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"For a good life: work like a dog, eat like a horse, think like a fox, and play like a rabbit."
- George Allen


  1. What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?
  2. The Short History of the Rabbit Sex Toy
  3. How to Pick Out a Rabbit Vibrator
  4. The Top Selling Rabbit Vibrators of 2021

What Is the Rabbit Vibrator?

The Rabbit is a dual-action vibrator designed to stimulate internal and external components of the body. This style of sex toy is characterized by its unique, L-shaped silhouette, designed to connect with the bodies most sensitive erogenous zones. Individuals who enjoy the sensation of a blended or spread-out orgasm will find comfort in the rabbit vibrators multi-directional shape.

The Short (American) History of the Rabbit Sex Toy

1983: A sex toy company by the name of Vibratex begins importing rabbit style vibrators from Japan. Japanese obscenity laws help to determine the look and feel of the very first rabbit vibrators, which had to meet a strict criterion to be offered for resale. Vibrators substituted lifelike textures and colors with consumer-friendly reproductions of animals (the most popular including the rabbit, beaver, and turtle designs).

1984: Vibratex reengineers the rabbit shaped sex toy to meet American ideals. A complete rebranding of the rabbit’s name and functionality is revealed to the public in 1984 with some nominal success. This rebranded rabbit featured ‘rotating pearls’ along the shaft, which could be viewed through the transparent jelly material that was favored among sex toy manufactures of the time.

The Original Vibratex Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

1994: Susan Colvin coins and later purchases the name and design of the Jack Rabbit Vibrator, advertised in a now defunct adult novelty magazine. Susan carries the design of the Jack Rabbit over to her new manufacturing business, CalExotics, where they begin to rebrand the sex toy.

1997: The Rabbit Habit makes it debut to the US market, featuring an upgraded battery pack and navigation menu that is built-in to the base of the toy. This revolutionary discovery allowed users to experience the rabbit vibrator without the constraint of wires and handheld batteries packs that were indicative to this style of sex toy.

1998: Sex in the City is a television series that follows the lives of four, New York women as they navigate the world of sex and dating. This groundbreaking television series helped to normalize the use of sex toys and sexually expressive lifestyles through the characters created on this show. One example of this is "The Turtle and the Hare” episode, which aired on the HBO network on August 2nd, 1998.

In this episode, Miranda lends Charlotte a sex toy that she becomes so enamored with, it prevents her from leaving her apartment. HBO representatives conducted product research to identify a sex toy that would align with the episodes story arc and the characters experience. The Vibratex Rabbit was selected as the infamous, toe-curling vibrator Charlotte famously hides between a stuffed bunny rabbit.

1999: Sex toy manufacturers take advantage of Vibratex’s success by creating their own renditions of the rabbit sex toy, creating competition between brands.

2006: A rise in online shopping makes purchasing sex toys more approachable and appealing to the modern consumer. Consumers begin to purchase more rabbit vibrators because they are able to do so with discretion. Celebrities like Eva Longoria and Oprah Winfrey offer their own, boundary-pushing endorsements that reassure their fans that pleasure is paramount. Rabbits are framed as a luxury amongst their peers, referred to as the "Roll’s Royce of Sex Toys" in the 2006 summer issue of Oprah Magazine.

2015: At last, vibrator manufacturers begin using body safe alternative materials to jelly. Silicone rabbit vibrators begin production, with greater variations in size and color. Higher quality motors and technology are integrated into each vibe to create unique, distinguishable experiences.

2020: Rabbits have historically been marketed and sold to individuals with vulvas. The goal of the product, to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, forced shoppers into gendering an otherwise multifunctional sex toy. Modern consumers are beginning view the rabbit vibrator as a more versatile product. Rabbits have been successfully used to stimulate the prostate and perineum, and are an excellent substitute for anal sex.

How to Pick Out a Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator has undergone over 20 years of innovation. Power level, texture, functionality, and length can help you determine what rabbit vibrator works best for your body type and goals. Consider these categories as the building blocks to discovering your perfect rabbit.

Power: A rabbit’s range in power is unique to the product model. Some rabbits allow for independent control over each motor, which allows users to customize how much power is released across multiple zones of the body. Other rabbits will bundle these motors to provide a consistent graduation in power across your favorite hot zones. Keep in mind that independent controls offer a greater variety of power options. Two unique motors with five settings can produce up to ten combinations of power, whereas a bundled motor is limited to its five, core settings.

Texture: Texture is an important component of the rabbit experience. Softer textures and materials like liquid silicone can allow you to bend or toggle the vibrator closer to your clitoris or perineum. Firmer textures can be utilized for stimulating muscles like the G-spot or prostate, but don’t offer as much range of motion. If you are interested in a firmer rabbit, make sure to consider the length of each arm to ensure that it aligns with the areas you like to stimulate.

Functionality: Consider what type of stimulation works best for your body. Rabbit vibrators often integrate other forms of sex tech, like thrusters or pulsators. If you’re interested in trying out a new type of technology, consider an updated rabbit vibrator, equipped with more than one function.

Length: The length of your rabbit vibrator is the most important consideration when purchasing this style of sex toy. The rabbit vibrator uses the iconic L-shape silhouette to spread stimulation across multiple zones of the body. In order for these pieces to connect with your unique anatomy, you’ll want to consider the length and distance of each arm.

Shorter rabbits are ideal for individuals with a shallow vagina. The average vaginal canal ranges between three to six inches, though some individuals fall above or short of these measurements. Shallow vaginas can be hereditary or the result of a preexisting condition. Your vagina can also become shallower over the course of menopause, as the vaginal tissues begin to dry and shrink. This can be combatted with Kegel exercises or dilators if you find that it is impacting your pain levels during penetration.

The Top Selling Rabbit Vibrators of 2021 (So Far…)

The Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Thruster ($119)
The CalExotics Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Thruster uses the same iconic shape and colors seen in the 1994 best-selling Jack Rabbit. If you love the traditional rigidity of rabbit vibrators, you'll love the Jack Rabbit Signature.
The Jack Rabbit Signature features an accordion thruster that adds motion and momentum to every stroke. A built-in warmer matches your internal body temperature in just four minutes, to compliment the life-like thrusts of this sex toy. The Jack Rabbit Signature is body safe, rechargeable, and splashproof.

Fun Factory Lady Bi ($159)
The Fun Factory Lady Bi is a dual motor vibrator made from Fun Factory's patented flexi-fun technology silicone. Flexi-Fun Technology is crafted for all different body types. This material allows users to pull the product closer to their body, ensuring a perfect fit. The Lady Bi is an excellent choice for beginners because it's allows users to correct the position of the sex toy without having much experience with this style of product. Equipped with over 42 unique combinations of vibration, the Lady Bi is enough to keep even the most experienced users busy. A ergonomic grip handle, rechargeable battery, and submersible design make the Lady Bi a cut above the rest.

The Womanizer Duo ($219)
The Womanizer Duo is not your standard rabbit. Take one look at this sex toy and you'll be able to see just how far rabbit vibrators have come. The Womanizer Duo opts for a smoother, more ambiguous design that compliments the look and feel of their brand. The Duo is equipped with 10 pleasure air functions and 12 unique vibration patterns, for a staggering 120 combinations of play. The rechargeable, body safe, and submersible product combines the biggest innovations in sex tech with the classic rabbit shape.

The Evolved Thick and Thrust ($134)
This vibrator has a naughty mind of it's own. Experience the trill of the Evolved Thick and Thrust, a dual-stimulation vibrator with an expanding and extending shaft. The Thick and Thrust fills the vaginal or rectal canal as it stimulates, offering over 40 combinations of settings. The body safe, rechargeable, and splashproof toy grows 2 inches in diameter and 9.75 inches in length with each stroke. 

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