Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

Can organizing your sex toys help you to have more gratifying sexual experiences? Continue reading, and decide for yourself!


For many of us, storing sex toys is simply a way of preserving our privacy, but there are many ways that organizing your toy collection can benefit you. We came up with five reasons you may want to consider Marie Kondo-ing your sex toy collection:

  • Proper storage helps to improve the longevity of your toy
  • Storing sex toys reduces clutter around the home, diminishing anxiety
  • By creating an intentional space for your sex toys, you can better prioritize your pleasure
  • Different storage methods may be more suitable for different areas of your home- your favorite vibrator might already have a permanent residence in your nightstand but where does your collection of dildos live?
  • An organized collection helps you to make more definitive choices when it comes to your sex life


Have you hit your dildo bandwidth yet? We didn’t think so! We told you to store your toys, but we didn’t say it couldn’t look cute! Sex toys are all about sparking joy for the individual using them. Check out these five storage solutions for the things that spark the most joy in your life...

Storage Bins: Stack them, store them under the bed, or throw them in the closet. Bins are the ultimate flex for anyone with a great collection of pleasure products. Bins can hold a large capacity of sex toys and come in tons of fun materials, prints, and sizes. I love to organize my bins by color or style to make locating sex toys as easy as possible.

Sex Toy Storage Bag

Storage Bags: If you have a more modest collection of sex toys, you might consider trying a storage bag. The cosmetics department carries a wide variety of zippered pouches that fit nicely inside a purse. Storage bags are portable and discrete. Add a combination cable lock to the zipper of your bag to keep your goodies secure.

Sex Toy Storage Solution

Office Organizers: Desk organizers, pencil caddies, and mail sorters make highly effective and eye-catching storage for my smaller sex toys. If you are looking for unique storage solutions then your journey may lead you to an Office Max. This is your Girl Boss moment.

Sex Toy Storage

In Plain Sight: There is nothing sexier then laying your sex toys out around your house. At Lovers Stores, there is no shame in this game. Lay it all out! It’s part of the décor.

Storage Carts: A storage cart is a great alternative to a nightstand. I like to store my favorite toys and apothecary items on a rolling cart near my bed. This keeps everything in rotation and easy to grab. Looking to minimize the mess? Try storing your favorite lubricants, stimulants, and massage oils in glass pump bottles for an elevated look.

For more storage ideas, check out our Tik Tok on sex toy storage @loversstores.



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