When we use the word pleasure among adults, the connotation usually leans toward physical or sexual enjoyment. Those types of pleasure are wonderful, but here at Lovers, we wanted to explore the bigger picture around this word and its meaning. We wondered if approaching the concept of pleasure from a more holistic perspective might be something we could all use to live bigger, bolder, healthier and more enjoyable lives.

To find the answers, we invited five fine folks who have made it their life’s work to advocate for the importance of finding, claiming and living pleasure-filled lives. We got them together in a Zoom room and asked them broad questions about what pleasure means to them, what they had to learn and unlearn to build truly holistic pleasure-filled lives of their own and, naturally, what song describes their sex life *wink*.

What flowed from these questions and the conversation that followed was 90 minutes of pure magic. The insight our panelists brought from their varied lives, professions and experiences was nothing short of life changing for everyone in attendance that night. Luckily, we had the forethought to record it so we could share this brilliant discussion with the world. Click play on the video below and enjoy “A Holistic Look at Pleasure - A Panel Discussion.”

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