Does sex give you a terrible headache? Coital Cephalgia effects one in every hundred people. Continue reading to learn more about this phenomenon and how you can put a stop to your orgasm headaches.


  1. What is an Orgasm Headache?
  2. How Do I Know if I'm Having an Orgasm Headache?
  3. How Do I Prevent an Orgasm Headache?
  4. How Do I Get Rid of an Orgasm Headache?

What is an Orgasm Headache?

Often used interchangeably, orgasm headaches and sex headaches are two different types of headaches, caused by different things happening in your body during sexual activity. An orgasm headache happens suddenly, right before, during, or right after your reach orgasm.

How Do I Know if I'm Having an Orgasm Headache?

A sex headache feels like dull head and neck pain that builds as you become aroused and is caused by muscle contractions in the neck and shoulders.

An orgasm headache is caused by a sudden spike in blood pressure causing blood vessels to dilate. This feels like an explosive and severe headache, which can be made worse by continued movement.

An orgasm headache or climax-induced headache usually lasts only a short amount of time but both types have been reported to last anywhere from a few seconds (very intense pain) to as long as three days (mild pain).

It’s also possible to have both a sex headache and an orgasm headache at the same time. It’s like a blended orgasm, but way less cool.

If the sexual activity you are partaking in might lead you to orgasm, there is the possibility it could also lead to you having an orgasm headache, though “coital cephalgia” is a rare condition (impacting 1/100 people). However, you are more likely to experience an orgasm headache if you are male or have a history of migraines.

How Do I Prevent an Orgasm Headache?

There is no way to predict an orgasm headache. Some people have one once and then never again. Some people will experience a “cluster” of orgasm headaches over the course of about six months and then not have any more for a long period of time. You can attempt to prevent them using the following strategies:

  • Take a more passive role during sex - Allow your partner to take the lead, use sex toys that help you build arousal slowly like the Be One finger vibrator from Fun Factory.
  • Stop sexual activity before orgasm

How Do I Get Rid of an Orgasm Headache?

Orgasm headaches are not usually caused by underlying conditions so taking an over-the-counter pain reliever should take care of the discomfort if it does not dissipate on it’s own. You can also try a product with CBD in it, which will help relieve tension and promote relaxation. We recommend brands like Foria and KushQueen, both sold at any of our retail locations.

While these headaches are usually nothing to worry about, if you experience one that comes on very quickly or it is your first one, call your doctor as a precaution. 

If you experience a sex headache that is accompanied by any of the following symptoms, call you doctor right away:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Stiff neck
  • Loss of sensation
  • Severe pain that lasts longer than 24 hours
  • Muscle weakness
  • Seizures
  • Partial or complete paralysis

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