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Squirting is truly the universal dinner table topic of the sexes. Whether you're gay, straight, or somewhere in between- you've probably formed your own opinions about squirting. What is it about squirting that gives it this mystique? We can credit pornography for much of the mystery that surrounds this illusive sex act.

Pornography provides positive but inaccurate depictions of squirting. These cinematically explosive orgasms are shown to travel great distances across the room. Giant swaths of plastic sheeting barely contain the pools of wetness accumulating under each performer, who reassure viewers of their enjoyment. Only a fool would deny themselves the opportunity to experience this level of orgasmic bliss, right? Our desire to recreate pornographic experiences in the real world can sometimes lead to devastation. These films can make squirting more difficult to achieve and place pressure on our partners to perform.

Though we have historical data that shows the prominence of squirting throughout the ages, we tend to have a very black and white approach to how our bodies work. It can be exciting, empowering, and even gender euphoric to ejaculate from the vagina. This blog is designed to provide you with the real, fact-based resources to squirting. 


  1. Everything You Need to Know About Squirt
    1. Is Squirt Actually Pee?
    2. What Does Squirting Look, Smell, and Taste Like?
    3. What Does Squirting Feel Like?
  2. A Step-by-Step Guide to Vaginal Ejaculation
  3. The Best Of: Squirting Edition
    1. The Best Sex Toys for Squirting
    2. The Best Positions for Squirting

Everything You Need to Know About Squirt

Q: Is Squirt Actually Pee?
A: Squirt is an enzyme fluid that passes through the urethral opening and interacts with the liquids expressed by the Skene’s Glands. The Skene’s Glands, which reside at the lower opening of the urethra, release a low-level mixture of urea, uric acid, and creatinine that experts have identified as a chemical constituent of urine. A 2017 study found that these glands may be able to actually increase the number of openings to accommodate a larger amount of fluid. These trace amounts of urine are a natural component of squirt that should not prevent you from exploring!

Q: What Does Squirting Look, Smell, and Taste Like?
A: The fluid released from the Skene’s Glands is said to have a creamy, milky coloring. This color is sometimes diluted by the enzymes found in squirt and are not an indicator of your health or virility. Two studies conducted in 2013 and 2014 attempted to document consistencies in experiences with squirting. They found that the average participant could squirt anywhere from 0.1 to 5.7 ounces of fluid per session, had a sweet and sugary taste, and no detectable scent.

Q: What Does Squirting Feel Like?
A: Squirting can occur before or during climax and is not always associated with the feeling of orgasm. While the reported intensity of squirting fluctuates from person to person, the satisfaction rate remains high. An estimated 80% of participants in a 2013 international survey said that squirting had drastically improved their sex lives. Some individuals are capable of recreating the same explosive orgasms we see in mainstream porn, while others find it more difficult to distinguish from their “typical orgasms.” There is no irrefutable way to predict how squirting will feel or look for you until you’ve tried it. While there are many different accounts squirting, squirting is most commonly described as a warmth that build and rises between your legs, coupled with an increase of pressure to the bladder. Some individuals state that the feeling of fluid exiting the urethra provides additional sensation that can exaggerate your orgasms.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Vaginal Ejaculation

Ingredients for the Perfect Squirt
1x Bottle of Lubricant
1x Sensual Playlist
1x Liberator Fluid Resistant Throw Blanket
Optional: Add a sex toy for additional zest!

STEP 1: Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay
The most important step to squirting is foreplay. Without foreplay, the body can not cycle through the stages of arousal necessary to trigger vaginal ejaculation. The Sexual Response Cycle demonstrates that the body goes through a set of physiological response leading up to orgasm. That means that your body will literally shift and transform in shape in order to receive penetration. Just as there are many physiological factors that determine our ability to fertilize an egg, there are many physiological factors that impact our ability to ejaculate. By extending the amount of time you dedicate to foreplay, you’re allowing more time for the body to adopt the physical changes needed to activate the Skene’s Glands. This is the most important step to consider if you have aspirations of squirting. Preference of foreplay varies from person to person, but the key to vaginal ejaculation is to stay relaxed. Look to low-impact forms of foreplay like a full body massage, mutual masturbation, or dirty talk. Try using a lubricant or finger vibrator to enhance every little touch. Do NOT move on to the next step until your partner or you have reached peak arousal.

STEP 2: Engage the G-Spot
Now that you’ve completed the first step, you should be eager to get started! Check out some of the best positions for squirting below and settle into the one that feels most comfortable. Squirting is all about stimulating the tissues surrounding and comprising the clitoris. Squirting can result from both internal and external stimulation but many people argue that G-spot provides the most consistent results. The G-spot is located about 1-3 inches inside the vaginal opening, on the roof of the vaginal canal. This muscle is full of vasodilators that swell and expand to the size of a walnut when fully aroused. Thanks to all that foreplay, you should be able to locate this muscle without much effort. If you are still struggling to locate it, try applying a G-spot stimulant to the muscle to help improve dilation. Using your finger, a sex toy, or a partner’s hands, hook onto the roof of this muscle and drag forward in a come-hither motion. Apply mild pressure to this region (but not so much that it feels painful), in steady, consistent, rhythmic strokes. You can find six unique ways to stimulate the G-spot in our blog, How to Find the G-Spot.

STEP 3: Relax Your Pelvic Floor
Things should be feeling pretty good right now! Squirting requires us to let go of our physical inhibitions. By this, I mean that our body needs to be in a state of deep comfort and relaxation. It is sometimes second nature for our bodies to resist the power and intensity of our orgasms. We slam our legs shut, become convulsive, and even push our partners away from our body in an attempt to harness all that sensation. This is not the time for that! Try and focus on your pelvic floor, consciously releasing these muscles when they tighten. This can feel a little strange at first because our bodies natural response to pleasure is to contract. Continue stimulating yourself or having a partner stimulate you as you do this, allowing your pleasure to build.

STEP 4: Release
Some people report that bearing down on the pelvic floor is the best way to squirt. I disagree with this method because I feel it places too much pressure on the individual squirting to REACT. We spent so much time relaxing the muscles in this region, it can be counterproductive to exert yourself. Instead, focus on opening and closing the urethra by pulling upwards with your pelvic muscles, initiating a Kegel. You can do a Kegel without straining the rest of your body, and activate the same muscles that are engaged during orgasm. Doing exercises with a Kegel Weight can help to improve your control over time.

STEP 5: Don’t Sweat It
Did you successfully squirt? Go throw yourself a party and tell all your neighbors! Didn’t have as much luck? Don’t sweat it. Squirting is as much of a physical act as it is a psychological one. Some of us are able to squirt once and never again! Just because you haven’t squirted, doesn’t mean you never will. All bodies are capable of ejaculating with the right circumstances in place. Find the formula that works best for you, track your observations, and improve on your technique. Anything is possible.

The Best Sex Toys for Squirting

The G-Spot is a muscle that is a part of your clitoral network. This means that when you stimulate the G-Spot, you’re also stimulating portions of the clitoris (specifically a network of nerves in the clitoral legs). Because the G-Spot is notoriously difficult to find, some individuals opt to stimulate themselves externally in order to squirt. Enter left stage: The Womanizer. The Womanizer is an air pressure toy designed to stimulate 360 degrees of the clitoris. The pressure waves in this sex toy are able to penetrate the nerves in the clitoris for a deeply gratifying, surround sound experience. We love the Womanizer because it helps to recreate the same micro contractions that occur during climax. These contractions help your body to kick start your sexual response cycle and bring you to a state of peak arousal. Once you’ve initiated peak arousal, your body can begin generating the fluid we refer to as squirt. We recommend the Womanizer Premium, which has the largest range in intensity with over twelve settings.
The DAME Arc ($116)
If squirting with the Womanizer seems like a gamble (it’s not), you’ll love the familiar shape of the DAME Arc. The DAME Arc is a dramatically curved vibrator wrapped in hypoallergenic silicone. The Arc Vibrator leads the industry in function and design taking a no-frills approach to your pleasure. Hook and toggle the Arc vibrator into your G-Spot, allowing it to expand and fill with blood. This muscle will grow from the size of a pea to the size of a walnut when you have reached peak arousal. Having difficulties finding it? Take a moment to look over our blog, How to Find Your G-Spot. It will walk you through the best products and techniques to coax your G-Spot out of hiding.
The LELO Soraya Wave is one of Lovers best-selling dual-action vibrators! This three-time award winning product features a patented spine that is designed to recreate the come-hither motion of a partner’s fingertips. Power on the Soraya Wave and allow the spine to snuggle up to this mysterious hot zone. The repetitive pressure and motion of Soraya's built-in spine will send you spiraling into ecstasy. How is the Soraya Wave so effective? The extra firm and wide head of this vibrator is designed to hit your G-spot every time. Harnessing power and strength, the Soraya Wave never misses a beat.

The Best Positions for Squirting

Doggy Style: The doggy style sex position is a favorite for opening up access to the G-Spot. The individual squirting should get on their hands and knees with a sex toy or partner penetrating them from behind. You can experiment with different heights and angles of penetration by closing or widening the gap between your legs, resting on your forearms instead of your hands, propping your body up with a positioning pillow, or sitting up on your knees without hand support. Many of these techniques can be used to provide a deeper G-spot massage.

Manual Missionary: Manual missionary is a great way to stay relaxed while leaving your genitals exposed. Lay on your back, allowing your partner or a sex toy to stimulate you in front. Shallow, upwards strokes can be used to stimulate your G-spot. Experiment with broad and pinpoint sensations by changing up the positions of your legs. Try laying your legs out in front of you motionless, spreading them wide with your knees facing the ceiling, or raising them over your partners shoulders to control depth.

Standing Ovation: Mixing up positions can help to stimulate the G-spot in new and exciting ways. Sitting in child’s pose at the edge of the bed, have your partner or mountable dildo enter you from behind, off the bed. The natural curve of your body will help to drive pressure towards the G-Spot.

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