Guest Written by Todd & Chele (@toddandchele), micro influencers who share their unique experiences as an interracial couple. Defying traditional norms, Chele is a sex and pleasure advocate, and Todd is a passionate romantic who loves exploring new dimensions of intimacy. Together, they inspire others to celebrate love, connection, and authenticity in all its forms.

Finding the right sex toy can feel like a game-changer when you're on a quest to enhance your intimate experiences. Chele and I found ourselves in a similar pursuit, seeking a toy that would take our pleasure to new heights. Chele is no stranger to pleasure – she’s delved into the world of many different toys before. As for me, I’m always game for trying new things, especially if it means sharing those experiences together as a couple. Like many others, we've explored various methods and toys to enrich our sex life. From experimenting with new lubes to watching adult content together; we've been on a journey to discover what works best for us.


  1. Our First Impressions of the Snailvibe Gizi
  2. Finding the "Gizi Spot"
  3. A Couple's Review of the Gizi

Meet the Snailvibe Gizi

Todd & Chele with the Snailvibe Gizi in Peach

You wouldn’t normally think of a sex toy when you hear the word “snail”, but when the opportunity arose to try out the Snailvibe Gizi, we couldn't resist diving in headfirst. As soon as we had the Gizi in hand, there was no turning back; we were eager to put it to the test. While unboxing our new toy, our eyes lit up with anticipation and our imaginations ran wild. Chele wasted no time getting acquainted with our new companion, and I was right there by her side. We were very impressed with how straightforward and easy it was to use. Its unrollable silicone shaft slid in with ease, it fit just right (not too big and not too small), and it was accompanied by curved ridges that made for the utmost pleasurable experience. The material is soft to the touch and flexible. Add in the fact that it's waterproof - it becomes not only convenient for cleaning but also opens up opportunities for adventurous experiences without worry. With just a pair of buttons to guide us, the Snailvibe Gizi ensured our focus remained where it mattered most – on each other. The simplicity of its design made it effortless to switch between modes without any distractions or fumbling. 

The Gizi ensured our focus remained where it mattered most – on each other. 

The Snailvibe Gizi has multiple vibration settings, so we got things started slowly and built up to an astonishing crescendo. It gripped perfectly to Chele’s body! The rounded, ridged “snail shell” rests effortlessly on the Clitoris, while the sleek yet curved silicone shaft finds the “ever elusive” G-Spot with ease. The vibrations were powerful, yet surprisingly gentle; and the quiet hum was a welcome surprise compared to some other toys we’ve used in the past which would sound like you’re running a generator in the next room. Whether this toy is used for a solo venture or with your partner, as Chele and I did, it provides an experience that can be catered to your own personal preferences. With each use, we found that this toy opened up a new world of pleasure that we both were able to experience as it effortlessly hit all the right spots. It came with easy to follow instructions and its own carrying case for discreet storage. Its small compact size still packs a serious punch.

How to Find the "Gizi-Spot"

As someone on a quest to understand pleasure better, let me tell you, finding that elusive "G-Zone" has been a real journey, and I can't deny it's been frustrating at times. As I’ve heard, it is sometimes referred to as “The Magic Button!” The Snailvibe Gizi alleviates a lot of that stress in order to assist your partner to climax. Whether you're a newbie or a pro on the hunt for that elusive G-Spot, this toy is here to make your life easier. It's like having a secret weapon in your pleasure arsenal, helping you unlock those mind-blowing G-Spot Orgasms.

As we used the Snailvibe Gizi together, we were able to lose ourselves in the pleasurable sensations it provides. With five different speeds and modes to choose from, we had the freedom to tailor our experience to our desires. From gentle pulsations to intense vibrations, each setting offered a unique sensation, allowing us to explore and discover what brought us the most pleasure. We got caught up in trying out the different modes of the toy, discovering new features and experiences along the way, completely losing track of time.

Chele with the Snailvibe Gizi in Peach

Though it was clearly stated in the manual, we were still pleasantly surprised to realize the hands-free capability, opening up a whole new realm of convenience and pleasure during our exploration. This toy was everything all rolled up into one! We were deeply appreciative for the opportunity to have experimented with it, and both our relationship and sex life benefited greatly from the experience. Feeling that unique connection with your partner is truly indescribable. It's a special kind of bond that emerges when you connect on a deeper level, igniting a sense of closeness and understanding unlike anything you've felt before. It's like everything falls into place, and you just "get" each other on a whole new level.

Our Review of the Snailvibe Gizi

The Snailvibe Gizi in Peach, $119.00

In the end, our experience with the Snailvibe Gizi was about more than just pleasure – it was about connection, exploration, and shared discovery. Chele was glowing with delight and giddy with pleasure; I had felt such a sense of pride knowing that we’d been able to find and share something special together like this. It had brought Chele to Orgasm in a way that was unmatched to any other toy in her collection. The simultaneous stimulation of the Clitoris and G-Spot was intense and powerful. Watching her squirm and swell with satisfaction allows intimate moments like these to be truly precious and unforgettable to us as a couple. Building an unspoken bond through the art of pleasure is something that we continue to cherish, and this toy has only deepened our connection further.

One Love,

Todd + Chele

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