We are asking you to take 40 minutes to prioritize your pleasure. The #40MinuteChallenge was created to encourage our community to be more intentional about their individual pleasure. When we say pleasure, we mean any experience that feels enjoyable or worthy or seeking. 

Honor your pleasure and take the #40minutechallenge! Choose something that brings you pleasure, define how you’re going to give 40 minutes to it today (doesn’t have to be all at once), then take a picture/video of you enjoying that 40 minutes of pleasure. Make sure to post it to IG, tag @loversstores, and use the hashtag #40minutechallenge to be entered to win a $500 Lovers gift card!

Put Yourself First

We get it, it can be difficult to carve out a space for pleasure in this fast-moving world, so we created a list of 40 ways that we at Lovers experience pleasure to inspire you.
Some of these things will take five minutes, while others will take forty minutes. How many ways can you experience pleasure in the next hour?

(1) Spend some one-on-one time with your favorite sex toy
(2) Take a 40-minute digital detox
(3) Eat something that satisfies you
(4) Listen to 40 Songs to Get Down To
(5) Light your favorite candle
(6) Take a sensual selfie (share it with someone if you’re feeling spicy!)
(7) Drink a glass of water
(8) Write a letter to your younger self
(9) Read your Sexoscope
(10) Treat yourself to something at Lovers Stores
(11) Tend to your garden (whatever that means to you!)
(12) Purge social media accounts that no longer serve you
(13) Create a vision board
(14) Have a dance party
(15) Make a list of compliments you’ve been given (reflect on how amazing you are!)
(16) Organize your space & reduce clutter
(17) Get your heart pumping with a sweat inducing exercise
(18) Take a scenic walk
(19) Learn a new yoga pose
(20) Diffuse essential oils 
(21) Rearrange your furniture
(22) Express yourself: paint or draw your current mood
(23) Listen to an inspiring podcast
(24) Visit the Orgasm Sound Library (submit an entry if you feel inclined)
(25) Take a luxurious bath
(26) Meditate
(27) Hug your animal companions
(28) Give yourself the spa treatment with a face mask, pedicure, or lymphatic drainage massage
(29) Take a moment to enjoy the night sky or a cloudy afternoon
(30) Play a video game
(31) Make a flower arrangement, gift it to yourself for being incredible
(32) Take yourself on a date... prepare a custom cocktail
(33) Read a book you’ve been meaning to get to
(34) Fill out a Yes/No/Maybe checklist to reconnect with your boundaries
(35) Ride a bike to somewhere you’ve never been before
(36) Practice self-reflection with a journal entry or video blog
(37) Reconnect with a friend
(38) Make a bucket list and cross one item off it
(39) Practice mindfulness with a list of things you are grateful for
(40) Zone out with a coloring book

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