Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and six years working for Lovers.

Take Pride in Your Pleasure.


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  3. The Politics of Pride

The Best Queer Sex Toys

The sex industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of the Queer Community. Queer people have helped influence the trends, erotic tastes, and promotion of adult products for decades. Queers are responsible for stocking the first dildos in sex shops, for inventing products like the strap-on harness, and for popularizing activities like anal sex. Use the articles below to locate some of the most popular sex toys for Queer couples and singles.

The Trans Guy's Guide to Sex Toys
How to Find a Sex Toy with Gender Dysphoria
Rise & Grind: The Innovative New Sex Toy for Humping
The Best Harnesses for Strap-On Sex, According to a Sex Educator
A Beginner's Guide to Strap-On's
Packing Heating: A Beginner's Guide to Packers & STP Devices
A Beginner's Guide to Chest Binders
A Beginner's Guide to Breast & Vulva Pumps
Penis Pumps 101: A Guide to Erection Aids

The Best Queer Sex Tips

Though Queer Folx have played a viral role in shaping the sexual wellness industry, the stigma surrounding Queer Sex has limited people’s access to information regarding Queer Pleasure, Queer Relationships, and safe sex. Education is one of our brand pillars at Lovers, that inspired the collection of articles below, focused on Queer Pleasure.

Queer Sex 101
Tips for Having Sex with Trans & Non-Binary People
The Phenomenon of Not Feeling "Queer Enough"
Penetration & The Patriarchy: Sexy Alternatives to Penetration
A Beginner's Guide to Mutual Masturbation
Hunting for Unicorns: A Couple's Guide to Threesomes
A Beginner's Guide to Non-Monogamy & Polyamory
5 Misconceptions About Anal Sex
Let Them Eat Cake: How to Give a Fantastic Rim Job
How to Fist: The Joys of Hand-Balling
Strapped In: The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex
Rock, Paper, Scissor Me: A Beginner's Guide to Scissor Sex
Speaking in Tongues: A Beginner's Guide to Cunnilingus 
Give Them the Finger: A Beginner's Guide to Fingering

The Politics of Pride

Lovers proudly serves and employs LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies. This year, we want to share some of our favorite articles about Queer Politics created by Guest Writers and Lovers Staff who have collaborated with us to spotlight some of the current policies, terminologies, and opportunities in the Queer Community.

6 Ways to Celebrate Pride & LGBT Holidays
An LGBTQIA+ Glossary for Pride Month & Beyond
The Political Bills Impacting Transgender People
PrEP & The Decline of Condom Use in the LGBTQIA+ Community
What is Consensual Non-Monogamy?
What is Asexuality?
Why are Straight Women Watching Lesbian Porn?
Why Lesbians Have More Orgasms

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