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Squirting is fascinating and often misunderstood phenomenon. In this article, we’ll take a more comprehensive look at the art or squirting, and empower readers to explore this unique expression of pleasure💦

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  1. Everything You Need to Know About Squirt
    1. Is Squirt Actually Pee?
    2. What Does Squirting Look Like?
    3. What Does Squirting Taste & Smell Like?
    4. What Does Squirting Feel Like?
    5. Can Anyone Squirt?
  2. A Step-by-Step Guide to Vaginal Ejaculation
  3. The Best Sex Toys for Squirting
  4. The Best Positions for Squirting

Everything You Need to Know About Squirt

Q: Is Squirt Actually Pee?
A: Squirt is an enzyme fluid that passes through the urethral opening and interacts with the liquids expressed by the Skene’s Glands. The fluids expressed by the Skene's Glands pass through the lower opening of the urethra before exiting the body. As a result, squirt may contain low level chemical constituents of urine. These trace amounts of urine are a natural component of squirt and they do not present any danger to your health.

Q: What Does Squirting Look Like?
Some individuals are capable of recreating the same explosive orgasms that we see in mainstream porn, while others find it difficult to distinguish from their “typical orgasms.” Studies on squirting have suggested that the average person with a vulva can squirt anywhere from 0.1 to 5.7 ounces of fluid per session, creating wide range of possibilities.

Q: What Does Squirt Taste & Smell Like?
A: Squirt is described as having a sweet, almost sugary flavor, with no detectable scent.

Q: What Does Squirting Feel Like?
A: Squirting can occur before or during climax and is not always associated with the feeling of orgasm. While the reported intensity of squirting fluctuates from person to person, the satisfaction rate remains high. An estimated 80% of participants in a 2013 international survey said that squirting had drastically improved their sex lives.

Q: Can Anyone Squirt?
Anyone with a vulva is capable of squirting, with the right circumstances in place!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Vaginal Ejaculation

Ingredients for the Perfect Squirt
1x Bottle of Lubricant
1x Sensual Playlist
1x Liberator Fluid Resistant Throw Blanket
Optional: Add a sex toy for additional zest!

STEP 1: Foreplay
Foreplay is the first and most crucial stage in the Sexual Response Cycle. When we engage in foreplay, we are effectively telling our body that it is time to have sex. To make this experience more pleasurable, our body will undergo a series of physiological changes. All of these changes are meant to happen in advance of penetration:

👉 The vagina will begin to lubricate & expand, to prevent friction and make space for penetration
👉 The vagina may change color and become more sensitive, as blood flow rushes to the genitals
👉 The G-Spot will expand in size, making it easier to locate and stimulate
👉 The Clitoris may enlarge and peek out from beneath the Clitoral Hood

Though personalized foreplay preferences matter, maintaining relaxation is key. We recommend experimenting with low-impact styles of foreplay like dirty talk and body massage to advance through this stage of the Sexual Response Cycle.

STEP 2: Engage the G-Spot
Though squirting can result from both internal and external stimulation, the G-Spot is considered to be one of the most direct paths to a squirting orgasm. Once you (or your partner) have reached peak arousal, you can begin stimulating the G-Spot

The G-Spot is located approximately 1-3 inches inside of the vagina, on the roof of the vaginal canal. When it is fully engorged, it will feel soft, textured, and spongy to the touch. Use your finger, a sex toy, or a partner’s hand to create a hook around this area, while providing steady, consistent, rhythmic strokes.

Visit our blog, How to Find the G-Spot, to discover even more ways to locate and stimulate this region of the body.

STEP 3: Relax Your Pelvic Floor
If you find yourself getting lost in the moment- you’re on the right track! Many people report the sensation of warmth or pressure between their legs, just before they squirt. Focus on relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, while you allow this sensation to build.

STEP 4: Release
All squirting experiences are unique. In the Q&A portion of this article, we talked about some of the variances in the volume, color, and intensity of people’s squirt. Like all of those qualities, the distance that squirt can travel can vary, too!

Bearing down on your pelvic floor muscles can help you to cover larger distances and experience the same cinematic orgasms we’ve associated with squirting porn. Doing Kegels can also result in the release this fluid, which will activate many of the same muscles that are engaged during a clitoral orgasm. Some individuals state that the feeling of fluid exiting the urethra provides additional sensation that can exaggerate your orgasm.

In Closing
Squirting is as much of a physical activity as it is a psychological one. You can take all of the necessary steps to allow squirting to happen, and discover that you are still unable to squirt. Try not to feel discouraged by this.

The allure of squirting lies in its elusive nature, contrasting the instant gratification prevalent in today's culture. In other words, the challenge of squirting adds an element of intrigue and curiosity.

The Best Sex Toys for Squirting

The Womanizer Premium 2.0 ($209)

The G-Spot is a part of your clitoral network. This means that when you stimulate the G-Spot, you’re also stimulating parts of the clitoris (specifically a network of nerves in the clitoral legs). Because the G-Spot is notoriously difficult to find, some individuals opt to stimulate themselves externally in order to squirt.

Enter left stage: The Womanizer. The Womanizer is an air pressure toy designed to stimulate 360 degrees of the clitoris. The pressure waves in this sex toy are able to penetrate the nerves in the clitoris for a deeply gratifying, surround sound experience. We love the Womanizer because it helps to recreate the same micro contractions that occur during climax. These contractions help your body to kick start your sexual response cycle and bring you to a state of peak arousal. We recommend the Womanizer Premium, which has the largest range in intensity with over twelve settings.

The Le Wand Hoop ($145)

If squirting with the Womanizer seems like a gamble (it’s not), you’ll love the familiar shape of the Le Wand Hoop. The Le Wand Hoop is a weighted wand, designed to hook directly into your favorite pleasure zones like the G-Spot & Prostate. This dual ended massager takes a no-frills approach to your pleasure with it's seamless, smooth, and weighted design. Place it a in bath of warm or cool water for approximately 5 minutes to instantly change the temperature of this toy.

The LELO Enigma Wave ($259)

The LELO Enigma Wave is one of Lovers best-selling dual-action vibrators! This award winning product features a patented spine that is designed to recreate the come-hither motion of a partner’s fingertips, while providing powerful air pulsation on the Clitoris. Power on the LELO Enigma Wave and allow the spine to snuggle up to the mysterious hot zone we call the G-Spot. The repetitive pressure and motion of Enigma's built-in spine will send you spiraling into ecstasy. Harnessing both power and strength, the Enigma Wave never misses a beat.

The Best Positions for Squirting

Doggy Style: The doggy style sex position is a favorite for opening up access to the G-Spot. The individual squirting should get on their hands and knees with a sex toy or partner penetrating them from behind. You can experiment with different heights and angles of penetration by closing or widening the gap between your legs, resting on your forearms instead of your hands, propping your body up with a positioning pillow, or sitting up on your knees without hand support. Many of these techniques can be used to provide a deeper G-spot massage.

Manual Missionary:
Manual missionary is a great way to stay relaxed while leaving your genitals exposed. Lay on your back, allowing your partner or a sex toy to stimulate you in front. Shallow, upwards strokes can be used to stimulate your G-spot. Experiment with broad and pinpoint sensations by changing up the positions of your legs. Try laying your legs out in front of you motionless, spreading them wide with your knees facing the ceiling, or raising them over your partners shoulders to control depth.

Standing Ovation: Mixing up positions can help to stimulate the G-spot in new and exciting ways. Sitting in child’s pose at the edge of the bed, have your partner or mountable dildo enter you from behind, off the bed. The natural curve of your body will help to drive pressure towards the G-Spot.

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