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Trends come and go, but the Magic Wand is the 53-year-old vibrator that comes again, and again, and again.

Image Source: The Magic Wand Throughout Art History


  1. The Origin Story of the Magic Wand
  2. The Anatomy of a Wand Vibrator
  3. The Best Wands for Solo Masturbation
  4. The Best Wands for Couples
  5. The Best Accessories for Your Wand Vibrator

The Origin Story of the Magic Wand

On a summer day in 1968, Hitachi filed the first trademark for the ‘Hitachi,’ an at-home massager that would take on the company’s namesake. The Japanese conglomerate responsible for the development of cutting-edge automotive systems, construction machinery, and military defense systems would unveil their latest invention: a powerful, at-home body massager for sore and aching house wives.

The Hitachi body massager was capable of working out the deepest kinks and knots (a compelling selling point, to be sure) but this large and deceivingly un-sexy hunk of plastic had a secondary, off-label use! The powerful, vibrating pad could be held between your legs to produce a clitoral orgasm that would turn your thighs into the same consistency as the Jello setting in your Kelvinator electric fridge. The Hitachi wand had an ambiguous, appliance-inspired design that blended perfectly into the landscape of the 1960’s home. It was then that Hitachi began to rebrand their look, in fear of the phantom impact this product would have on their brand.

Image Source: The Magic Wand Throughout Art History

New models with softer, quilted heads began to appear on the market with names like The Workout (click to see the cringy Goodwill listing for this relic) and The Magic Wand. It’s widespread availability to the female consumer helped to position the Magic Wand as the cultural icon it is today. Betty Dodson, an artist, sex educator, and activist, has also been credited as a contributor to the Magic Wands success. Her renowned BodySex workshops, designed to help women become more sexually literate, always included a demonstration segment with the Magic Wand. It is Dodson’s efforts, and the unsolicited comments of a Sears salesman that inspired Dell Williams to open the first feminist sex toy store in 1974, Eve’s Garden. Eve’s Garden would become the first adult retailer to advertise the Magic Wand as a vibrator. 53 years later, the Magic Wand maintains its status as a favorite amongst its peers. A 2010 rebrand with Vibratex revealed that the Magic Wand accounted for nearly 75% of their sales, outranking both the rabbit vibrator and the corded egg! The Magic Wand’s timeless design, relentless power, and feminist backstory are sure to cement this massagers place in our history for many years to come.

The Anatomy of a Wand Vibrator

A stealthy marketing campaign is not the only reason for the Magic Wand’s success. The Magic Wand’s 120-volt, 10-watt motor offers the same level of power as a high-end appliance, making it one of the most powerful sex toys available for resale. Before we introduce you to the best wand vibrators, let’s familiarize ourselves with design elements that contributed to the Magic Wands success.

A traditional wand vibrator measures approximately 12 inches in length. A generously sized handle is what allows these wands to house its powerful inner motor (though modern brands have made great progress with scaling the size of these motors). Power junkies should look to larger sized wands as an indicator of their strength. In addition to its motor size, larger wands feature larger stimulation pads. The larger the size of the head, the greater coverage the wand can provide. People looking to stimulate a broader network of nerve endings will enjoy larger sized wand heads and attachments.

Image Source: The Magic Wand Throughout Art History

Smaller sized wands do not offer the same coverage or power but can be easier to hold and position between bodies. Mini wands can be an excellent alternative to the direct and pinpoint shape of a bullet vibrator, with a longer and more ergonomic handle. Smaller sized wands do not meet the industry standard for universal wand attachments, so if you’re considering upgrading your wand make sure that the head size is a minimum of 2.25” inches in diameter.

Traditional wands feature a built-in power cord, praised by users for its reliability and consistency compared to battery operated and rechargeable versions. Many loyalists will contest that the corded version of this sex toy is the strongest, pulling power directly from the walls of your home! Keep in mind that full sized wands are some of the loudest on the market. Not to worry, Magic Wands have been blamed on vacuum cleaners and washing machines for decades!

The Best Wands for Solo Masturbation

Magic Wand Rechargeable ($169)

POWER RANK: 7              BATTERY: 6,300 RPM on High
Unyielding power without restriction. The Rechargeable Magic Wand is a third-generation wand vibrator from the 2015 Magic Wand rebrand. The Rechargeable Wand takes inspiration from its prototypes, keeping the same popular dimensions and design. Its upgrades include a rechargeable motor, a 6,300 RPM, and a body-safe stimulation pad. Moving away from rubber heads and towards more sanitary materials like silicone can keep your wand in great condition for years to come. This universally sized wand is an excellent option for independent body massage, masturbation, edging, and more.
Loyalists will say that “the knock-offs don’t compare.”

Le Wand Rechargeable ($190)

POWER RANK: 9              BATTERY: 2000 mAh
Reach your heart pounding finish with the award-winning Le Wand massager. This 10 speed, 20 pattern vibrator is said to be the most powerful wand on the market, dethroning even the Original Magic Wand. Though their voltage remains a mystery to consumers, the Le Wand has an impressive 2000 mAh (millamp hours) which translates to one, long, and sweat-inducing session. 200 combinations of vibration, a waterproof motor, and 360 degrees of swiveling pressure offer plenty of variety to consumers. If you’re still craving more, you’ll love Le Wands growing suite of textured wand attachments, designed to fit wands with a head diameter of 2.25” inches.

POWER RANK: 8              BATTERY: 1050 mAh
The LELO Smart Wand is a luxury, 10-speed vibrator crafted for extended play. With a mAh output of 1,050, the LELO Smart Wand falls somewhere between the timeless rumble of the Magic Wand and the glass shattering frequency of the Le Wand Massager. The Smart Wand’s ergonomic grip handle is designed to stabilize and improve control so that weight is concentrated on your hot zones. Users love the LELO Smart Wand for its whisper quiet motor and range of intensities. While it may not be the strongest wand on the market, the LELO Smart Wand is celebrated for having the broadest range in power level, a travel lock, and waterproof motor. Everyone can find something to love about this intelligently design vibrator.

POWER RANK: 5              BATTERY: 850 mAh
Variety is the spice of life with The Evolved Wanderlust dual stimulation vibrator. This mid-size wand is wrapped in creamy, smooth silicone so that users can rub, bump, and grind against the surface. Choose from internal or external stimulation using the Wanderlust’s soft, padded penetrative arm. The dual motor, 3-watt, 3.7-volt vibrator is gentler (but a bit more adaptable) than a full-size wand. If you are looking to keep stimulation external but are reluctant to take on extra power, the Evolved Wanderlust is the ideal wand for you. What the Wanderlust lacks in power, it makes up for in versatility. Seven settings in each motor will keep users busy, offering over 49 different combinations of vibration.

The Best Wands for Couples

POWER RANK: 9              BATTERY: Unlisted
The Fun Factory Vim is one of the most advanced cordless massagers on the market! 50% quieter and 32% lighter than the leading industry wand, Vim is your little secret. Perfect for forced orgasm scenes, edging, and body massage, The Vim Wand is engineered for your pleasure. A soft swivel head withstands any pressure, with built-in textures that are designed to retain and distribute lubricant as you play! Explore 5 powerful speeds and three unique patterns, built directly into this wands rechargeable and waterproof motor.

POWER RANK: 6              BATTERY: Unlisted
Looking for improved control without sacrificing power? The Lovers Wonder Wand is a powerful but petite massager, perfect for holding between bodies. 50% smaller than a full-size wand, the Lovers Wonder Wand can fit into the smallest nooks and pockets of the body! The Wonder Wand has a unique, pear shaped handle that provides improved grip and a space to house its powerful motor. Finally, shoppers can find a dynamic and light-weight wand vibrator that offers direct and concentrated power. 15 combinations of vibration and a 100% submersible motor are just a few of the features that contribute to this wand’s popularity. One reviewer endorses the Lovers Wonder Wand, saying “It's not bulky or big, but it's way stronger than I expected. It's got a nice flexible head, and it fits really well in my hand. I like that the vibration is strong enough that I can use the bottom tip to get more focused vibration.”

POWER RANK: 5              BATTERY: Unlisted
Double your pleasure with the Adam & Eve Dual End Thrusting Wand! This sleek and multifunctional vibrator is the ultimate device for couples play. Provide consistent and focused vibration with this wand’s diamond-textured stimulation pad. Eight settings and an uncharacteristically buzzy motor are ready to guide you to a dramatic finish! The fun doesn’t end there- the Dual Ended Thrusting Wand is equipped with eight vibration modes and three thrusting speeds. The handles, robust 3-inch strokes are perfectly measured to target the G-spot and prostate. Find your perfect pleasure combination with this popular, mid-size wand.

POWER RANK: 6              BATTERY: Unlisted
The Petite Private Pleasure Wand is the perfect mini vibe for holding between bodies! With a height of 5.83” inches, the Petite Pleasure Wand ranks as one of the smallest wands in our inventory. Its textured head offers two, unique modes of stimulation. Massage the wand into your hot zones to feel the textured ridges come to life, or position the inner channel around your clitoris and nipples for more intense, focused stimulation. Add a water-based lubricant to the head of this sex toy to enhance sensation- each textured seam will hold and dispense lubricant throughout play. “Don’t let the size fool you,” one customer warns, “this wand has plenty of power. I use it on my lady and it pushes her over the edge every time. Multiple settings add to the fun, and the charge lasts beyond several play sessions. We’re both very happy with this new toy!”

The Best Accessories for Your Wand Vibrator

The Magic Wand doesn’t just have cultural significance, it has a reputation. This powerful, motorized sex toy has become synonymous with the BDSM community because of its ability to produce involuntary (and rapidly intensifying) orgasms. It was not long after the Magic Wand’s debut that attachments and accessories started to appear in underground dungeons and private collections. People began to adapt their wands to capitalize on its power. You don’t need to be a craftsman to elevate your Magic Wand experience. We’ve curated our favorite accessories for leveling up your wand purchase!

Under the Bed Restraints are a four-point restraint system for twin to queen size mattresses. This best-selling restraint system is designed to restrict movement to the arms and legs, leaving the body exposed to stimulation. Easy to set up and break down, these travel-friendly restraints are the perfect accessory for forced orgasms, edging, and hot wax massage.
Love wands but have the arm strength of a prepubescent teenager? There’s an accessory for that! The Wanda Liberator is a sex pillow designed to hold a full-sized wand. This mid-sized positioning pillow can be straddled to provide hands-free stimulation, with or without a partner’s assistance. Soft and supportive champagne foam is wrapped in a machine washable cover that is resistant to fluids; perfect for squirters!

The Hummingbird Attachment is a textured sleeve made specifically for stroking. Slide this sheath over any universal wand head and watch the textures come to life! A super snug, body hugging fit accommodates a variety of penis girths thanks to its pliable, PVC material. Jelly products should be assessed for microtears and discoloration before each use. Toss and replace this product if you notice any changes in color, texture, or scent.

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