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Clitoris-havers! Unite! No, this isn’t a call to register for the 2022 Women’s March (you can do that here *wink*), this is a blog post about sex toys that suck...on your clittttttt. There’s a lot of T’s for emphasis there because these toys are to many of us (myself included) a kind of revolution in orgasms.


  1. What are Air Pulsator Toys?
  2. How Do Air Pulsators Work?
  3. How to Choose an Air Pulsator Sex Toy

What are Air Pulsator Toys?

Suction toys, pleasure air toys, and pulsators are the same type of sex toy, but with subtle differences in how they use air to create stimulation. Their claim to fame is that they mimic the sensations of cunnilingus, the fancy word for someone eating you out (if you’re still lost, that means someone has their mouth and tongue all up on your vulva). 

How Do Air Pulsator Toys Work?

Made for external use (though dual-stimulation versions do exist, such as the Womanizer Duo 2), these sex toys stimulate the clitoris and other nerves near it by surrounding the clitoris and using pulses of air or sound waves. The waves/pulses encourage blood flow to your clitoris and increase sensitivity. (Say it with me now... Lady Boner!) This method creates a much subtler and deeper sensation, which can trigger a fuller and more intense orgasm than you might have when using a vibrator.

Inya Rose, ($58.99)

The difference between suction toys, pleasure air toys, and pulsator toys is that suction toys use air to gently (or not so gently depending on the setting you choose) suck or give the sensation of pulling on your clitoris, whereas pleasure air and pulsator toys push air towards or around your clitoris. Whether these sensations truly feel like a mouth or tongue on your parts is subjective. What’s pretty universal though, is the rave reviews of amazing orgasms brought about by these little delights. It’s all air. It’s all very, very good. 

How to Choose an Air Pulsator Toy

So now you know, I’ve drawn you in. You’re intrigued. You want to try these supposedly magical pleasure devices. How do you choose which one to take home and seduce yourself with? 

Womanizer Duo
, ($219)

Consider the Fit
No two clits are the same, so take a minute to ensure the size of the mouth on the sex toy you choose fits your body. There are a plethora of these types of sex toys and a pretty broad range of mouth sizes, so there is sure to be a model for you. Some sex toys, including the entire line of
Womanizer products even come with multiple interchangeable mouths of different sizes, so you can use the one that works best for you. 

How do you do this when you can’t exactly test out sex toys to find the best fit? My unofficial and completely off the cuff advice is to do the ol’ stare at your naked body in a mirror exercise. Take a good look at your genitals, specifically giving your clit a good glance. Maybe give it a compliment. We all like praise. Then masturbate. Mirror optional for that, could be kind of hot. 

All those parts swell up when you pleasure yourself, so when you’ve done yourself real nice, take another look at your clitoris to see how out and proud it gets. That way you’ll be more familiar with what you need from the mouth size of your new sex toy

TBH, this is really just a fun exercise in self-pleasure, because you’re still going to have to take a guess when you get to Lovers and consider our delightful assortment of suction and pulsator toys. However, if you devise some other interesting way of finding your clit’s “ring size”, the folks here at Lovers will definitely think that’s awesome. For real. We got you and your size 7 clit. (If you’re not familiar with how finger ring sizes work, that’s like, an average finger, so don’t get weird about it.)

LELO Sona 2

Opt for Something Ergonomically-Friendly
Many sex toys of this type are designed to be compact and easy to hold, but it’s a good idea to consider the form of a sex toy and how comfortable it might be for you to hold in position for a while. It’s harder to get off when your wrist hurts. Odds are, you’re probably already in danger of carpal tunnel if you sit at a desk all day (like me), and the last thing you need is to have your orgasms wreak more havoc on them. Holistic pleasure means even our wrists enjoy the experience! Radical sexy time!

Womanizer OG, ($189)

Scale Down the Size
If you’d also like to use this type of sex toy during partnered sex, we have those too! The
We-Vibe Melt is great for partner play thanks to its slim build and ability to sync to We-Vibe’s WeConnect app that allows your partner to control the settings of the Melt from their device! 

Hone in on Sensation
This final bit of knowledge I share with you as it was shared with me by a sexpert I hold in high regard. In layman’s terms - let me break it down for you the way a cool colleague of mine broke it down for me... 

If you really enjoy the feeling of someone sucking on your clitoris, then you should look at the Satisfyer line of toys. These sex toys work by creating a strong suction around your clitoris. They are great sex toys at a great price point, but can be too much for those that prefer a gentler approach to climax.

LELO Enigma Sonic Vibrator

If your clit enjoys a firmer feeling and sensation, but not the intensity of suction, then LELO sex toys should be your first stop. These sex toys push sonic waves toward your clitoris and the surrounding nerves to create stimulation. Sensonic Technology in the LELO Sona Cruise 2 is said to expose 75% of the nerve endings in and around the clitoris for targeted stimulation.

As mentioned above, the Womanizer Classic brought  pulsator toys to the forefront of sex toy popularity with it’s Pleasure Air Technology. Womanizer sex toys blow air in waves that allow your body to build up to a whole new level of toe-curling orgasm. Definitely the highest in price, but said to be well worth the cost.

Whatever you and your clitoris are into, there is something for you in this genre of sex toys. Let Lovers help you find the one (or ten) that help you reach your maximum pleasure potential.

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