Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

This April, Lovers Stores is celebrating Sexual Awakenings. In honor of our monthly theme, we are encouraging you to explore new sensations and enhance your favorite forms of pleasure! Continue reading, to find ten ways that you can level up your pleasure this Spring.

Ten Ways to Have Incredible Solo Sex

1. Use a Sex Toy
Experiment with a new sensation by investing in a new style of sex toy. Trying different styles of sex toys can help us to tap into experiences we never dreamed of enjoying and with so many innovations in pleasure technology, finding the perfect pleasure companion has never been easier. Check out the newest innovations at Lovers Stores now!

Do Sex Toys Enhance Masturbation?
Sex toys can be used to create sensations that can be difficult to reproduce with our hands and mouth. They can be a wonderful way to alleviate performance anxiety, reduce fatigue, and restore focus on a partner.

2. Blend Your Orgasm
A coveted style of orgasm- want to experience the Blended O? Try stimulating the nipples and clitoris simultaneously, or the prostate and penis. With so many areas to pamper, you are sure to find your perfect pleasure combination.

How Do I Have a Blended Orgasm?
Try two forms of stimulation at once to produce a blended orgasm. You can trigger a blended orgasm by overwhelming the nervous system with erotic stimuli. 

3. Edge Yourself
Did you know that edging leads to more powerful orgasms? Edging is one way that you can extend your pleasure, experience greater peaks, and familiarize with your body. We recommend edging during masturbation or with a partner for more nuanced, powerful orgasms.

What is Edging?
Edging is the act of intentionally delaying your orgasm to build up intensity. To learn more about edging, check out our blog, On the Edge of Self Discovery.

4. Ignite Your Senses
You don't need a partner to experience sensory play, simply use a blindfold or ball gag to enhance your own senses. Try touching yourself through a layer of hosiery, or add a surprising flavored element to ignite the senses.

How Does Sensation Play Enhance Our Sense of Touch?
The body is quite remarkable in its ability to balance and react to erotic stimuli. You'll find that by eliminating access to certain senses, other forms of stimulation can become more intense. We refer to these forms of touch as 'muted pleasure.' 

5. Lube Up
Lubricants come in a variety of formulas, thicknesses, flavors, and textures. Finding a lubricant that suits your body chemistry and preferences can completely change the dynamic of your sexual experiences. Some things to consider when buying a lubricant include: whether the lubricant is compatible with your sex toy, whether the lubricant contains sugar or glycerin's (this contributes to how sticky a lube is), and what the density of the lubricant is (thicker lubricants create a pillowy layer between the skin). 

Should I Use Lube When I Masturbate?
Lube makes pleasure better, when you are by yourself or with a partner. You can enhance comfort and glide with a good lubricantLearn more about this style of product with our Lube Guide.

6. Change the Scenery 
Masturbate in a new location to build excitement. Finding a new setting, scent, or sound to experience helps us to preserve a sense of adventure. Explore the unexpected (safely, and with your discretion) by making small adjustments to your setting. This could be masturbating in a secluded area or it could be investing in a silky set of sheets.

Where Should I Masturbate?
There are lots of places that you can masturbate outside the walls of your bedroom. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and to choose locations that ensure privacy for yourself and anyone who may not consent to the peep show you're offering.

7. Add a Cherry on Top
Adding a personal stimulant enhances blood flow and heightens sensation.  Stimulants are a quick and easy way of leveling up your sensations, whether they are used with a vibrator, or shared with a partner.

What is a Sexual Stimulant?
Stimulants are creams, gels, lotions, or sprays that create a tingling or buzzing effect on the skin, usually accompanied by a cooling or warming sensation. Learn more about this style of product in our blog, The Science of Superpowers: A Guide to Sexual Stimulants.

8. Strike a Pose
Many people refer to sex positions as the 'band-aid' of sexual monotony, but changing positions can also offer you better access to your favorite erogenous zones. Try mixing up positions to see what shapes best pair with each style of stimulation. You can find tons of inspiration in our blog How to Masturbate.

What Are the Best Positions to Masturbate In?
Any position that feels comfortable to you is the one we recommend, but we encourage you to experiment with different positions to find out which poses offer the best stimulation for your body type.

9. Chain Your Orgasm
Pleasure yourself after orgasm to trigger a second climax. This style of stimulation is referred to as the 'chained orgasm.' We are all capable of experiencing chained orgasms. If you'd like to know how you can have chained orgasms or multiple orgasms, take a look at our blog, How to Have Multiple Orgasms.

Are Chained Orgasms Really Possible?
YES! Any body is capable of having a chained orgasm, otherwise known as an orgasm that occurs in succession- one right after the next.

10. Take a Personal Supplement
Add a performance enhancement pill to turn up the volume. Performance enhancement pills are available in a number of unique blends, many of them designed to increase blood flow, reduce recovery time, and produce bigger erections. You can also find pills that help to enhance your bodies natural flavor, lubrication, and sensitivity. To find a supplement that rocks your world, visit us at LoversStores.com or any of our 42 retail locations.

Are Sex Pills Safe?
As long as you have purchased your pill through a verified supplier, have taken the recommended dosage, and do not have any prior allergies or preexisiting conditions, it is safe to consume the contents of these pills.

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