Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with eight years in adult entertainment and three years working for Lovers.

People have been trying to add flavor to their sexual encounters for decades. Now, the truth is out! Lovers has asked me, a self-proclaimed sexual wellness expert to try out six of their most popular sexy, flavored treats. Continue watching for some authentic, funny, and genuine reactions to these sex shop staples!

 Check out the items featured in this video to conduct your own erotic at-home taste test!

Candy Cock Ring
Candy Cock Ring ($6.50 - Pack of 3)
Rain's Rating: ★★★
These candy cock rings are the perfect way to arouse your taste buds. Based off of the childhood favorite, the candy necklace offers a variety of opportunities to tease, lick, and roll the ring around your partners penis. Sweet and crunchy, you can always rely on the familiar flavor of this sugary snack.

Poppin' Rocks Oral Sex Candy
Poppin' Rocks Oral Sex Candy ($1.50)
Rain's Rating: ★★★★
There is something so satisfying about the gentle fizz of pop rocks. With packaging that suggests a few miniature fireworks during your next blow job, we put these oral sex candies to the test! The BJ Blast pop rocks are gentler then your average pop rock but still provide the same gratifying crackle that we know and love them for. BJ Blast is sold in packs of three, so you can choose the flavor the most entices you. Green apple, cherry, and strawberry will add a sweet flavor to any oral experience.
Mint Chip Chill Arousal Oil
Rain's Rating: ★★
CAUTION: This product is not intended to be consumed by the spoonful!
With just one drop, the System JO Mint-Chip Arousal Serum adds a pleasant cooling sensation to nerve-sensitive membranes. Add it to the head of the penis or on the surface of the clitoris to add a tingling sensation. The serum is infused with a mouthwatering chocolate and peppermint flavor that is best served in doses. 100% Vegan and cruelty free.

This edible massage gel has a sweet and creamy scent, in this spot-on adaptation of an orange creamsicle. Apply this gel to your partner for a sweet and slippery hand job! Colorful, edible, and 100% vegan, this sugary treat adds an extra tasty incentive for the giver. Handipop is available online in three popular flavors. Visit us in-store for a look at all six flavors in this collection!

JO Gelato Lube
The System JO Gelato Flavored Lubricant line is one of our best sellers! The line of ice-cream flavored lubricants come in six divine flavors that are safe to use with your favorite sex toys. If you are new to the world of flavored lubricants, the JO Salted Caramel personal lubricant is the perfect place to start. This universally loved flavor has a toffee-like tang that runs clear.

Candy G-String
Candy G-String ($14.50)
Rain's Rating: ★★★★
Does the candy necklace taste better when it's shaped like a pair of G-String underwear? In my experience it does. Seeing my partner in a candy G-String enhanced my experience, and I'm sure that my partner would report the same experience if the roles were reversed. Just as good as the candy cock ring, the candy G-String ranked 1-star higher for it's style and panache.

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