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You've heard of multiple orgasms, g-spot orgasms, and coregasms- but have you ever heard of a nipple-gasm? Continue reading to find out more about this mysterious and under-represented erogenous zone.


  1. Are Nipple Orgasms Real?
  2. What Does a Nipple Orgasm Feel Like?
  3. How Do I Have a Nipple Orgasm?
  4. 9 Ways to Stimulate the Nipples
  5. 5 Ways to Ramp Up Sensation
  6. 5 Sex Toys for Stimulating the Nipples

Are Nipple Orgasms Real?

The nipple is an erogenous zone filled with a rich network of nerve endings. These nerves endings help to trigger a physiological response in new mothers, that helps them to produce breast milk. As the child latches on to their mothers’ breast, touch initiates the production of breast milk. While the nerve endings in the nipple have clear, practical applications for their behavior, they also provide us with a great deal of pleasure. For some individuals, they can even result in orgasm.

When stimulating the nipples, the genital sensory cortex is activated. This is the same region of the brain that lights up when we stimulate the genitals. This causes the brain to release the hormone Ocytocin, that we associate with pleasure. The nipple is made up of erectile tissue, which is also present in the penis and clitoral glans. When aroused, the nipple will contract and harden, allowing for easier stimulation.

What Does a Nipple Orgasm Feel Like?

Nipple orgasms have been described as sensation that builds slowly, followed by an unpredictable and explosive climax. Both men and women are capable of experiencing a nipple-gasm, though women are reported to have more success. This is likely due to the role nipples and mammary glands play in the breast-feeding process, outlined above.

How Do I Have a Nipple Orgasm?

Nipple orgasms are best achieved through direct stimulation of the areola.

The sensitivity of the nipple varies from person to person.

Direct stimulation is not the best method for everyone. Many individuals enjoy spreading out stimulation across multiple hot zones on the body. Use one hand to stimulate the nipple and the other hand to explore. Deep and shallow breathing can help to keep you focused on sensation.

9 Ways to Stimulate the Nipples

Use all five fingers to massage the breast tissue surrounding the nipple.

Use a single finger to trace along the outer edges of the areola. Begin to tighten your circles until you’ve reached the center of the nipple, increasing speed as you reach the center. Keep touches light and gentle, grazing the surface of the skin.

Flatten your palm, holding it directly over the breast. Using the ridges of your palm, lightly sweep across the surface of the nipple. The motion should be similar to the one you use to pet a happy dog or kitten, but without adding pressure to the skin.

Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the nipple. Start with quick and gentle pinches, checking in with yourself to see if you’d like more pressure or grip. You can enhance this form of stimulation by twisting the nipple. Depending on your anatomy, you may prefer clockwise twists to counter-clockwise twists. Experiment with either method to find which direction excites you most.

Using your thumb and index finger, grab and gently pull at the nipple. You might enjoy a few rhythmic tugs, or quick and unexpected tugs where the fingers release as they pull.

Brace your index finger against your thumb, releasing your index finger like a trigger. This technique provides a quick and aggressive impact to the nipple. For more gentle stimulation, extend your index finger and use it to brush the surface of the nipple, flicking it from left to right.

Use your tongue to recreate a few of the above techniques. The tongue can be used to trace and flick the nipple. Experiment with speed and pressure, hardening the tongue to increase intensity. Keep stimulation focused on the nipple, the surrounding breast tissue is not as responsive to oral stimulation.

Wrap your lips around the nipple, gently pulling in air. Holding the nipple between your lips, use your tongue to graze and flick at the center of the nipple. Many individuals enjoy the popping sensation of the nipple passing between the lips after a period of direct stimulation.

Carefully hold the nipple between your front teeth, rolling the skin from side to side. Be careful to not press down with your teeth- while some individuals enjoy additional pressure, most will find this area too sensitive to withstand added compression.

5 Ways to Ramp Up Sensation

Lubrication can intensify stimulation by increasing glide and creating a barrier between the skin. The body’s ability to articulate the sensation of touch and wetness simultaneously, overwhelms the system in the most pleasurable way. Opt for a flavored or chilling water-based lubricant over massage oils- this will allow you to transition between finger and tongue stimulation without concern.

Ice provides a chilling sensation while shocking the nervous system. Use a single cube of ice to slowly circle the nipples, allowing it to melt against the warmth of your skin.

Pumps are designed to increase blood flow in a desired area, thereby enhancing the sensation of touch. Breast pumps will engorge the size of the breast and nipple simultaneously, while nipple bulbs and nipple suckers provide more pinpoint results.

Nipple clamps are sold in a variety of styles and are designed to supply pressure to the outer edges of the nipple. Some clamps are equipped with chains that can be tugged on to add stimulation. Clamps come in a variety of styles; tweezer style clamps, bull nose clamps (alligator clamps), and string clamps are all wonderful styles for beginners. Magnetic clamps and clover clamps offer a more intense grip, and are recommended for more experienced users.

Vibration is a powerful form of stimulation that you might consider for nipple play. Vibrators that ‘flicker’ are a great option for those who want to recreate or enhance the sensation of licking. Air pulse and sonic vibrators are another option to consider that mirrors oral stimulation. For more a more focused sensation, opt for a slim bullet vibrator. This style of vibrator is ideal for tracing, circling, and grazing the nipples.

5 Sex Toys for Stimulating the Nipples

The S&M Chained Nipple Clamps are a classic style clamp, essential to anyone’s collection. These clamps feature a bull nose clasp, ideal for first time users. The attached, metal chain is perfect for pulling and tugging on so that stimulation is varied.

Fingerlicious, ($44.00)
Ideal for masturbating and foreplay, this mini vibe is great for exploring you or your partner's nipples, clitoris, perineum, and other pleasure points. Slip on this textured finger vibe to explore all 10 unique settings.

These body-safe clamps are fully adjustable thanks to their twistable screws, allowing you to find the perfect pinch intensity, from gentle pressure to pleasurable pain.  Long-distance partners can take control remotely, or you can sync your pleasure with compatible Lovense toys through an easy-to-use app
An internal plunger and silicone seal create a powerful suction, designed to fit over the nipples and clitoris. Made with a transparent cylinder- users can enjoy the satisfyingly visual of these pumps in action!

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