Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_), a marketing and e-commerce coordinator for Lovers. Rain is a retired sex worker, pleasure advocate, and sexual wellness expert. Rain has worked in the adult entertainment industry for eight years and in the adult retail industry for four years. 

Thinking about buying your first sex toy? Sex toys are an incredible way to both  enhance partnered experiences and identify the sensations that most arouse you! This guide will help you to build confidence in your purchases by explaining the different styles and benefits of sex toys

As you shop for your first vibrator, you’ll get to pick and choose the sensations that most intrigue you. At Lovers, our versatile assortment of pleasure products allow you to customize your purchases to your budget and lifestyle. We know that this can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer, so as you explore our 101-categories, you’ll learn about some of the design elements that can influence your experience with a sex toy

1. Vibrators 101
2. Strokers & Cock Rings 101
3. Anal Play & Pegging 101
4. Kink & BDSM 101


Vibrators 101

Vibrators are easily our most selling sex toy, and great place for beginner's to start! First things first: what IS a vibrator? A vibrator is a motorized sex toy that oscillates between different frequencies to create motion. The frequency of your vibrator can range from high-pitched and buzzy, to rumbly and penetrating, depending on the motor and material of your toy.

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Strokers & Cock Rings 101

Shop Strokers & Cock Rings 101

People with penises are no longer limited to the inanimate, fleshy sleeves and rings that once dominated the sexual wellness market. Modern strokers and cock rings come in a variety of different styles that can enhance or recreate the sensations of oral sex. Unlike our suite of other vibrating devices, strokers and cock rings were designed specifically to stimulate different areas of the penis. We know that the penis fills with blood when it is aroused- these devices are meant to work in tandem with this bodily function, offering plenty of room for the penis to expand or shrink in size throughout the arousal process. 

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Anal Play & Pegging 101

Shop Anal 101                              Shop Pegging 101

Is “butt stuff” on your bucket list but you don’t know where to start? Let our Anal 101 and Pegging 101 guides explain where to start, how to make anal play a fun, safe, and pleasurable experience. Why do people enjoy anal sex? The anus is filled with nerves and fibromuscular bands. It makes sense that such a sensitive area would bring people pleasure! For others, anal play appeals to our emotional and psychological kinks. You can’t have good anal sex without being a little vulnerable; and for this reason, many people like to use anal sex as a special treat or reserve it for special people.

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Kink & BDSM 101

Shop Kink & BDSM 101

If any category of play required a warning label, it’s BDSM. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism, which encompasses a wide umbrella of sexual activities like spanking, role-play, edging, and consensual forced orgasms. For some people, BDSM is a lifestyle- a community that allows people to express themselves in both sexual and non-sexual contexts. For others, BDSM offers a sense of adventure and escapism from our normal sexual routines. However you like to get involved, it's important to make sure that you (and any other participants) are excited and informed about the types of activities you have planned.

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