Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_) a veteran sworker with nine years in adult entertainment and five years working for Lovers.

Still unsure about what to gift your loved one's this holiday season? Sex toys once considered risque have becoming increasingly common in American households, and for good reason.

Google's Gifting in the Pandemic Survey and Etsy's 2020 Holiday Marketplace Insights highlight a growing demand for wellness and self-care products in response to the challenges American's have faced over the last two years. This has helped to position sex toys as one of the top gifts for 2021, as one of the largest growing industries during the pandemic.


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Lovers Most Wished For

Looking for the newest and trendiest gifts? These sex toys made it to the top of your Wishlist this year. From novelty dildos to sex toy classics, these innovative toys rank as some of the most popular gifting items of 2021. Create your own X-rated Wishlist through your free Lovers Afterglow account, where you can earn points and redeem discounts on the sexiest gifts of the season.


Bring their fantasies to life with the Colours Dual Density Dildo! This realistic dildo is made with two layers of silicone, designed to improve control and enhance sensation. The Colours Dual Density Dildo was ranked as the Most Wished for Product of 2021, with an average user rating of 4.5 stars. This hands-free and harness compatible dildo is fully customizable- choose between two lengths and three shades to find your perfect fit.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints ($79.00)

Transform your bedroom into a dungeon with Sportsheets iconic Under the Bed Restraint System. This comfortable and stylish restraint system is designed to fit the underside of your mattress. Simply tuck the straps away when you've finished playing. Our Original Bed Restraints offer four points of restriction, designed to accommodate mattresses from twin size to king!


Bump Plus ($64.00)
The Bump Plus is one of our most versatile and user-friendly butt plugs, perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike. This slender, tapered plug features a curved base designed to sit snuggly between the cheeks during long term wear. Control all 10 rumbly patterns through the accompanying remote, without having to twist and turn to adjust the settings. When you’re ready to turn up the heat, hand the remote to a partner and let them take the lead.


Prepare yourself for the ultimate loungewear experience with Playboy x Yandy’s Exclusive Lifestyle Set! This sporty bra and panty set features stretch lace cups and a matching high waist panty, accented by Playboy’s iconic masthead. The comfortable and stylish duo is our bestselling Playboy Exclusive, with adjustable straps that allow you to modify the level of support to your liking.
Experience orgasmic bliss with the Fun Factory x Lovers Semilino Vibrator! This versatile, textured vibrator is the ideal tool for body exploration, featuring a waterproof casing, and a modest four-inch profile, perfect for stimulating the G-Spot or clitoris. The limited-edition vibrator comes in our signature teal color, available only at Lovers.


Lovers Top Rated Gifts                                       

Forget the guessing games this holiday season- nothing makes a better gift then these tried-and-true sex toys! We’ve rounded up five of our highest rated products that will guarantee your gift is a home run! Give them a gift they never knew was on their Wishlist, with these five iconic sex toys

We-Vibe Chorus ($199.00)

 The We-Vibe Chorus is a versatile, c-shaped vibrator created for hands-free stimulation during penetrative sex. This powerful sex toy features two, pose-able arms designed to adjust to your bodies unique anatomy. Adjust the toys settings independently, or hand control to a partner using the optional Bluetooth phone application or squeeze-reactive remote. Not sold yet? Check out this recent testimonial to back up our claims.


Womanizer Premium ($209.00)

The Womanizer Premium allows people with clitoris's to experience pleasure in a brand new way. Described by some as "the best oral sex of your life," and by others as "a literal game changer," the Womanizer Premium has provided people countless orgasms since its inception. Feeling extra luxurious this holiday season? Consider their latest upgrade: The Womanizer 2.0


The Magic Wand ($79.00-$169.00)

The Magic Wand has over five decades of experience with providing reliable and powerful orgasms to people all over the globe. This versatile massager is a hallmark of the sex toy industry, designed to work with any universal wand attachments or mounts. Create the ultimate sex toy bundle with any of our complimentary wand products like the Wanda Positioning Mount, the Hummingbird stroker attachment, and the Forced Orgasm Belt.


SVAKOM Alex Neo ($159.00)

We've seen so many innovative masturbation products this year, but none that have captured the public eye like the SVAKOM Alex Neo. This automated, thrusting stroker is configured for long distance connection, local control, and interactive web experiences, allowing for a tailored experience from start to finish. Keep everyone satisfied this holiday with this award-winning, rechargeable stroker.


We-Vibe Pivot ($109.00)

The We-Vibe Pivot is a powerful, vibrating cock ring, designed for long distance connection and partnered play. Link this ring up to the free We-Connect App to control it's settings from anywhere in the world, or cycle through settings manually using the built-in interface. Crafted for improved comfort, lasting performance, and coupled enjoyment, the Pivot Cock Ring has been satisfying couples for over 5 years.


Lovers Staff Favorites

Lovers In-Store Experts are experienced with holiday gifting. Let our team of Retail Specialists create a personalized sex toy recommendation for you in any of our 40 retail locations, or peruse our list of staff favorites to see the gifts we’re most excited about giving and receiving this year!

Sex positioning furniture has a tendency to get overlooked by the colorful  pleasure devices that crowd our stores, but these stealthy, angular pillows promise to bring you to climax like never before. Designed to provide physical support during sex, these decadent pillows can help to overcome frustrating height differences, provide better access to hot zones, and highlight all the gorgeous parts of your body with just a few inches of firm elevation.

Le Wand Hoop, ($145.00)
This 1.39 pound massager is weighted for your pleasure! The Hoop Massager is a crescent shaped wand designed for targeted stimulation. It's waterproof, stainless, and non-porous material guarantees a lifetime of use, impervious to unpleasant scents and bacteria. Perfect for G-Spot stimulation, prostate play, and sensual massage, the Hoop massager's double-sided design incorporates textures that appeal to every body. Pair this gift with the popular Liberator Fascinator Throw to minimize clean up after use- the Le Wand Hoop promises to make a splash!

The Limba Flex, ($70.00)
Looking for a gift that two can enjoy? The Limba Flex Dildo is one of our most popular dildos, baked with a pose-able wire core that accommodates your favorite shapes and curves. This harness-compatible, waterproof, and suction cup toy is a gift that never ages, constantly reinventing itself for your pleasure.

The Thrust & Go, ($139.00)
This sleek, collapsible sex machine is the perfect gift to give or receive.
 The optional suction cup attachment is this toy's ultimate companion. Lock it to the base of this thruster to adjust the angle of penetration across a 180 degree radius, with your choice of two shaft attachments and seven, vibrating settings.
The Manta, ($140.00)
The Manta is a versatile, vibrating sex toy designed for controlled stoking and pressure play. Use this toys flexible, silicone arms to wrap around the shaft of the penis, the throat, or the testicles. The Manta brings a vibrating element to each area it touches, accentuated by a gorgeous ripple of texture on the inner chamber. 

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