Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_), a marketing and e-commerce coordinator for Lovers. Rain is a retired sex worker, pleasure advocate, and sexual wellness expert. Rain has worked in the adult entertainment industry for eight years and in the adult retail industry for four years. 

In January 2021, a young nursing student named Emma Patterson published a series of online videos that praised the 'aphrodisiac effects' of a $1 chocolate she had purchased at a local sex store. Patternson's sex chocolate TikTok would amass over 13.7 million viewers; each of them wondering if there was a simple (and delicious) solution to kick starting their libido.




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Lovers, an adult health and wellness retailer that was acquired by Playboy earlier this year, developed three new flavors of these chocolates. A wider variety of flavors and a growing interest in herbal aphrodisiacs has renewed public interest in adaptogenic substances. Logan Mahan put this theory to the test in his InsideHook article, "Can This Chocolate Make You Horny?

"I did have very good sex a few hours after consuming the chocolate. Do I owe it all to this aphrodisiac, herb-infused, cherry-flavored dessert? Probably not completely, but it very well might’ve improved sensation, as it claims to do," Logan shares. 

You can learn more about aphrodisiac chocolates and how they work by reading the full InsideHook article featuring Lovers Brand Representative, Marla Renee Stewart, or shop the new sex chocolate flavors below to reach your own conclusion! 

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