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We know! ONE orgasm seems like an incredible feat and we’re here talking about MULTIPLE? Before we begin, let us reassure you for a second: yes, you are absolutely capable of achieving multiple orgasms. But, just like any physical activity, it requires a bit of time getting to know your body, as well as some tips and tricks. First things first, what ARE multiple orgasms? 


  1. How Do You Define a Multiple Orgasm?
  2. How Many Orgasms Can You Have?
  3. How to Have Multiple Orgasms

What Are Multiple Orgasms?

Dr. Jess O’Reilly, PhD, a Sexologist and We-Vibe Sex & Relationship Expert, explains it as, “more than one orgasm in a single session.”

Multiple orgasms can happen in succession, or spaced out. If this feels like an untouchable experience for you, let us reiterate that everybody can multi-orgasm. We can’t say the exact amount you are capable of, because that depends on your anatomy, what you prefer in the bedroom, and how in touch you are with yourself. 

How Many Orgasms are Possible?

Most people with vulvas are able to have up to five orgasms per session, due to the short refractory period. The refractory period refers to the breaks your body takes after an orgasm, when the genitals are unresponsive to stimulation. People with penises have longer refractory periods, which can make achieving multiple o's more difficult. That being said, they’re able to have up to five orgasms, but not necessarily all with ejaculation. Luckily, this doesn’t eliminate the pleasure or feelings of release.

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Below are some helpful tips for turning up your erotic pleasure and extending that one “O” into “OOOOO+.” Looking for related content? Try our Beginner Guide to Edging and our Beginner Guide to Ruined Orgasms!

  1. Start Slow
    Start out by enjoying the experience of a single orgasm. Don’t overthink the process; savor each moment and then think about what made your pleasure peak. No pressure!

  2. Mix Things Up
    Whether you opt to use visual or audio aids, sex toys, or new positions, adding variety to your sex life can make things more colorful and exciting. Using various techniques after each orgasm, such as sensation play, can lead to different kinds of orgasm.

  3. Prep Your Pelvic Floor
    Yup! This part requires a bit of physical activity outside of the bedroom. Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor and intensify your orgasms. Squeeze the muscle you use to hold in urine, hold for two seconds, and then release (Healthline). Repeat this move multiple times per day to tone things up; the more you engage your kegels, the more blood flow it receives! This helps with arousal and stronger orgasms.

  4. Practice Your Flow
    Every sexual encounter has waves of sensations that ultimately end with orgasmic pleasure. Practice reaching the peak of these waves and stopping right before the point of release (this is also called edging!). This will help your body learn a steady rhythm and stay in a place of high excitement, leading to a pattern of multiple orgasms.

  5. Practice Orgasmic Breathing
    Breathing can truly enhance your experience. While orgasming, try breathing slowly and deeply, while releasing your PC muscle (kegel exercise). If you’re with your partner(s), breathing in sync allows you to get out of your head and feel more present, increasing your pleasure.

  6. Relax
    Enjoying yourself is the ultimate goal, regardless of orgasms.
    Although it’s easy to get caught up with work, responsibilities, etc. just breathe and focus on the moment. Taking some light time to pause in between orgasms can help you stay present.

  7. Practice Makes Pleasure
    It’s sometimes easy to feel discouraged, but remember, sex is supposed to be fun! Take your time and simply savor the moment. Do this as many times as you’d like and soon you’ll be able to achieve multiple climaxes in one go.

  8. Add a Sex Toy
    We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the power of sex toys in being multi-orgasmic. Some of our favorite toys for multiple-O's include the Womanizer Premium and the Le Wand Hoop. A stimulant can be used with or without sex toys to help increase blood flow and heighten sensation. We recommend Intimate Earth's Intense Stimulant

As you take all of this information with you into your world, please remember to enjoy the process. As our dear friend Goody Howard says, “pleasure is the journey to orgasm.” 

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