether you're training yourself for backdoor adventures, helping your partner get ready for a pegging fantasy, or just want to experience the pleasure of anal insertion, you can use this handy set to explore the wonders of anal sex.

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