We love pleasure and we love lube. We said it. However, there is the lingering stigma that sometimes comes along with using lube: the idea that using it means that you aren’t physically or emotionally into the current situation. Let’s reframe that. By using lube in bed, you are actually taking control over your pleasure and allowing yourself to have an even more explosive time in bed. Personal lubricant can be used to help create more pleasurable experiences, whether it’s sex, masturbation, sex toy play, or a combination! There are also several options to choose from: Jelly, CBD (available in stores only), Silicone, Hybrid, and Water-based! More on that later. Simply put, Lube makes things better. 

An Indiana University study involving 2,453 women ages 18 to 68 found that lubricant use during sexual activity alone or with a partner contributed to higher ratings of pleasurable and satisfying sex. - Science Daily

Lube Helps Condoms Feel Better

Condoms are incredibly important to use when engaging in sexual activities such as anal sex, vaginal penetration, and oral sex on penises. They prevent the spread of STIs and can help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Many condoms now have a small amount of lubricant on them to make this process easier, but not all condoms have lube on them. With friction, it can sometimes dry out the condom. We recommend a water-based lubricant, so it doesn't compromise the integrity of the latex that most condoms are made of. If you’re wearing a condom: apply a small amount of lubricant to yourself, and slowly slip the condom on. Then, after the condom is on, apply some more to prevent any tearing while you're getting it on! Have your partner apply some too, the more the merrier! 

Confused on which lube to use? Check out our Lube Guide,


It Makes Masturbating Better!

When you want to get in touch with yourself, grab some lube first. It can immediately change the sensations when you start out! If you enjoy manual stimulation, we recommend a silicone lubricant because it’s long lasting and doesn’t wash away so easily! It requires less lube application and is especially great for masturbation in the shower. Note: make sure not to use silicone-based lubricant with silicone-based sex toys, since they can break down the toy’s rubber over time. If you’re looking to enjoy some vibes from your favorite toy, use a water-based or hybrid lubricant! 


Lube Helps Anal Feel Better (And Safer)

Anal is a favorite way to play for many, but it's important to know how to enjoy. A hybrid or thick water-based lube are both great to use. Since the anal cavity does not self-lubricate, lubricant not only makes it safer, but can also enhance your orgasm!
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Lube Helps Dryness

Despite being turned on, it sometimes takes a while for your body to catch up with your mind. Vagina’s have a natural lubrication when aroused, however sometimes, need a bit more support. This is completely normal! That’s why foreplay is such an important element of sex, as it gives your body ample time to match your mind. Also, some women simply don’t lubricate as much as they would like - factors such as menopause, medication, or menstrual cycle can all play a role. Lube is very helpful in taking the pressure off!


Lubricant Helps Spice Things Up

Introducing lube into your routine is a great way to feel more inventive and adventurous. The sheer act of applying lubricant to yourself or a partner is erotic - this experience can lead to some incredible foreplay and help the act last longer!

Note: there are lubricants that contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or sensitivities in some people.


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