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Sex toys are often equal opportunity pleasure providers.


  1. Where to Find Sex Toys for People with Vulvas
  2. Why Lover's Chooses to Call These Products "Vulva Toys"
  3. The Best Sex Toys for People with Vulvas

Where To Find Sex Toys "For Women"

But where are the sex toys for women? If you’ve visited our website you might have noticed that the menu for our products is quite different from many sex toy retailers. We categorize our sex toys and other products by their intended use or the part of the body that they are meant to stimulate rather than assigning them as “sex toys for women” or “sex toys for men.”

Why We Call Them “Vulva Toys”

While we absolutely do have sex toys for men and women, we also have toys for everyone, no matter how they identify. It’s part of our brand and our values that all people feel comfortable and welcome in our stores, on our website, and anywhere else Lovers makes an appearance. 

Sex toys for women are usually toys that are intended for stimulating and pleasuring people with vulvas and vaginas. We refer to these toys as “vulva toys” or “G-Spot toys” and “anal toys” without gendering them. That allows anyone with a vulva - no matter how they identify - to explore these toys without gender assigned to them. You can find toys for vulvas and vaginas, clitorises, G-Spot’s, and perineums at Lovers. Some of the ways we refer to toys more commonly called sex toys for women include: Vibrators, Strap Ons, Anal toys, Dildos, Glass and Stainless, and Lovers Exclusive Products. We also have harnesses, bullets, G-Spot toys, clitoral pulsators, thrusters, and wands.

It’s also important to consider that most sex toys can be used in multiple ways and on multiple erogenous zones (please practice caution when you consider using any toy in any way that isn’t listed in the information that comes with that toy). A vibrator, like a wand, can be used by a person with a penis, and an anal toy can be used by a person with a vulva. Sex toys are often equal opportunity pleasure providers and we love that about them!

At Lovers, we pride ourselves on that! Equal opportunity pleasure! 

To Summarize (TL;DR): 

  • If you’re looking for sex toys for women or females on our website - you won’t find that term, but you will find plenty of toys that meet your needs!
  • We categorize toys by the body part they are intended to stimulate and pleasure; think ‘vulva toys’ or ‘clitoral toys.’
  • We prefer people-first language rather than gendering because Lovers is a safe space for everybody and every body. Toys don’t have a gender, so we don’t give them one.

Our Favorite ‘Sex Toys for Women’

Looking for great recommendations for toys for people with vulvas? Look no further!

The Best Toy for Full Body Stimulation

Evolved Thump & Thrust Rabbit ($149)

The Most Memorable Orgasm
Womanizer Premium 2.0 

The Best Bang for Your Buck
Inya Rose Pulsating Vibrator

The Most Versatile Vulva Toy
Fun Factory Limba M Dildo

photo of black prostate vibrator with rounded tip

The Best Toy for Backdoor or Vulva Stretching
3pc Gemstone Plug Set

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