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The idea of putting something in your ass and carrying on with your day is super hot. It’s your sexy secret and nobody is the wiser. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider that having a butt plug in for an extended period does come with risk. That’s why we want to make sure that you have all the knowledge required to reap all the pleasure and avert all the risks in your long-wear journey. 

So if your hole is desperately seeking longer play sessions with naughty playthings, consider the following information and follow these steps.


  1. How to Pick Out an Anal Plug
  2. How to Anal Train for Long Term Wear
  3. How Much Lube to Use During Anal Play
  4. How Long Can You Wear An Anal Plug
  5. Starting Your Long-Wear Journey


The biggest variable between a good and bad long-term wear experience is the butt plug, which probably isn’t all that surprising. But when there are so many different styles of butt plugs out there, it’s important to know which qualities you should look out for before making your purchase.

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Choose A Toy With a Thin Neck: Your sphincter muscles prevent you from shitting yourself. They are also the reason things are tight and restrictive back there. You don’t want to put too much strain on these muscles over a long period (I think you can imagine why) so a thin neck will ensure the sphincter muscles don’t have to be so tense.

Choose A Toy With a Flared Base: A flared base is an absolute must when purchasing an anal toy. This is because, beyond the sphincter muscles, your booty behaves like a Dyson and will quickly suck up whatever you put in there. You’d be wise to find a base that nestles neatly between your butt cheeks as well, that way sitting is more comfortable. 

Something else you should look out for is a base that’s considerably wider than the toy. While most anal toys do have flared bases, some are so slight that they may not prevent the toy from being pulled all the way inside of you. 

Choose A Toy That Is Easy to Insert & Remove: There is a good chance that by the time you remove your toy, most of the lube will be absorbed into your body. Not only that, but your sphincter muscles will be closed tight around the neck of the toy. That means you’re going to have to re-awaken those muscles and slowly and carefully remove the toy. A toy that progressively gets thicker from the neck is ideal so the removal process is easier since the impact on the sphincter muscles is less severe.

The Snug Plug collection by b-Vibe was created for long-term wear. Boasting all of the qualities above, Snug Plugs boasts a unique torpedo shape for easy insertion and removal, and are available in seven different sizes, so you can find your perfect fit no matter your experience level. 

The Snug Plugs feature weighted balls that rock within the toy, providing a gentle knocking sensation when in motion. In terms of sensation, if you prefer vibration overweight, there are Vibrating Snug Plugs as well.


As any experienced anal player knows, training is paramount for a pleasurable anal sex experience. This means gradually increasing the size of your toy so your sphincter muscles ease into this foreign sensation. Understandably, your anal muscles need to know what to expect before you suddenly shove something inside of them. 

For long-term wear, training is a little different. Just as you shouldn’t suddenly throw a large toy in your ass without working up to it, you won’t start by wearing a butt plug for an hour. Start short, and gradually extend the duration as you continue exploring so you don’t put too much strain on your muscles. Start around 10 minutes, and gradually build to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on. Want to learn more about anal training? Check out Lover's blog, How to Size Up Your Butt Plug.


You read it all the time: You MUST use lube when engaging in anal sex. The reason is because you do. Lube not only helps prevent injury, it just makes everything so much easier. 

The skin of your rectum is very thin, making it susceptible to scratching, tearing and other injuries. Because you’re wearing the toy for a longer period, the importance of lube is amplified since most of it is going to dry up inside you. So when applying lube, apply it everywhere: the toy, your anus and your rectum. And keep some lube on hand in case you need to re-apply.

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Because water-based lubes absorb quickly, I recommend silicone lube, which are generally slicker and last longer than most water-based lubes. However, if your toy is made with silicone (and there is a good chance that it is), aim for a thicker, water-based formula since silicone lubricants can damage and erode the surface of your toy over time.

While there is talk that oil-based lubes (specifically those made with coconut oil) shouldn’t be used with silicone toys, this is proving to be a myth. Oil-based lubes tend to last longer than any other lubricant, and therefore may be the best option for long-term wear. 

Since most anal suppositories are made of coconut oil, you could insert one or two before your session, as it will slowly melt inside the rectum, providing a creamy, well-lubricated environment.

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Invest in a lube applicator. A lubricant applicator is one of the most underappreciated and underutilized anal products. I recommend anyone who engages in anal sex purchase a lubricant applicator (which is very affordable), as this will help coat the circumference of the rectum since this area tends to be forgotten in the lubrication process. 

Not to mention, when you put a lubricated toy in your ass, things get pretty tight before you enter the rectum, and when you push a toy through a small hole, a lot of that lube is going to rub off of the toy. With a lube injector, your rectum will already be lubed up by the time the toy finds its way inside.


This may sound extreme, but set a timer when you’re putting in your plug. A friend of mine once accidentally fell asleep with a butt plug inside of him and ended up tearing his rectum when attempting to remove it in the morning. From what I’ve heard his case is relatively rare, but it happened to him and I don’t want it to happen to you.

As for how long someone can wear a butt plug for, the answer will vary by who you ask. Some experts say two to three hours, whereas others will say 10 to 12. In any case, you should remove the toy as soon as your muscles feel tired or sore.

To be absolutely certain about the duration, I reached out to Dr. Carlton Thomas, a GI doctor and sexual health expert. He said if you’re wearing a larger plug, you won’t want to wear it for any longer than a few hours because it can cause pressure ulcerations (anal bed sores, essentially) due to the plug rubbing along the rectal walls for a long period. 

Just like any other part of your body, it’s going to need some rest, so give your hardworking hole plenty of time in between sessions. Over time, these muscles become stronger and rest periods become shorter.


You have successfully chosen a toy, lubed yourself up, and set a timer on your phone. Now comes the fun part. Do some chores and swish your hips while you’re vacuuming. Go to the grocery store and test the firmness of a cucumber knowing something similar is currently inside you. Make your day workday a little more exciting and rotate your hips on an office chair. The options are only limited by your imagination.

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