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Gender Affirmation is the process of embracing and living as one's true gender, regardless of their assigned gender at birth. This involves aligning a person's experiences with their identity, often through a series of steps that help them to feel more authentic and comfortable in their own skin. This can include: 

  • Social Affirmation: Such as coming out, adopting a preferred name, using pronouns, or expressing oneself through clothing and voice
  • Medical Affirmation: Such as undergoing surgery and/or hormone therapy
  • Legal Affirmation: Such as changing one's name and gender markers on official documents

In this article, you’ll learn about Gender Affirming products, meant to support and affirm a person’s gender identity, hear about the experiences of Trans & Non-Binary individuals, and discover resources to enhance your intimate experiences. 

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  1. Sex Education for Trans & Non-Binary People
  2. The Best Gender Affirming Products
  3. The Best Gender Affirming Sex Toys
  4. Further Education & Resources

Sex Education for Trans & Non-Binary People

As a Trans or Non-Binary Person, navigating sex and intimacy can be particularly challenging. One of the biggest hurdles can be accessing sexual health information that is tailored to your experiences and identity. Finding a sexual partner who respects and accepts you for who you are, without fetishizing or diminishing your identity, can be another significant obstacle. Lovers has enlisted the help of some incredible Trans Writers to discuss some of the most common barriers to pleasure:

The Best Gender Affirming Products

Gender Affirming Products are a crucial part of a Trans or Non-Binary Person's sexual journey, helping them to feel more comfortable and at ease in their body. These products allow individuals to modify their physical appearance to better align with their Gender Identity, eliminating or greatly reducing feelings of Gender Dysphoria.

While only some individuals may experience Gender Dysphoria, many people find these products to be a valuable and empowering addition to their sex lives. There are many styles of Gender Affirming Products to choose from, including Chest Binders, Packers, Pumps, STP Devices, Gaffs, Breast Plates, and Body Tape, each designed to promote confidence and self-expression.

The Best Gender Affirming Sex Toys

If you've undergone Gender Confirmation Surgery or are undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy, you may be experiencing significant changes in your body. As your body evolves, your preferences in Sex Toys may also shift and adapt to these changes. With so many different Vibrators to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start! Below, you can find our favorite Sex Toy Resources for Trans & Non-Binary People- from modified air pulse toys to innovative grinding pads!

Fun Factory Vim Wand, $169.00

Light but weighted, powerful but quiet, strong but flexible, this wand will blow your mind with all it is capable of. Vim is a vibrating Wand with a uniquely weighted motor that offers all the rumbling power your body craves. The flexible neck helps you position the wand right where you want it and the wide range of settings flow from gentle to strong, waking up your nerve endings and generating incredible orgasms.

The Boundless Vibrating FTM Stroker
, $52.00

The Boundless Vibrating Stroker takes your exploration and enjoyment to the next level. Made of liquid silicone, this stroker is ultra soft and comfortable to use. Customize your experience with the 10 functions that vibrate, pulsate, and increase in intensity, as you feel the added sensation of the textured interior.

Womanizer Liberty 2, $99.00

Pleasure air technology makes the Liberty 2 a powerful air pulsator, providing sensational clitoral stimulation. The Liberty 2 also features 4x the battery life, so you can enjoy more and worry less about having to charge your toy. A total of 8 intensity levels add to your ability to customize your pleasure, and Travel Lock means you never have to worry about the Liberty 2 giving you away in public settings.

The NYTC Trans Masc Deluxe Pump Kit, $62.00

From New York Toy Collective comes the Trans Masc Pump Deluxe to delightful and fulfill you. Comfortable and easy to use, this pump comes with 3 different cylinder sizes so you (and your partner) can pick what works best for your body. Increase sensation and boost growth instantly with this convenient pump.

The VibePad 2, $179.00

Designed with a cascading wave shape that caters to your body and ensures contact in just the ways you like for vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation! Smooth silicone makes grinding against the pad comfortable and extra enjoyable. Explore the varied vibration settings for added stimulation and, unlike most other grinding pads, feel the pinpoint pleasure of the vibro-tongue with 7 licking modes!

Further Education & Resources

At Lovers, we're committed to promoting sexual empowerment. To achieve this, we believe it's essential to stay informed and educated about the experiences and terminology used by the Trans & Non-Binary Community. By doing so, we can empower Trans & Non-Binary individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual health and enjoy more fulfilling sex lives, a fundamental right that should be accessible to all.

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