Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts.

Leo is obligated to understand vibrancy, life-force, radiance, passion, courage, desire.

Happy Leo Season! The Sun finishes its swim in the emotion-ocean of Cancer on July 22nd and enters its ruling sign Leo at 7:26am until August 22nd. Leo is the one and only fixed fire sign - and so the sign represents the most focused form of the fire element - which makes sense that Leo Season is the peak of summer in the northern hemisphere. 

When we examine every zodiac sign through a lens of its modality and element, so for Leo - fixed is its modality and fire is its element - we can begin to understand what the next four weeks has on its itinerary for us. Fixed signs always follow a cardinal sign. So Cancer Season initiated a new way of framing our emotional landscape, our self-acceptance, and experiences with home/family. Fixed Leo wants us to explore the intention and the motivation behind these new ideas and experiences so we can ultimately commit towards actively self-disclosing them.

Fixed-fire Leo is the sign that has the courage to wrestle with the uncomfortable emotion associated with risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure. Since cardinal Cancer season gave us a wide range of emotional experiences that remind us of our shared humanity, Leo is the fixed fire intention of putting vulnerability into practice through courageous self-disclosure. Broadly, “self-disclosure” is “...the process of revealing personal, intimate information about oneself to others. Through self-disclosure, two individuals get to know one another. Self-disclosure is considered a key aspect of developing closeness and intimacy with others, including friends, romantic partners, and family members.”

So the peak of summer, Leo transits, and Leo ruled people too invite us to know thyself through revealing thyself. As a fire sign, Leo is obligated to understand vibrancy, life-force, radiance, passion, courage, desire. And the vast majority of the emotions that help us understand our autonomy and accurate personal insight. Now In order to self-disclose that substantial accurate information to people who genuinely need to hear it, we might have to apply some fixed concentration, focus, and intention by asking ourselves, “What emotion, value, desire, and/or boundary do I need to share so that I can stay true to myself and find belonging with others?” 

Then we put fixed methods in place that keep us accountable to courage. Frankly. Dr. Brene Brown in her work “The Gifts of Imperfections” also wrote the Leo Bible. Dr. Browns helps us understand the 10 Guideposts of Wholehearted Living which encourage us to show up to our lives even while we can’t control the outcome.

And so now that we walked through Leo as fixed fire, I want you to hold the central idea of developing the focus for meaningful self-disclosure in your sign specific horoscope for the month below.

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Aries: Reveal, don’t conceal Aries! Leo Season is asking you to share an inner truth, hope, fear, and/or desire to people who need to know it. Your vulnerabilities, emotions, and inner world are not a burden on others people. They’re the information we need in order to love you the way you want and deserve to be loved. So if you feel something, bravely say something! 

Taurus: What does “home” mean to you, Taurus? Leo Season you longing for and committing to the people and places that provide you with emotional safety. You’ll be tasked with naming not only what compromises your emotional safety, but also naming what your solution-oriented approach is for safety. Name the issue and name your solutions too for the best outcomes! 

Gemini: Use your words, Gemini! Leo Season will frame your relationship to verbal and nonverbal communication carefully. You’re a teacher when it comes to “giving voice” so show us how it’s done while being proactive about stepping up to facilitate thoughtful dialogue, negotiation, and mediations among gridlocks, polarities, standoffs, and other conflicts too!

Cancer: Listen to your body, Cancer! Leo Season has your connecting to your somatic and physical clues for embodiment’s sake. You’ll be invited to safely reconnect with your body so you can better understand pleasure and even autonomy. It’ll also help you understand how your body alters you to what emotion you’re feeling based on how your body is responding to it. 

Leo: Happy Birthday, Leo! This month is all about you! You’ll be tasked with demonstrating the best of your sign like its courage, grounded-confidence, leadership, and joy. Take in the love that you’ll be receiving all month long (and beyond!) with a grateful heart and make your happiness, self-esteem, passion, and purpose as contagious as possible to your loved ones! 

Virgo: Looking to pause, Virgo? Since Leo Season is the sign before Virgo, this is your annual sabbatical of sorts. Use this time carefully to prioritize rest, recharge, and what is commonly called “contemplation before action”. This is your review period to see who and what works well in your life and who, what you may need to let go of in order to be your most optimized self. 

Libra: Time to gather, Libra! Leo Season is all about socializing, community, and the friendships that give your life deep meaning. You’ll want to see yourself as a leader among your friends and you may also be moved to share a particular hope, truth, and/or boundary within your community in order to avoid resentment and strengthen the authenticity in the relationships.

Scorpio: Rise and shine, Scorpio! Leo Season has you postponing a summer vacation and getting to work. Major professional changes are coming your way so be sure to disclose what you want career wise, put the infrastructure in place now to hold your dreams, and move confidently in the direction of your best case scenario outcomes for triumph all month long!

Sagittarius: Need space, Sag? Leo Season wants you to protect the comfortable distance between you and others. Which could mean you’re going on a solo trip and adventure! And also, you could be naming that you want more time for your autonomy and freedom. Since you could return to familiar places with a new perspective and feel like you’re on a voyage!

Capricorn: It’s time for intimacy, Cap. I love how Esther Perel frames intimacy as “into-me-see”. Leo Season wants you to let others see the deepest dimensions of you in order to strengthen your integrity and set up a space for meaningful relationships too. Review your barriers against intimacy and then study, apply strategic approaches so you can experience “into-me-see”. 

Aquarius: Summer love, Aquarius! Leo Season invites you to review your relationship with relationships. Especially the ones that are formed with contradictions and oppositions. This season wants you intentionally connect with a polarity of sorts so you can maximize your negotiation and trust building skills while learning more about yourself at the same time.

Pisces: Be proactive, Pisces! Leo Season wants you to review the areas of your life that could use a lil improvement and then configure a proactive plan you can commit to every morning. That way, you’re taking even more responsibility for yourself and seeing which methods, systems, and tools help transform the outcomes from just surviving to happily thriving.