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Male masturbators are unlike any other sex toy on the market. Crafted from a variety of materials that can feel like skin, these realistic stroking products are designed to mimic the look and feel of partnered sex. This is typically achieved with a material called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which provides a realistic texture and hue. This soft and stretchy material offers the most life-like look and experience, with a higher level of porosity then its silicone counterparts. The higher porosity of the material, the more susceptible it is to absorbing dirt and bacteria. Today we are discussing some of the products and techniques that can help to prevent the build up of bacteria on TPE and TPR products.


  1. The Best Cleaning Products For Your Sex Toy
  2. How to Clean Your Stroker
  3. What Happens If I Don't Clean My Stroker?

The Best Cleaning Products for Your Sex Toy

Silicone strokers have the lowest porosity, meaning they have fewer micro-holes to absorb bacteria. A silicone stroker is a great option for individuals that want to extend the life of their sex toy, address storage and cleaning concerns, or add a motorized element to their play. Silicone strokers require one cleaning product: an industry standard toy cleaner designed to remove dirt and grime.

El Rey Stroker ($59.00)

For TPE and TPR strokers, you’ll want to invest in a restoration powder. Restoration, revitalizing, or renewal powder is a product that you can use to help absorb excess moisture, create a barrier against dust, and restore your strokers soft and supple texture. Restoration powder can be applied after your stroker has been washed and dried.

Industry standard toy cleaners are sold in misting and foam formulas. We recommend a foam toy cleaner because of its ability to penetrate the dense channel of texture found inside traditional masturbation sleeves.

Hung UFO Stroker ($140)

How to Clean Your Stroker

DISCLAIMER: For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be speaking in the context of a close-ended TPE stroker, similar to the style of FleshLight.

After using your stroker, you’ll want to head to the sink or shower to begin washing out any seminal fluid that has collected inside the strokers inner channel. A quick water flush is all that is required. After cleansing the inside and outside of your sleeve with water, you can apply an industry standard toy cleaner.

FleshLights offer the deepest channel on the market, with a depth of 9 inches for full size strokers, and a depth of 7 inches for travel sized strokers. For a masturbation sleeve of this size, apply four to six pumps of foam toy cleaner to the inside and outside of the sleeve. Use your hands to squish the outside of the sleeve, working the foam toy cleaner deeper into the inner channel using a squeeze and pull motion. Massage the foam into your sex toy for roughly 60 seconds before flushing it with water. The toy should not have any residual bubbles or cleaner remaining after its rinse.

When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your sex toy, you can place it directly on a hard surface to dry. I recommend using a Tupperware, which can double as a storage container. You can also invest in a drying stick, which is a product designed to hold your stroker upright to speed up the drying process.

Zero Tolerance Vortex Stroker

Once your stroker has dried, add a pinch of restoration powder to the palm of your hand. I find that restoration powder provides the best coverage when you pat it into the skin, like applying baby powder to a newborn. Restoration powder is a completely body safe blend of cornstarch and silicas that produce that “like new” feel with every use. Start with a smaller amount of revitalizing powder, and build up to the consistency you prefer. Using an excessive amount of this product can sometimes lighten the color of your sex toy, or coagulate when it comes in contact with a lubricant.

Playboy Pleasure Solo Stroker ($148.00)

Once you’ve completed this step, your stroker is ready to be stowed away until its next use. Strokers with a case and cap offer their own “built-in” storage solution. If your stroker does not have a case, consider using a plastic storage container with room for air to circulate. Avoid using fabric bags, paper towels, or other fiber heavy storage solutions. These have a tendency to shed and stick to the surface of your stroker.

You can use these same cleaning techniques on any jelly, rubber, or TPE/TPR product. For those lucky enough to own a body stroker, repeat the above steps inside a clean and sanitized bath tub.

Perfect Ass Booty Stroker ($149.00)

What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Stroker?

Strokers made from TPE, TPR, and other porous materials are vulnerable to erosion, deterioration, and mold. Improper cleaning techniques, storage techniques, and non-compatible lubricants are some of the most common ways to damage a stroker. Throw out your stroker if you notice any unusual changes in color, texture, or scent. Using a stroker that has attracted mold can lead to jock itch, bacterial infections, and can even expose yourself to uncomfortable STI’s if your sex toy was used during a break out.

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