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Basic math says 2 x 2 = 4 so, two erogenous zones means twice the orgasm…right? Right.

That sexy math even has a name: the blended orgasm.


  1. What Is A Blended Orgasm?
  2. Types of Blended Orgasms
  3. How to Have a Blended Orgasm
  4. The Best Sex Toys for Blended Orgasms

What is a Blended Orgasm? 

A blended orgasm occurs when two or more erogenous zones are being stimulated simultaneously, leading the person being stimulated to climax. Blended orgasms are usually reported to be more intense or powerful in feeling and sensation due to more areas of the body/more nerve endings coming to life thanks to all that stimulation. It’s referred to this way because you’re actually having two or more orgasms at the same time! Makes sense why folks say they are so powerful right? 

Even if you didn’t know this style of climax was called a blended orgasm, it’s still very possible, even likely, that you’ve had one. Although the most common erogenous zones associated with blended orgasms are the clitoris and G-Spot, anyone can have a blended orgasm regardless of the erogenous zones they choose to incorporate for their pleasure.

How Many Kinds of Blended Orgasms are There? 

We polled our Instagram followers and asked them which styles of blended orgasms they’ve experienced. How about you? Did you know nipples multiplied by clitoris equals blended orgasm? Take notes, my friends. There will be a quiz later.

  • Have You Ever Had a Blended Orgasm?
    • Yes 72% 
    • Not Yet 28% 
  • If Yes, Which Two Spots Got You a Blended O?
    • G-Spot + Clitoris 55%
    • Nipples + Clitoris 20%
    • Prostate + Penis 5%
    • Clitoral + Anal 5%
    • Frenulum + Balls 3%
    • Anal + Vaginal 7%
    • G-Spot + Anal 5%

It doesn’t have to be the obvious erogenous zones either. Back of the neck? Toes? Perineum? Feel free to get creative with your equations here. Remember that scene from a Knight’s Tale where Heath Ledger is running that flower all over the body of that cute actress from the 90’s and she totally cums but in a PG13 kind of way? It’s ALL possible and any area that turns you on can take you to orgasm, especially when combined with the power of other erogenous zones. (Want to try the flower scene out for yourself? Ostrich Feather Tickler, at your service. Be sure to leave a Knight’s Tale-inspired review if it works!) 

The blended orgasm can be more than two erogenous zones too. Got the G-Spot, clitoris, AND nipples in play? GET. IT. GIRL. That math works out to exponentially more orgasm power, but you can check our work and try the formula out for yourself to be sure the answers are correct. *wink*

How To Have A Blended Orgasm

Don’t Skip the Foreplay- like orgasms in general, the more time you give your body to work up to a truly aroused state, the more likely you are to experience an orgasm, and for that orgasm to to have more power and mind-blowing sensation behind it. Being fully aroused also up’s your chances of having multiple orgasms! What is foreplay? Check out the blog. Need more foreplay ideas? Here’s 10 Non-Traditional Foreplay Ideas.

All Hands On Deck
During partnered sex, don’t be afraid to ask your partner to help you stimulate one area while you work with a different one. 

Some examples:

  • Touch your nipples while they go down on you
  • Massage their testicles or perineum during penetrative or oral sex
  • Don’t be afraid to play with their booty (if that’s something they’re into, be sure to ask first)

Toys, Toys, Toys
Sex toys are great for blended orgasms because they are often designed to work with multiple erogenous zones or can take some of the effort out of things by targeting one erogenous zone with specific stimulation, so you’re free to focus on other parts. Sex toys make it easier to have a blended orgasm whether you’re going at it solo or sharing the pleasure with a partner.

As we mentioned above, the most commonly known version of the blended orgasm is the G-Spot and clitoris combo. Rabbit vibrators are what we sometimes call “dual action” because they are made to pleasure both of those erogenous zones. 

The Best Sex Toys for Blended Orgasms

Lovers Juicy G Rabbit, $69.00

Rabbit Vibrators
We could definitely consider rabbit vibes as the simplest and most straightforward blended orgasm toy (for those with vulvas). Some of our favorite rabbits include 
Evolved Thump & Thrust & Lovers Juicy G Dual Vibrator.

Snailvibe, $160.00

Alternative Dual Stimulators
We also love these other 
sex toys for vulvas that work the G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously: the Snail VibeWomanizer Duo, and WeVibe Nova 2.0 offer alternative sensations to traditional rabbit vibrators. You can also use more than one toy at a time to achieve a blended orgasm! Sticking with the G-Spot and clitoris combination a little longer, we recommend the Fun Factory Tiger G5 with the We-Vibe Melt or the Inya Rose with the Chaiamo Velvet Touch Vibrator!

Arcwave Ion, $199.00

Modern Stroking Devices
For bodies with penises and testicles consider this unique toy that allows you to get creative with the stimulation! We absolutely love the Fun Factory Manta for this! Things are sure to get intense when you blend an O around the two P’s- penis and prostate. We recommend the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker with the Purple Rain Ribbed Glass Dildo or the We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring with the Le Wand Arch Stainless Steel Massager

Lovers Joy Stick Thruster, $99.00

Anal Plugs & Massagers
Add anal play for a whole new world of nerve endings that will add power to your blended orgasm! We can't praise these sex toys enough: 
Lovers Joystick ThrusterGlass Candy Land Juicer, and Lovers Wild Bronco Remote Control Prostate Massager. Don’t forget the nipple clamps and finger vibes as the cherries to this orgasm sundae! 

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