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Like a gymnast at the horny Olympics, you want to STICK IT.

Your sex toy with a suction cup base that is... but where? Read on to find the best places to “train” for a gold medal finish.


  1. What is a Suction Cup Sex Toy?
  2. 8 Places to Use Your Suction Cup Dildo

What is a Suction Cup Sex Toy?

Sex toys with suction cup bases, almost always some form of dildo or vibrator, are great because they have so many creative possibilities and places for use, are perfect for vaginal and anal penetration (in that order if you’re doing both, never A to V, my sporting friends), and ideal for both partnered and unpartnered pleasure. Lube (like Lovers Water-Based Lubricant) is recommended, similar to chalk for the uneven bars event, but with the complete opposite effect, but it’s not required. 



There are SO many ways to use suction cup toys! What are your fav places to mount pleasure products? Feat. The FunFactory Limba ##5ways ##YouShouldKnow

♬ Missed Calls - EARTHGANG


So, what are the top rated places to stick the landing of your next orgasm?

8 Locations to Mount Your Sex Toy (& Our Favorite Dildos to Go With Them):

Your Headboard: A fresh take on the phrase “banging the headboard!” Keep things interesting with the Fun Factory Bouncer, a dildo containing three weighted balls that roll around and massage as you play.

A Vanity Mirror: Depending on how you arrange things, or how bendy you and your dildo are, this could be a show like no other. We love bendy options like the Limba Flex.

The Shower Wall: Wetter is better! Get fresh with the Luminous Glow-in-the-Dark Dildo!

The Edge of Your Bathtub: This one may be considered a highly skilled event as it does require your legs, knees, and triceps to be in reasonable condition. The Paris 6in. Ribbed Silicone Dildo considers itself an expert in this field.

The Seat of a Chair: Surely you saw this one coming, right? Take things up a notch with extra stimulation from the Evolved Thrust and Go Travel Vibrator.

Inside a Harness: A great additional piece of equipment for team practices. The Colours Dual Density Dils come in multiple skin tones and lengths so you both find something you love.

The Kitchen Countertop: This is all about finding the height that works for you, and Party Marty wants to know when the fun starts.

Inside Mountable Sex Furniture: What’s your favorite event? Beam? Floor? Vault? There’s a piece of furniture made for sex that probably looks like that and feels even better with a dildo attached to it. 

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