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They say that it’s polite to keep your legs crossed.

Syntribation is a form of self-pleasure that involves squeezing the thighs together to produce an orgasm- and according to online testimonials, it’s well worth the research!


  1. What is Syntribation?
  2. Why Do People Enjoy Syntribation?
  3. How to Syntribate: A Guide to Hands-Free Orgasms

What is Syntribation?

Syntribation is a technique that can be used to stimulate the genitals. Though this method is most popular among people with vulvas, people with penises may also enjoy the act of Syntribation.

Syntribation is the process of crossing the legs and rubbing the thighs together to create friction and pressure around the external parts of the genitals. People that enjoy humping, grinding, and frotteurism may also derive pleasure from Syntribation.

Why Do People Enjoy Syntribation?

Syntribation isn't just physically enjoyable- it can be psychologically alluring, as well. 

The discretion that Syntribation offers, can heighten feelings of pleasure and relaxation, and may even appeal to voyeurs and exhibitionists who are aroused by the idea of public play.

How to Syntribate: A Hands-Free Guide to Masturbation

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Syntribation can be done while sitting up or lying down: find a position that feels comfortable and begin by crossing your legs.

Syntribation is accomplished by gently squeezing the thighs, and often the Kegels, in short repetitive bursts. Some individuals find that stuffing a hand or a small pillow between the thighs can enhance the sensation of each contraction, by creating resistance between both legs.

Many people find that Syntribation can be enriched with sexual fantasies, pornography, or audio erotica, to bring you closer to climax. If you are having partnered sex, we recommend opting for positions like spooning, reverse cowgirl, and modified missionary to keep the genitals exposed for clenching and fondling.

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